September 2021

A HOME IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A PLACE TO STAY. If we are lucky, our homes are a place of safety and refuge from a world that can sometimes be stressful. It’s a place where the people who mean the most to us gather and share our life’s greatest moments. For a time, a global pandemic transitioned us from busy lives filled with activities and destinations, back into the confines of our four walls. While it was difficult, it also reminded us that our homes are worth the time and investment it takes to keep them inviting, up to date and comfortable for all the invaluable moments spent there. Texarkana’s talented designers, in the business of home functionality and beautification share some of the latest trends, shaping the landscape of current home design.

Paper pleasers! “Wallpaper is definitely a way to make a statement. it can easily add color, texture and life to any room. Even small amounts make a big impact! A powder bath is an excellent opportunity to go a bit out of your comfort zone, or you can include a great pattern in a child’s bathroom, your mudroom, or even the laundry. Functional spaces deserve a little fun too!” —Lynlee Harvey

Neutral with a pop! “Walking into a furniture store you will see neutral toned sofas and chairs, like gray, tan, and off-white. People are using neutral tones in their furniture and adding color with area rugs, accessories and art. Blue is a very popular accent color right now and so are gold medals. I see a lot of painted brick homes with light wood accents and white interior walls have made a comeback.” —Janet Green

The colors of joy! “The use of color is making a comeback! Grays are on the way out and people are wanting the joy that beautiful colors can bring… especially after this last year of being cooped up. Eclecticism is new and fresh with a mix of contemporary, tribal, and European but still clean lines and pared down. Luxurious fabrics and surfaces are also the rage.” —Jeff Brown

Your style is the best style! “Trends come and go. However, when you purchase what you love, your home will always be in style. Your own personal style and decor personality is much more satisfying than copying the look of HGTV, Pinterest or other’s tastes. If you need help, find an interior designer who listens to your preferences and doesn’t just go with the flow. Be as you are in life, original and one of a kind, and never be afraid to step outside of the box!” —Kyle Barrett

Home Gyms, Home Offices and Revamped Closets

“The most popular trends right now have definitely been brought on by Covid, and I think they’ ll stay around for a while! I’ve done a lot of home offices, home gyms, and closets. Tons of people started working from home during the pandemic, and even if they’ve returned to the office, they still want that office space at home. Home gyms have been huge too because there are less germs, and you can tailor them to your exact needs and likes! Being stuck at home, people also started organizing, mostly out of boredom, and now we are doing tons of custom closets. People are loving it!” —Lauren Callaway



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