September 2021


W alking the halls of the most beautiful homes in Texarkana is awe-inspiring. But hearing the stories of the families who daily walk those halls is truly inspirational. For Kelli and Jeff Phillips, their ranch-style home on 50 acres is a magnificent sight to see. Rolling hills, beautiful views out every window and the peaceful setting of country living, minutes from the conveniences of town, embody the space they now call their forever home. Their story begins like most: “We met at Legends Gym,” Jeff said cunningly. “Every day she would come in and start her little workout. I liked what I saw. One day I decided to introduce myself and made the longest walk ever over to her. I said, ‘Hi, I’m Jeff. I just wanted to meet you.’ It was the most awkward introduction ever.” “I told my co-workers, ‘He seems nice, but I just don’t know about a bald guy!’” Kelli admitted. “But his personality won me

over. Just one date with Jeff did it for me. Conversation-wise, we just really clicked.” “We went out every night for the first two weeks,” Jeff said. “I knew what I wanted.” You can’t help but laugh around the Phillips. Their energy is uplifting and their fun-loving attitude as a couple is infectious. “Jeff and I have been married 15 years this December,” Kelli said. “We are daylight and dark on a lot of levels, but he is our rock. We really balance each other out and complement each other. I’m high energy and have an adventurous spirit, and he is laid back, calm, always wants to take a nap, a hard worker, loves us like crazy, and puts God and family first.” The Phillips have two kids. Roman is nine and Molly Kate is eight. “Roman is a fourth grader at Pleasant Grove. He loves LEGOs, loves to run and practice sprints up our driveway, and is super smart. He has a memory like an elephant, and we couldn’t be prouder of him,” Kelli said. “And then there

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