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As a KCP Associate, the most important company provided benefits you participate in are those that help you and your family stay healthy. Each year we closely examine our benefits package to ensure it continues to provide quality care at a competitive price. You are encouraged to thoroughly review the information presented in this guide as well as more detailed plan documents available on the company’s Associate Portal. KCP offers a comprehensive benefits program to all eligible Associates. Unless otherwise noted, full -time regular Associates are el igible for benefits on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment, within 30 days of a qualified life event, or annually during the open enrollment period. Please note, for Associates whose status changes to full -time regular from part -time or temporary, your eligibi lity is on the first day of the month following 30 days from the date of your status change. We are confident that you will find this benefit package of great value to you and your family. Should you have any questions regarding the information contained in this Benefits Guid e, including further information on plan details, summary plan descriptions, annual notices, legislative notices, as well as Associate costs not listed, please visit (password: kennethcole ). If you do not have access to electronic information, please contact Human Resources to obtain a paper copy.

This Guide provides information regarding:

Additional Benefits

Medical coverage

Dental coverage

Important phone numbers and websites

Vision coverage

Associate paycheck contributions

Flexible Spending Accounts

How to enroll online

Eligible dependents and Qualifying

Glossary of medical plan terminology

Change of Status events



• Your legal spouse (includes same-sex spouses) • Your domestic partner* (includes both same-sex and opposite-sex partners) • Children (up to age 26) o By birth o Legally adopted or placed in your home awaiting legal adoption o For whom you have legal guardianship

*Domestic partner coverage – There are certain documentation requirements and tax consequences to cover domestic partners. Please review information that is posted on the Associate Portal. Contact the Benefits Department with any questions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are enrol ling a spouse, domestic partner or child in a benefit plan for the first time, you wil l be required to provide documentation to the Benefits Department of the relationship (marriage cert ificate, affidavit of domestic partnership & records of financial interdependence, birth certificate or adoption paperwork.)

Your dependent will not be covered if you do not provide the required documentation.


Once you enroll in a plan, you cannot change your plan election during the year, unless you experience a Qualified Life Event. Examples are:  Change in marital status (marriage/divorce)  Change in number of dependents (birth/adoption)  Gain or loss of coverage under another plan due to change in employment status  Dependent ceases to meet eligibility requirements

The following situations are NOT considered a Qualified Life Event:  A change in your health status  The onset of a health condition  The provider you want to utilize is outside of the network

If you have any questions regarding the possibility of your situation being considered a Qualified Life Event, please contact the Benefits Department within 30 days of the change.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not want to participate in our health insurance (medical, dental, vision) program, you are required to follow the enrollment instructions (beginning on page 13 of this guide) and waive coverage for those plans in which you do not want to participate.



No referrals required to see specialists

Prescription drug coverage

  

Mail order Rx program

24/7 Nurse Line

 The option to go in-network (Open Access Plus network) or out-of-network

The chart below outlines what you are responsible to pay for medical services. If you use out -of- network providers, you wi ll be responsible for a larger portion of the cost because the medical plan wil l only cover expenses that are considered reasonable and customary.

Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) with Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

Point of Service (POS) Plan





$500 Individual $1,000 Fami ly

$1,000 Individual $2,000 Fami ly

$1,300 Individual $2,600 Fami ly

$2,500 Individual $5,000 Fami ly

Calendar Year Deduct ible

HRA Account - Employer Funding

not appl icable

$500 Individual / $1,000 Fami ly

Primary / Special ty Office Visit

$25 / $40 Co-payment

subject to deductible & coinsurance

subject to deductible & coinsurance






subject to deductible & coinsurance

subject to deductible &coinsurance

Preventative Services



subject to deduct ible & coinsurance

subject to deductible & coinsurance

subject to deductible & coinsurance

subject to deductible & coinsurance subject to in-network deduct ible & coinsurance subject to deductible &coinsurance

Hospital izat ion

subject to deductible & coinsurance

Emergency Room

$100 co-payment

$100 co-payment

subject to deductible & coinsurance

Urgent Care Centers

$35 co-payment


$3,500 / $7,000 Includes deduct ibles &

$4,500 / $9,000 Includes deduct ibles for both medical & Rx, and Rx co-pays

$5,000 / $10,000 Includes medical deduct ible only

$7,500 / $15,000

Out of Pocket Maximum

Includes medical deduct ible only

co-pays for both medical and Rx

Prescription Drug* (in-network)

