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AUG 2018



E ducation plays a pivotal role our daily lives at Brightstar Care. From the teachers who enriched our lives growing up to the patients we’re blessed to serve, learning is a fundamental aspect of what makes us who we are. I can remember starting in school and what a defining experience that was for me. I terrorized my teachers through my younger years, but as I grew older, education became a crucial aspect of my life. Even to this day, learning is at the center of who I am. I just started seeing a new doctor recently, and I have to tell you, it’s been night and day frommy previous experiences. Every time I go in for a visit, my doctor instructs me on all the aspects of my health. At the first visit, we spent an hour and a half going through the details, and I was blown away by his manners and the competency and soundness of the advice he gave me. Education has made a serious difference in howmy visits and overall care have proceeded. What we do at BrightStar centers around education. As a matter of fact, continuing education is a requirement for almost all of our employees. Without learning, our careers stagnate and our pursuits slowly become hollow. To best serve our patients, we need to incessantly push to be as informed as possible as well as the best educators. That’s why we strive to ingrain learning into our culture and make it a focal point of our business.

Learning doesn’t stop with our careers. I’m on a lifetime quest for knowledge. I read a book every 7–10 days to expand my mind and learn how to approach all aspects of life better. We’ve

taken this concept and applied it to our executive team every quarter. After reading a book aimed at challenging us in our professional lives, we discuss it and expand upon the key takeaways we learned.

From educators to caregivers, learning is at the center of BrightStar, and I couldn’t be more proud of that.

—Jim Flickinger

To piggyback off of Jim’s sentiment, I can remember how education has played a role in my life here at Brightstar. When I was in the second grade, I knew I was going to be a nurse. As I went through school and eventually received my master's from Loyola, I distinctly remember a professor who changed how I approach business. He was so intent on client-centered care and developing a care plan that speaks to each individual's needs. It was revolutionary to me, and I’ve taken that concept and used it to educate our patients. I love what I do because I get to see the whole continuum of care. It allows me to tailor each step of the process so we can meet the patient where they are physically, emotionally, and mentally. Education makes all the difference in the world because it empowers our patients with the information they need. Educating our staff and teaching them how to best respond to situations changes how our patients view us. We’re not just caregivers; we're experts. Being a lifelong learner is pivotal. But learning is really just a vehicle to use what truly makes a great caregiver: a heart to serve others. The more we learn, the better our passion for others can be harnessed to make a difference. My grandmother passed away from complications of dementia, and what I learned from that experience is what makes me so committed to dementia care. Jim has been a phenomenal leader in all these regards because he’s never stood in the way of our passions. That’s what has me excited about what we do here and how our staff can make a difference in the lives of others.

—Diane Thorson irector of Clinical C mpliance

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