Programme for NL Delegation vist to DK Spring 2023

DBDH publishes Hot Cool, but the main business is helping cities or regions in their green transition. We will help you find specific answers for a sustainable district heating solution or integrate green technology into an existing district heating system in your region – for free! Any city, or utility in the world, can call DBDH and find help for a green district heating solution suitable for their city. A similar system is often operating in Denmark, being the most advanced district heating country globally. DBDH then organizes visits to Danish reference utilities or expert delegations from Denmark to your city. For real or virtually in webinars or web meetings. DBDH is a non-profit organization - so guidance by DBDH is free of charge. Just call us. We'd love to help you district energize your city!

Dutch – Danish District Heating Tour March 22 – 24, 2023 - Denmark



Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

Opening webinar March 20 th Please follow this link to the webinar – Click here to participate Time Content 13.00 Welcome from Lydia, Niels, Mikkel and Morten 13.10

DH in Denmark – an overview Organisation of DH in Denmark Morten Jordt Duedahl Read About Dh in Copenhagen: and The division of roles between municipality and the district heating company Jesper Møller-Larsen, Verdo


15.00 Intro to market report NL from Mirjam Harmelink, Harmelink Consult. Report will follow shortly before the meeting 15.45 Overview of the visit programme to Denmark 16.00 See you in Denmark Participants arriving: • By car : Park your car in Fredericia and take the train to Copenhagen. Return from Fredericia. • By train : Book ticket to Copenhagen and return from Fredericia. • By Plane: Fly to Copenhagen and either return from Copenhagen or from Billund (Billund may be a bit more expensive)

We expect all participants to be ready to start from Copenhagen airport Wednesday morning 09.30 or come directly to the first visit at 10.00.

Wednesday, March 22 Driving plan Time Content 09.05

Arrival Copenhagen Airport KLMXXXX Drive to first visit (0h:25m) VEKS, Roskildevej 175, 2620 Albertslund Welcome to Denmark – intro to program


10.00 10.10

Visit to one of the two Copenhagen transmission companies – organization and economy. Lars Gullev, VEKS 11.15 – 11.35 Steen Christiansen, chairman of the VEKS board, Mayor in Albertslund Introduction to the work of Varmelast - The central dispatch center for the entire Copenhagen DHS Lars Gullev, VEKS Video: Varmelast, Heat Load

Visit to Control Room – if possible Drive to Høje Taastrup DHC (0h:10m)

13.00 13.10

Co-op distribution company in Copenhagen System, several own heat sources

Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

Astrid Birnbaum, Managing Director, Høje Taastrup DH company Videos: • Heat pump Høje Taastrup • Storage Høje Taastrup 2, PTES • Solar thermal Høje Taastrup, Sun Collector Park • Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme - Cool District Heating

The role of the municipality Marie Louise Lemgart, Planner, Høje Taastrup Municipality


Financing of DH projects in Denmark Helene Vinten, General Councel and Henrik Andersen, Managing Director, Kommunekredit


Site visit to larger thermal storage (on the way to hotel)

16.45 18.00 19.00

Drive to Korsør (1h15m)

Check in at Hotel Klarskovgaard

Networking Dinner – hosted by DBDH, The Danish Embassy and the Trade Council

Thursday March 23 rd Driving plan Time Content 06.30

District heating morning run – slow, relaxed, short and fun

08.20 08.30 09.30

Checked out and ready to depart Bus to Fjenvarme Fyn (1h00m)

Integration of multiple sources - data center, HP, Biomass, WtE and much more The road to a 100% carbon neutral heat solution Kim Winther and Jakob Rasmussen, Fjernvarme Fyn

Video: Fjernvarme Fyn Site Visit at Fjernvarme Fyn

12.30 13.00


Workshop with Danish and Dutch input • “ Modern PP piping for 4´th generation District Heating Networks ” . By ERIKS - Aquatherm partner in Holland • “ S olar heat, heat pumps and PTES” The experience from Aalborg CS P, Andreas Zorellis • “ 50 MW heat pump in Esbjerg – when in the Netherlands? ” Raymond C. Decorvet, MAN • “ TwinPipe and T otal Cost of Ownership” Peter Jorsal, Kingspan – LOGSTOR • “ First: Capacity Building! ” Torben Kirkegaard, ECA • “ District heating roll- out in the cloud” , Mette Leiholt, Pernexus • Ineke Nijhuis about dh cooperatives. The 40 largest cities (after the G4) in the NL (the G40) made a position paper about local cooperatives and sharing energy.

Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

• Detlef Meijer about whether the grid operators should limited their activities to only a DH grid operator or expand to also supplier • Rotterdam about DH planning (our What map, modelling tools (COMSOF and WarmingUP design toolkit) and spatial integration (bottleneck analysis and complexity map of fitting DH into the underground and public space) • Maybe Detlev • “Tariff regulation and customer protection, Morten Jordt Duedahl

17.00 17.15 19.00

Drive to Hotel (00h:15m) Check in Hotel H.C. Andersen

Dinner on your own - we suggest Storm Pakhus (15 min walk from hotel)

Friday March 24 th Driving plan Time Content 06.30

District heating morning run – slow, relaxed, short and fun


Checked out and ready to depart DBDH host of the day – Lars Hummelmose

08.00 08.30

Drive to Tommerup (0h:20m)

Visit to Tommerup Solar DH plant (short) Jakob Kristiansen, Chairman of board Per Krogkær, Operational manager Jacob Rasmussen, Board member and Fjernvarme Fyn

09.15 09.45

Drive to Assens (0h:25)

Fully integrated, fully sustainable DH system Visit to Assens Fjernvarme Marc Roar Hintze, Managing Director

11.55 12.00

Walk / drive to Broen (0h02m)

Visit to Broen, incl lunch Visit to production plant and introduction to Broen

13.15 14.00

Drive to Fredericia (0:40m)

Intro to the Triangle Energy Alliance H2, PtX, District heating – and how that relates. Lasse Raunholt Kristoffersen

Presentation from Vejle Municipality on heat planning, Q&A Johannes Gregersen, Planner, Vejle Municipality

Workshop: Municipal heat planning

16.00 17.00 18.40

Bus to Billund Airport (0h:50m)

16.23 18.25 19.40

Train to Copenhagen Airport (2h02m)

