2021 Letter to Physicians

Letter to Physicians

Dear Health Care Provider,

Your patient is attending a summer camp that employs a Medication Therapy Management System. All medication in pill form will be dispensed in dose packaging. The packages are labeled with the name of the camper, name of medication, date, dose, administration time, etc. The pre-packaged medication will be sent directly from our pharmacy to the camp.

Please note the following prescription guidelines:

• Please write a prescription for all medications including OTCs, vitamins, and supplements (30 day supply with enough refills to cover the entire camp stay). Confer with the family for duration of camp stay, as it varies.

• Controlled substance (Schedule II): Do not post-date the prescription – the body of the prescription must provide written acknowledgment that indicated the earliest date that the pharmacy may fill. For example: A prescription dated for 5/15/2020 should say “Do not fill before 6/15/2020” where the “do not fill before” date is three weeks prior to the session start (June 7 for Session 1, or June 28 for Session 2).

You may submit the prescriptions for your patient using one of the following methods:

E-Prescribing: Dedham Pharmacy & Medical Supply NPI: 1801253489 E-Script Number: 73904 Mail: Dedham Pharmacy & Medical Supply Attn: Pharmacist 596 Providence Highway Dedham, MA 02026

Fax (not for CIIs): 781-326-7006

Phone (only for non-controls or questions): 781-326-7007 Questions – Ask for one of our Pharmacists: Carolyn, Leanne, or Julia

Thank you for your help in making this process run smoothly!


Carolyn (Pharmacist Coordinator), Leanne, and Julia Dedham Pharmacy EXPLO Medication Team

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