$100 deductible, then: $10 Gener ic $30 Brand Formulary $50 Non-Formulary

Medical deductible, then: $10 Generic $30 Brand Formulary $50 Non-Formulary

90-day supply for 2x co-payment

90-day supply for 2x co-payment

Mai l Order Rx

Annual Benef it Maximum**

Unl imi ted

unl imi ted

*Out-of -Network Prescription Coverage: You are responsible for the appl icable in -network co-payment plus any di fference between what the out -of -network pharmacy charges and the amount Cigna would have paid for the same prescription drug product dispensed by an in-network pharmacy. Out -of-network mai l order is not covered.

**Appl ies to essential heal th services.



Effective Date of Coverage

HRA Funding Effective

Funding Amount - Single Coverage

Funding Amount - Family Coverage

January 1st

January 1st



February 1st

February 1st



March 1st

March 1st



April 1st

April 1st



May 1st

May 1st



June 1st

June 1st



July 1st

July 1st



August 1st

August 1st



September 1st

September 1st



October 1st

October 1st



November 1st

November 1st



December 1st

December 1st



HRA Fund Availability The HRA funds are available to you on your effective date of coverage. Please note that the amount available will be pro-rated based on your effective date of coverage. Refer to the Funding Schedule Chart above.

Taxability of HRA Funds HRA funds are not considered taxable income. You will not be taxed on the value of your HRA funds.

Rollover of HRA Funds The balance of unused funds in your HRA will carry over to the next year. The funds could be used to offset your deductible and coinsurance. If you choose not to enroll in the CDHP for 20 20, any unused funds will be forfeited.



In the DMO Plan, coverage is only available from providers within the Cigna DMO network. If you receive services from a provider who is outside of the network, you wi ll be responsible for the full cost. In some geographic areas, the DMO network is l imited. It is recommended that before you enroll in the DMO you research providers in your area and select a provider with whom you are comfortable.

With the PPO Plan, you have the option to go in -network or out-of-network; however, you are responsible for a larger portion of the cost if you use an out -of-network provider.










Preventative Services

Refer to schedule


Basic Services

Refer to schedule


Major Services

Refer to schedule


Annual Maximum Benefit

No Maximum


Orthodontia - Children Coinsurance Lifetime Maximum

Refer to schedule None Refer to schedule

50% $1,500 not covered

Orthodontia - Adults

*DMO schedule is posted on



In- and Out-of-Network. Plan requires enrollment. Highlights are as follows:  Discounts on additional glasses and contacts lenses  Discounts on refractive eye surgery


Eye Exam

Once every calendar year Once every calendar year Once every calendar year

Lenses Frames



$10 co-pay $25 co-pay

Up to $45 reimbursement varies

Eye Exam Materials

Up to $180 allowance* after materials co- pay, 20% discount on balance


Up to $100 reimbursement

Covered in full after materials co-pay Covered in full after materials co-pay Covered in full after materials co-pay


Up to $32 reimbursement

Single Bifocal

Up to $55 reimbursement


Up to $65 reimbursement

Contact lenses Medically Necessary Elective (in lieu of glasses)

Covered in full after materials co-pay

Up to $210 reimbursement

Up to $180 allowance* after materials co-pay

Up to $144 reimbursement

*The $180 annual al lowance appl ies to either eyeglass frames or contact lenses.







Medical – POS





Medical – CDHP with HRA





Dental – PPO





Dental – DMO










A Note about ID Cards: Cigna wil l mai l you a medical/Rx ID card. You can obtain a temporary medical/Rx ID card, as well as order a new one, online at


FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS Did you know that you could reduce the cost of your health care and/or dependent care expenses by participating in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? FSAs allow you to set aside money on a pre - tax basis to pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses.

Health Care – Annual maximum election is $2,750

Dependent Care – Annual maximum election, per household , is $5,000

Eligible Expenses – Examples 

Eligible Expenses – Examples 

Deductibles, coinsurance, co- payments Out-of-pocket dental expenses, including adult orthodont ia Eye care including contact lenses, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lens solutions Over-the-counter medications if you have a prescription

Care at licensed nursery schools Day care in or outside of your home

   

Before and after school care

Day camps Elder care

FSA Plan Use It or Lose It!