Arrival Airport


KLM 1348

SAS 553

Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

20.20 20.25

Easyjet 7924 Vueling 8447

Follow-up webinar in April - date TBC Time Content xx.00

Welcome from Lydia, Niels, Mikkel and Morten

xx.10 xx.45

Theme to be decided during the visit Theme to be decided during the visit

xx.15 Next Step Dutch Delegation Name

City or organisation

Lydia Plant Angela Agus

Almelo Almelo

Xandra van Lipzig

Apeldoorn Apeldoorn

Arno Klein Goldewijk

Erwin Veldman Gert-Jan Evers

Assen Assen

Sebastiaan Knepper

Delft Delft

Sven Niekel

Kimberley Tjon-Ka-Jie

Den Haag Den Haag Eindhoven Eindhoven

Wesley Kisters

Janneke Karthaus Maarten van Brussel

Daniel Awater Deltef Meijer Marjolein Broos



Gouda Gouda

Ruud Ijtsma

Marco Attema

Groningen Groningen

Jelle van der Heide

Ineke Nijhuis

Hengelo Haarlem

Wynand van Dijk

Joep Poot

Leeuwarden Leeuwarden Netverder Niewegein Roosendaal Rotterdam

Michiel de Boer Koen Verbogt Jeroen Harren

Willemijne Molenaar

Annelieke Vis

Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

Roland van Rooyen Lydia Hameeteman

Rotterdam Rotterdam

Vera Haaksma Niels Hanskamp



Participants from Denmark Name


Company Aalborg CSP Aquaterm Assens DHC

Andreas Zorellis Jakob Jespersen Marc Roar Hintze

Vice President of Technical Sales

Managing director

Frank Nielsen Marko Moring

Sales Director



Mikkel Vibæk Jensen

Energy Advisor

Danish Embassy

Chief Application Manager

Uffe Schleiss Laura Kjær


Energy Advisor

Danish Energy Agency

Morten Jordt Duedahl

Business development manager


Torben Kirkegaard

Chief Learning Officer

Energy and Climate Academy

Rob Jong

Business Development Manager

ERIKS bv, Aquatherm NL ERIKS bv, Aquatherm NL

Tim van der Ploeg Jakob Rasmussen

Sales Manager

Head of DH supply Head of Development Global Sales Director Managing Director

Fjernvarme Fyn Fjernvarme Fyn

Kim Winther

Kristian Færge Kjeldgaard


Astrid Birnbaum

Høje Taastrup DHC

Marie-Louise Lemgart


Høje Taastrup Municipality

Ronald Karsten

Sales Manager

Kingspan – LOGSTOR Kingspan – LOGSTOR

Henrik Bjerregaard Helene Vinten Henrik Andersen

General Counsel Managing director

Kommunekredit Kommunekredit

John Dierickx


Raymond C. Decorvet

Senior Account Executive

Mette Leiholt


Jakob Kristiansen

Chairman of the Board

Tommerup DHC Tommerup DHC

Per Krogkær

Head of operation

Lasse Raunholt Kristoffersen

Special advisor

Triangle Energy Alliance

Johannes Gregersen


Vejle Municipality

Lars Gullev

Special advisor


Steen Christiansen

Chairman of the Board Mayor of Albertslund Municipality

Jesper Møller-Larsen

Head of District Heating


A wish list from the Dutch participants to what would be nice to learn and understand deeper (Not complete)

Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

Connection of DH in existing buildings: - Construction and integration of a DH in the build environment. What is your approach, How is it different from new buildings and what kind of role does a municipality have in this, do you need a sufficient scale to make it affordable and if yes how much? - Do you have standard connection methods to connect existing buildings to DH? - Who pays for the cost to connect existing buildings? (and also the risk in the construction phase, or example if a building has a lot of asbestos of rotted concrete. - Do you have examples of Public-private partnerships and if yes how are they organised. In the Netherlands we have a lot of discussions about special integration Especially in cities, there’s little space in the underground and in the public space. It’s a challenge to fit in all the city tasks (like green public space, adaptation measures, preventing heat stress) and to fit in DH. (in Rotterdam we have developed an ‘spatial integration ladder’ for this). Also large heat pumps are likely to become the standard for heat grids. How will these be spatially parked in DK? At a distance from buildings, or are there applications of multiple use of space by e.g. heat pump on first floor and offices/homes on top? And how do you deal with special integration of DH in cities/municipalities? Spatial integration/ fitting in DH in public space and underground - Tariff regulation: - How do you divide the cost of DH between different home owners (in the Netherlands, the small end- users are regulated, the large end- uses aren’t. - In Denmark DH companies are not allowed to make profit. How do you monitor this? The rate of return in a project is at the beginning negative (because of large investments) and in the end its positive. How do you monitor that the rate of return will be 0%? In the Netherlands we have some discussions with DH companies about this. DH cooperatives - Do you stimulate DH cooperatives in Denmark and if yes, how do you do this? What kind of law, regulation and instruments are needed to stimulate DH cooperatives? Innovation - How is innovation stimulated in Denmark? Perhaps it is interesting to give a presentation about the twin pipes (or other innovatio ns). They’re not very known in the Netherlands. Also a really big difference between Denmark and the Netherlands is that in Denmark you much more steer on efficiency of the system. For example DH monitor the supply and return temperature from customers and try to lower the return temperature. In the Netherlands we don’t see DH companies do that. Perhaps you can explain the advantages of it. Ideas to discuss: - Increase public acceptance of heat source with a 'share' in the heat source. In the Netherlands we have local shareholding in wind farms, but not yet in heat sources. Do you have examples for this in Denmark? If yes, how are they organised: with financial share, or as a "discount" because you are a user or another way? - Is more a discussion for the Dutc h municipalities and the grid operators, but I’m also curious about your view on this: what kind of view have the municipalities on a DH supplier. Should a DH company be an integrated DH company or can you split it in a grid operator and supplier? What are the risks and pros and cons? Can this also be a role for the grid operator or do the municipalities want private companies to take this role? (do you have split models in Denmark?)

Dutch District Heating Visit to Denmark March 22 nd – 24 th , 2023

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