September 2021

is Molly Dolly, who is going into second grade. She is big into competition cheerleading and is a flyer for Twin City Cheer. She is our gymnastics superstar, and she’s as bendy as a rubber band! We don’t call her ‘tiny hiney’ for nothing. She was born in the front seat of a car and has kept us on our toes ever since.” We cannot forget Daisy, the family’s black lab, who is the “most lovable dog on the planet. She’s never met a scratch or rub she didn’t love. We laugh and joke because our neighbors (through the woods), Sharon and Greg Richter, basically have ‘joint custody’ of Daisy. She spends half her days over there when we aren’t home. Thank goodness they are dog lovers. Ole ‘Crazy Daisy’ definitely lives up to her name.” Both Jeff and Kelli grew up in tight-knit families in rural parts of Oklahoma, and they loved the idea of open-air country living when they thought about their future home together. “As a kid, my friends and I loved to play M-A-S-H (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-

House),” said Kelli. “I always wanted the mansion, but Jeff and I had a two-story house before, and the kids never went upstairs. Our last home on Springwood Circle was too big. In the master bedroom, I could do at least five cartwheels across it! A one-story house was really my dream home. It’s functional! And this place allows Roman and Molly to rip across the back pasture on their four-wheeler or fish in the pond in our front yard. This place isn’t just about our house. It is also about our property and all the fun it allows us to enjoy.” “Home to me is where your family is,” Jeff added. “I never had any desire for a big home-just something comfortable where we could enjoy our family.” The glitz and glamour of their previous residence in North Fork was lacking the trees and the forever feeling they were looking for. Jeff had his eye on a particular piece of property owned by a mentor and dear friend. “I bought my (optometrist)

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