September 2021


put me on the books,” Kelli said. “We chose this spot for the incredible view. It’s just so beautiful to look out toward the bottoms. We can see all the way to the smokestacks at Domtar in Ashdown. If this land could talk, so to speak, I feel like it would tell tales of Native Americans having battles on this bluff years ago.” “The Phillips’ home is a unique style in our area. It has a very Texas modern feel. It features clean lines and single sloping roofs with updated, designer finishes inside, all while being totally comfortable and livable for a young family who is in and out and making the most of their outside surroundings,” said Harvey. Despite the challenges of building a home and finishing the last details, there is one detail in their home with a story they love to tell. “So, my husband is a gambler,” Kelli laughed, “and one night we got together with some close friends, Kara and John Humphrey. John and Jeff were gambling about square footage in our new house, and then there was a bet.” “I’m not building this monster mansion,” Jeff told John. John bet the house would end up being bigger than they were planning. “We won the bet!” finished Kelli. “But we didn’t care about it and told him not to worry about it. We weren’t the Horseshoe! We weren’t holding him accountable. But Kara, being the personality she is, wanted to make it right. She knew we would not take the money, so she ended up going to Nicole Brisco, a local artist here in town, because she knew I loved her artwork. Kara gave her the money to make me a special abstract piece that is beautiful! It says, ‘Look up’ meaning to keep your eyes focused on Jesus.’ It’s so special to me, and it reminds me of sweet Kara and makes me smile every time I walk by it.” That reminder, along with the reality of what may come, gave them confidence that this home would be one that would fit their family and future generations. “My hope is that my kids will see this as their house forever. I don’t care what my kids do. I just want to make sure they know God is first, family second, and friends third. I want these core values instilled in them. But we have a lot of land, and I hope eventually they’ll come back, and we can put


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