Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest Fall 2016

Data Privacy & Security Service

Issue 6

Impact on Districts Users often download apps and sign up for websites without ever reading the user agreements/click-through con- tracts. It is important that districts edu- cate their users on the implications of accepting these agreements. In many instances, once signed up, users will use the tools with students and student in- formation. In the case of photo sharing websites, it’s possible that once a teach- er posts photos of their class, they have given up ownership of the photos and they can be used elsewhere on the in- ternet. Tips for Click-Through Agreements Looking for tips when you use click- through agreements? View tips and read the Full Article . While an application like Pokémon Go may seem like a tool that does not have a direct impact on districts, the opposite is true. It is likely that many members of a district’s community (parents, staff, students, etc.) are using the apps. Would a teacher or administrator want a student catching a Pokémon off their head in class? It is important that dis- tricts are aware of these trendy new apps and take steps to educate their stakeholders about the risks associated with the app as well as appropriate us- age. Impact on Districts

Click-through Agreements and your Data

Users often agree to click-through agreements and contracts without reading them. These agreements can contain terms that are strange, and could be down-right frightening. Does your district understand what happens when they click “I agree” on a website? Read further for how to protect your users and district.

What are you giving up when you click a click-through contract?

What are you really agreeing to when you agree to a click-through agreement with- out reading them? This article (contains adult language) highlights 6 user agree- ments that you’ve probably accepted without even realizing the ramifications. In another example of the danger of accepting click-through-agreements without reading them, this summer security researchers set up an experimental Wi-Fi hotspot in London. In return for free Wi-Fi, the researchers asked customers to agree to terms and conditions that included a promise "to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity." Predictably, people signed up. Would you? Read more.

Pokémon Go and Your District

In July of 2016, Pokémon Go was released on multiple platforms as an app. It quick- ly became the most popular app on the App Store and Google Play. However, Poké- mon Go has not been without controversy or concern for schools and the public. For a summary of the controversy surrounding Pokémon Go and its impact on schools, visit this website . To learn how librarians are using this game to entice more patrons into its facilities . Click here

Other Resources

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If a building in your district is a PokéStop or gym, you can visit this website to re- quest its removal.

For a full map of PokéStops and gyms you can visit this website .


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