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Don’t Ignore Your Back Pain Injuries are a real pain in the back.

See Inside • Getting to the Bottom of Your Back Pain • Patient Success Spotlight • Exercise Essentials • Healthy Recipe The back is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. You rely on it so heavily — whether it is to shoulder your emotional stresses or to physically lift something that you need to carry with you. Your back isconstantlyatrisk. It isatriskwhenyoudrive, being one of the body parts likely to take the biggest impact in case of an accident. It is at risk when you are safely at home on your couch or at the office, where you are likely scrunched over and not caring one bit about your posture. It is at risk when you run, when you play sports, and even when you find yourself sick and are coughing so heavily that your back begins to hurt. It is no wonder that so many people experience back injuries every year. What is a big wonder is that so many people choose to ignore their back injuries year after year! When you break an arm or get a cut on your leg, you are likely to do something about it right away. The sight of blood leaving your body or the realization that a bone isn’t sitting right is something that not manypeoplearegoingtodealwith fortoo longbefore seeking medical attention. Yet when pain begins in the back, it is almost normal to ignore it. Everyone develops back pain, time to time, right? There is no reason to stress about it or overreact, right? Absolutely wrong!

Understanding Back Pain Back pain may be common, but it is absolutely not normal.Thereareactuallya lotofseriousconditions that can cause your back to begin to hurt, and it is smart to have your back looked at by a physician early on so that you know exactly what is going on with your body from the get-go. Once the cause of your back pain is determined, your physical therapist will be able to identify the best treatment options for your body’s needs. A FOUR PHASE system of movement management is recommendedasanapproachforpain-freemovement. This will likely include the following: • Phase 1: The goal of this phase is to focus on calming your movement system. This is accomplishedbytreatmentofsymptomsthrough movementbasedormanualmethods.Atthislevel, you are at the lowest level of function and often speakofacutepainandmusclespasms.Treatment at this point centers on reducing tissue and joint loading along with strain. • Phase2: Thegoalofthisphase istorestoremuch needed motor control in an effort to move closer tooptimal functionalmovement.Atthispointyou wouldhaveanunderstandingofyoursymptomsas wellaswhat triggersyourpain.Youare learning how to properly perform essential corrective

movements inanefforttoreducethesesymptoms. • Phase 3: At this point you have nearly full, pain- freemotion, improvedmotorcontrolandareable toperformspecifictypesofmovementsproperly yet still require some level of supervision. The goal is to improve functional capacity, activity tolerance and endurance. You will be monitored andprogressedbyyourtreatmentteamtoensure you maintain your optimal level of movement. • Phase 4: The Wellness Phase, marks the point in the journey where the you’re able to resume yournormaldailyactivities.Youwillbepresented with the option of beginning a total body fitness program.Remainingorbecomingmorephysically active will help ensure an improved quality of health and life. Attempting to undertake any of these changes on your own after you’ve experienced a back injury is bothdangerousandnotrecommended.Workingwith a licensed and experienced physical therapist can provide you with the guidance and ongoing support that you need to ensure that you do not experience any further injury as you attempt to heal the cause of your back pain.


The Opioid Epidemic

Getting to the Bottom of Your Back Pain

There are a lot of different reasons as to why you may be experiencing back pain, and ignoring any of them is not a good idea. Some of themost common issues that cause back pain to linger include: • Muscle sprain or strain • Slipped vertebrae or disc • Tear or hyperextension to the supportingmuscles or tendons • Arthritis These concerns can develop as a result of a myriad of environmental issues, such as having poor posture, prolonged sedentary activity, car crash, sporting accident, stress, heavy lifting, and so on. When it comes to back pain, Don’t Wait! When you experience an injury to your back, or realize that you are experiencing regular pain as a result of an ongoing injury or overuse, it is important to find out the cause of your back pain as quickly as possible. Back pain can quickly become chronic, as a potentially small issue can become complicated when it is not addressed early on. Working with a physical therapist can help you to identify the difference between environmental causes and somethingmore medically based. To get started with putting an end to your back pain, contact us.

No one wants to live in pain. But no one should put their health at risk in an effort to be pain free.

Doctor-prescribed opioids are appropriate in some cases, but they just mask the pain—and opioid risks include depression, overdose, and addiction, plus withdrawal symptoms when stopping use.

That’s why the CDC recommendssafer alternatives like physical therapy to manage pain.

Physical therapists treat pain through movement, hands-on care, and patient education—and by increasing physical activity you can also reduce your risk of other chronic diseases.

Pain is personal, but treating pain takes teamwork.

When it comes to your health, you have a choice. Choose more movement and better health. Choose physical therapy!


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“I fell,trippedoverastep ladder insidemyhome.My leftsidewas very painful after the fall and my doctor approved for an MRI. I didn’t have any broken bones, but my left leg stayed in constant pain, so he sent me to HealthActions for physical therapy. It has been a great journey. Most of the kinks have been worked out. The therapists were all wonderful, very friendly, helpful, and cordial. Great job! I feel so much better!” - Joann G. 4 5 1 2 1 7 9 5 Are you letting pain hold you back? Call HealthActions Physical Therapy to schedule your appointment today! 7 3 6 5


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Exercise Essentials Try This Exercise to Help Maintain a Healthy Spine 7 8 1 4 n°315825 - LevelHard

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Alwaysconsultyourphysical therapistorphysicianbeforestartingexercisesyouareunsureofdoing.

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