You have until December 31, 2020 to incur eligible health and dependent care expenses. You can submit claims for reimbursement no later than March 31, 2021 for both plans.

The IRS allows up to $500 of unused Health Care FSA funds to be rol led over to the fol lowing calendar year. The rollover applies to Health Care only and not Dependent Care. If there is extra money in your account(s) because you have not i ncurred enough eligible expenses by December 31, that money may be forfeited – and you will lose the funds. Review the information that is posted on as well as information available at You can only make a change to your election if you experience a Qualifying Life Event– so budget carefully!


Access website at: Click on - Participant login

Register an Account

Company code – kennethcole ( all lower case/no space)

Member ID – enter your social security number

Enter - Name, DOB and home zip code

Follow steps to create login and password



Basic Term Life Insurance  Amount of Life Insurance: 1 times your annual earnings  Maximum Amount: $500,000  Amounts in excess of $50,000 are subject to imputed income  KCP pays full cost of coverage Basic Term AD&D Insurance  Amount of AD&D Insurance: 1 times your annual earnings  Maximum Amount: $500,000  KCP pays full cost of coverage Optional Term Life Insurance  Opportunity to purchase one to five times your Annual Earnings in additional term l ife insurance through payroll deduction  Maximum Amount without Evidence of Insurability, Late Entrant, or increasing prior elected amount: $250,000  Maximum Amount with approved Evidence of Insurability: $550,000  You pay full cost of coverage on a post -tax basis Supplemental Dependent Term Life Insurance  Spouse/Domestic Partner : 50% of Optional Associate Life Amount to a maximum of $250,000 (medical evidence required for amounts over $50,000 or if late entrant or increasing elected amount)  Dependent Child(ren) : Flat $10,000 for each child. One premium rate covers all eligible children  You pay full cost of coverage on a post -tax basis

Optional Life Rates

Monthly Cost Per $1,000 of Coverage for Your Optional Life

Monthly Cost Per $1,000 of Coverage for Spouse/Domestic Partner Optional Life* $0.064


Under 25

$0.064 $0.064 $0.102 $0.115 $0.128 $0.192 $0.294 $0.550 $0.844 $1.624 $2.634

25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 50-59 60-64 65-69

$0.064 $0.102 $0.115 $0.128 $0.192 $0.294 $0.550 $0.844 $1.624 $2.634


Monthly cost for Child(ren) (covers al l


eligible children) *Rate is based on your age



 Eligible on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment  Provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income while you are initially disabled  Benefits begin after 7 calendar days of a medically approved illness or disability  Weekly benefit is 66 2/3% of weekly gross base pay to a maximum of $2,000  Your payment may be reduced by deductible sources of i ncome (i.e. state-mandated benefits, no-fault auto laws, etc.)  Maximum period of payment is 26 weeks


 Eligible on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment  Provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income while you are disabled for an extended period of time  Benefits begin after 26 weeks of short -term disabi lity coverage  Monthly benefit is 60% of gross income to a maximum of $10,000


 Eligibil ity Requirement: All Associates age 21 and over who have completed three months of employment  May enroll on the first of the month after eligibility requirements have been met

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once eligibility requirements have been met, you are automatically enrolled at a deferral rate of 6%, unless you opt out or select a different percentage.

 You may defer from 1 to 90% (up to Federal dollar maximums) of salary to be invested in various funds from the available choices  Qualified loans and hardship withdrawals are avai lable  Associates age 50 and older may make catch-up contributions (up to federal dollar maximum)  Roth 401(k) option – allows you to contribute on a post -tax basis to your account; earnings are tax free

How to enroll in the 401(k) Retirement Plan:  You can either logon to or call (800) 294-4015

Sutherland Retirement Group of Wells Fargo Advisors You have access to The Sutherland Retirement Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, an investment advisory group made up of licensed 401(k) Plan Consultants available to assist you with any questions including investment advice, asset allocation advice, website assistance, rollover assistance, distribution assistance, etc. Services are provided by The Sutherland Retirement Group at no charge to you



