Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest Fall 2016

Data Privacy & Security Service

Issue 6

Data Privacy and Security Service Digital Digest Fall 2016

How to Protect Your Data

With all of the risks and vulnerabilities to your data what can you do to protect it? Below find some resources and recommendations from experts on some actions you can take to protect your data.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data

In today’s digital age protecting personal data is critical. The same practices that apply to personal data, apply to student data as well. This article provides helpful

Top Security Practices

In today’s world of instant information and mounds of data on every topic, how do you filter out the information you need? Get the download from surveys done with security experts and web-users who are not security experts. Learn about top security practices and more. Full Article

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Digital Blasts

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Used with Permission Source : New KnowBe4 Survey: Ransomware Infections Double In Two Years


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