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Driving Safety Tips for All Motorists

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If you’ve followed our monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook, you know motorcycles are a big deal around here. We love them. As such, motorcycle safety is also a big deal. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and every May we spend time talking about this important topic. Motorcycle safety means everything. All around Texas and the greater U.S., motorcyclists hit the road to take advantage of the mid-spring weather. They ride to feel the rush, see the sights, and enjoy an incredible piece of machinery. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some 4,985

night. Other crashes result from motorcyclists losing control while driving at high speeds or due to alcohol use. To avoid crashes, drivers should be as attentive as possible.

This is true for all drivers, whether they’re in a car or truck or on a motorcycle. Paying attention can save lives. In fact, one of the best things drivers can do to avoid collisions is spend a few extra seconds looking for oncoming traffic at every intersection. Drivers who spend more time looking for hazards such as oncoming traffic will significantly decrease their chances of a collision.

Many collisions between cars and motorcycles occur because the driver of the car doesn’t see the motorcycle. Because they are smaller and easily obscured by traffic or blind spots, motorcycles can be harder to spot. So remember: When in doubt, check it out. When you’re on the road, always double-check before driving through an intersection, making a turn, or changing lanes. We all share the same roads, and one driver isn’t more important than another. Attentive driving can go a long way toward saving lives, as can wearing the appropriate safety gear. Motorcyclists should always wear a helmet. Stay safe and have fun!

motorcyclists were killed in 2018, a 5% decrease from 2017. This followed a decrease in motorcycle fatalities from 2016, suggesting a downward trend, which is good news. But even with a silver lining, many motorcyclists are still involved in serious accidents. While there is no doubt this can be a dangerous way to travel, there are plenty of things both drivers and motorcyclists can do to improve the safety of everyone on the road. Interestingly, many motorcycle crashes occur with fixed objects. In 2017, for instance, the NHTSA reported that 23% of fatal accidents involved crashes into “fixed objects,” such as trees, utility poles, signs, guard rails, barriers, rocks, or other objects found near roadways. By contrast, 33% of crashes occurred between a motorcycle and another vehicle, including cars, light trucks, or heavy trucks. Why do so many motorcyclists collide with fixed objects? There are many different factors. Some crashes are caused by poor visibility due to fog, smoke, or darkness, as most fixed-object crashes occur at

-Greg Herrman

P.S. In case you haven’t heard the news, a major event we sponsor every year, the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon, has been postponed. It was previously scheduled for May 16, 2020, but will now take place October 10, 2020. We look forward to taking part in this great community event in the fall. In the meantime stay safe out there and we’ll see you soon.




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