TELADOC Associates and their dependents are eligible for Teladoc on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. Teladoc is a resource for associates to call or video chat with a physician that is board certified in your state about common medical conditions such as cold, sinus infection or ear infection at absolutely NO COST! Teladoc doctors can prescribe medication and associates can pick it up at their local pharmacy saving time and money. Registration Steps: Go to 1. Enter basic personal information 2. Do you have a Teladoc ID – select NO 3. How did you find out – select My Employer offers it to me 4. Company Name – enter KCP HoldCo Inc. 6. Create User Name & Password 7. Update your medical history in advance prior to needing to use the service COMMONBOND Associates are eligible for CommonBond on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. CommonBond is a tool to help associates effectively manage their student loans. Commonbond helps determine the best course of action for handling student loans and how to save with current or future education expenses. Associates can:  Take out student loans for themselves and their dependents  Refinance their current student loans  Evaluate their current student loan situation to see if there are any government programs they are eligible for, and figure out the best course of action to tackle their loans Visit for more information


Associates are eligible to purchase additional voluntary benefits for additional coverage for critical il lness. Aflac sends cash directly to you if you are sick or hurt. It does not matter how much regular health insurance covers, Aflac pays on top of it. You can use the money for whatever you need: co-pays, deductibles, even your rent or mortgages gas, groceries etc… Plans that are available: Accident Indemnity Plan – pays when you seek treatment for accident Hospital Indemnity Plan – pays when you are hospitalized for sickness, surgery, injury even a pregnancy. Cancer Care – pays upon diagnosis and treatments of cancer. Pays for once a year cancer screening



You may use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible Mass Transit and Parking expenses related to commuting to and from work.

 You may elect up to $270 per month for public transportation and/or $270 per month for parking expense.  There is no eligibility waiting period. You can enroll any time (by the 15 th of the prior month) and your election is in place until you change it. This plan is not subject to annual open enrollment and qualifying life events. You can cancel or change your election by the 15th of the prior month.  To register for you benefits you will need to log online at  Click on New Users Register Here  Complete your demographic information  System would email you a registration code in order to continue completing your registration  WageWorks will mail you a debit card. You must use this card to purchase your transit pass/ticket/etc. The IRS will not allow reimbursement via claims submission for transit expenses.  If your monthly transit pass exceeds $270, consider electing an additional amount to be deducted from your pay on a post-tax basis. That way the entire monthly cost of your transit pass will be available on your card.  Please note the IRS will not allow more than $270 of pre-tax money be debited from your card per month per expense type (i.e. transit and parking).  The money deducted from your paycheck must be posted to your account before it will be available to you. Normally deductions are posted to your account on the pay date.


1) On the Spending Account home page, select “Enrollment” then “Commuter t.”

2) The Benefits Online Ordering Platform wi ll open in a separate window. Follow the instruct ions below.


For Transit • Choose Place an Order then select Transit. • Select your Transit Provider. Please note that the Commuter Check Card appears as a provider. • Select your Transit Product. If you need additional information, a l ink to your Transit Authority is provided above the product l ist. • Confirm your order, mai l ing address, order information and select Continue. • Set your recurring options and select Purchase. • Review your order accuracy and select Return Home. Your order is now complete and will be processed on the next cut off date. Please note: There is an ordering deadline of the 4th of every month for the monthly mai l and ride orders of specif ic transit authorit ies. Metro North Railroad (MNR) and Long Island Railroad (LIRR) are two in New York, for example. All orders for these two transit authori ties must be placed by the 4th of the month before the month you wil l receive benefits.

• Select your parking provider from the list. You are select ing the payment address for your parking provider, which may not be the same as your location. • Enter your parking lot address information then select Continue. • Enter the amount to be paid to your parking provider and your account number, check the acknowledgment box then select Continue. • Set your recurring options and select Purchase. • Review order accuracy and select Return Home. Your order is now complete and wil l be processed on the next cut off date. For Parking Vouchers • Select Commuter Check for Parking. • Complete the form. • Confirm order, make your recurring sett ings and then

cl ick on the disclaimer. Benefits Ordering Period

You wil l have unti l the 10th calendar day of each month to place an order or to make changes for transit passes (or transit card) for the fol lowing month.

For Direct Pay Parking • Choose Parking Order. • Select Monthly Direct Pay. • Using keyword search, enter the name of your parking provider.



