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Welcome to the Professional Equities newsletter. In this monthly newsletter, we will be discussing where to get more passive residual income. When I was younger, I focused on building net worth, only to later discover that net worth can disappear whenmarkets drop. Now I’m focused on cash flow— the more passive the residual income is, the better. This focus agrees withmany of our partners (members). These members want income for retirement and income for children or grandchildren. On a personal note…Many of you have been aware of my personal health challenge over the past 18 months. In February 2017, I developed a digestive problem that eventually causedme to lose 35 pounds. After running numerous tests and not finding a cause, my primary care doctor sent me to a gastrointestinal doctor who eventually diagnosedme with lymphoma. Since I am anti-chemotherapy, I canceled two appointments with the hematologist while looking for an alternative treatment. Then this past November, when I was looking pretty sick, my daughter, Allison, asked if I would go to the doctor if she went withme. She was so afraid for me, she was trembling. I said yes, since my review of two alternative clinics did not give me a satisfactory assurance. Then in December 2017, my gastrointestinal doctor ranmore tests and discovered the cause of my weight loss. I had three rare lower intestine collagenous diseases. In January 2018, they added a treatment for those extra diseases. I had a great support network duringmy six treatments, including both Allison and her brother Stephen. After the March treatments, I was convinced I was healed. By the end of May, both doctors were convinced that I had no current or future occurrence of lymphoma. The hematologist said,“Bill is not sick anymore.”The gastrointestinal doctor said he did not need to see me again for three years. So, my journey with four diseases had a happy ending. Thank you to all who supportedme during this difficult season.

What’s scarier than being at a Halloween party without a good costume? Being at a Halloween party without anything interesting to add, of course! Avoid this nightmare scenario by learning the fascinating history behind everyone’s favorite Halloween traditions. WHERE DID ALL THESE BATS COME FROM? Halloween decorations tend to rely on scary or supernatural themes. Cobwebs, skeletons, and ghosts crowd the scene, but there are usually a few bats in there as well. Compared to jangling skeletons, these little mammals aren’t that scary. While bats do risk carrying rabies, for the most part, bats are more likely to help people by eating mosquitoes than harm anyone. So why are they part of our creepy Halloween decor? Bats were associated with Halloween long before the first trick-or-treaters. When celebrating the ancient festival Samhain — a precursor to Halloween — the Celts lit huge bonfires. These fires attracted insects, which in turn attracted bats looking for a midnight snack. Bats came to be linked to Samhain and that tradition was carried into modern Halloween. WHAT’S UP WITH BOBBING FOR APPLES? Giving out apples instead of candy is a surefire way to get your house egged by angry trick-or-treaters. On a night that’s all about candy and sweets, how did we come to play a game involving fruit? Surprisingly, the old game of bobbing for apples has roots in some more romantic traditions.

Bobbing for apples was part fortune-telling game and part courting ritual in 18th century England. A young woman would write the name of her suitor on an apple and

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