September 2021

My favorite part of the house is…

CASSY MEISENHEIMER …our yard. I’d always rather be outside working on projects with my family.

TERRI SANDEFUR …our dining room. It’s where we celebrate family milestones and feast excessively during the holidays.

KARA HUMPHREY …our kitchen/dining room. Family dinners bring everyone together and are some of our sweetest times together.

LEAH ORR …my closet.

It’s the only room in the whole house I don’t have to share with anyone else!

MATT CORNELIUS …my bathroom.

BRITT EARNEST …our screened in back porch. We love overlooking the pond at sunset!

LIZ FLIPPO …our courtyard.

BAILEY GRAVITT …my bathroom. That’s where the bath is, and I spend 95% of my free time in there relaxing.

I’m pretty sure I could win a Grammy® with my superior

It’s a little piece of relaxation in the center of our home where my kids play, we watch the Razorbacks, and some of my favorite memories have been made!

shower singing skills. I’m trying to remain humble, but I’m the most famous person in my house.

TERRI GRAVITT …my living room. It’s a really inviting and comfortable place to hang out with my family and friends.

MEGAN GRIFFIN …my son’s nursery. There have been so many sweet memories made there.

TIFFANY HORTON …the living room.

BRIAN JONES I mean… I only have one room.

I love it when the whole family cuddles up on the couch for a movie.

CAROLINE PURTLE …my bedroom. It is the space that most represents me. I call it the cave.

EMILY SARINE …my kitchen.

ELLIE TYE …the living room.

LIBBY WHITE …the living room. That’s where we can play games or have movie night with our kids.

It’s where I can always f ind my family and my snacks.

That’s where you can always f ind life and entertainment.



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