Eligibil ity: All Associates upon date of hire 

You, your spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under the age of 21 are eligible for a discount of 50% off the lowest ticked price on merchandise from the Bond and Bowery store and ecommerce. The discount will only be applied to the lowest ticketed price and will not be applied in conjunction with percentage discounts or shipping charges. Associates are not eligible for price adjustments.  You must make the purchase and use either cash or credit card in your name.  For online purchases enter KCP and the 5 digits on your ID badge


 Eligibil ity: Regular ful l and part -time Associates upon date of hire  Discounted monthly dues (20 –35%) – refer to information on the Associate Portal  Fees are conveniently deducted from your paychecks or the discount is provided directly through the Fitness Club

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM 100% confidential, no cost to you for this service! Urgent care or home treatment? Lawyer or mediator? Bankruptcy or debt counseling? When issues come up, it is not always easy to know where to turn or what options are available. Whether you are facing hea lth, financial, legal or personal decisions, the EAP can help. With just one cal l, get immediate access to registered nurses, master's -level counselors, financial and legal professionals, and community resources. They are here to help you with:  Finding appropriate medical care  General health information  Stress and anxiety  Relationship worries  Grief and loss  Personal legal or financial issues Wherever you are, call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1-800-386-7055



HOW TO REGISTER FOR ADP I-PAY STATEMENTS:  Go to and click on “Register Now “  At Welcome screen click “Register Now”  Enter the Organization Registration Pass Code which is: kcole-1234  Verify your Identity by entering your SS# and Date of Birth  Enter your email address  Enter your Security Information…the security questions/answers are used to unlock your account if you forget your logon credentials  Create your User ID and password  Registration complete - you are now ready to enroll in benefits!

Any questions please contact payroll department at


Go to Click on “Alex” on the bottom left

Follow the steps in Alex

 Once you are on the enrollment page in Alex, click the link for ADP  Login to ADP  Navigate to the Benefits tab and select Review/Change Benefits.  A wizard-based enrollment tool begins the enrollment process. 

You can check your progress while you make changes, or stop in the middle to return later, and the system will remember where you left off. You can go back later within the open enrollment window and change selections that you recently made.  When you are finished making your election you will have the option to print out a copy of your enrollment by selecting “View/Print Summary of Changes.” We recommend that you print and retain a copy for your records.  You can log out of the system by clicking “Logout” at the top of the navigation bar

If you have any questions using the website, or if you have made an enrollment error, please contact the Benefits Department at

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not want to participate in our health insurance (medical, dental, vision) program, you are required to follow the enrollment instructions below and waive coverage for those plans in which you do not want to participate.






Medical & Prescription Drug (Cigna)


Dental (Cigna)


Vision (Cigna)


Life Insurance (Guardian)


STD, LTD & FMLA (Guardian) 1-800-268-2525

FSA – Health Care & Dependent Care (Benefit Resource)


Public Transportation & Parking Benefit Program (WageWorks)



401(k) Plan (Fidel ity)


401(k) Plan Consultants

scott.sutherland@wellsfargoadvisors .com

(Sutherland Retirement Group of Wells Fargo Advisors) EAP (Guardian) The WorkLife Matters



Telemedicine (Teladoc)


Student Loans (CommonBond)




Below are definitions of common terminology used to describe the costs that you incur when receiving medical care.

Co-payment: A fixed dollar amount ($25, $40, etc.) you pay directly to the provider at time of service.

Deductible: The amount you pay each calendar year before your insurance begins to pay.

Coinsurance: This basically means you and your health insurance plan share expenses. Each of you pays a part of the total cost. Once you have met your deductible you pay a percentage of the cost; the insurance pays the remainder.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum: The most you would have to pay in a calendar year out of your own pocket.

In-Network Provider: Doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals with whom Cigna has negotiated the best prices. Out-of-Network Provider: Doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals who have not entered into a contract with Cigna to provide services at the best prices. Reasonable & Customary Fees: When services are received from out -of-network providers, eligible charges are determined by a negotiated fee schedule. If your provider’s fees are higher than what is considered “reasonable & customary” you are responsible for the additional amount. Explanation of Benefits: This document shows all claims processed in a specified period for you and all family members covered on your insurance plan, and remaining balances for deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. The provider’s charges as well as the network-negotiated rates are reflected on this statement in addition to the amount that you are responsible to pay .


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