1994 Elms State University College at Buffalo Volume 83 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

And it's a Jungle in here...





Jungle Life at Buffalo State College... There's no excuse not to be involved at BSC. From the Math- ematics Club to The Record, organizations abound here. And even if you didn't join a student organization students have many fond 1nemories of just hanging out (and eating) in the Union quad. Bengal Pause is the organized activity period for students. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:15 to 1:30 p.1n. brings people fro1n all walks of life together to work and play on the

projects they enjoy. This is the time of our lives.


Homecoming '93, Another Bengal Victory .__I _



Enthusiasm for the tigers swept the stands even when it looked like the Bengals were going to lose to Brockport in the first half. The bleachers were filled with shouts as the Brockport supporters clashed with BSC students. Finally, the overwhelming support for our team helped raise moral and bring the team to victory. Students and alumni flooded Elmwood Avenue to celebrate the victory in a weekend long party. On monday morning all there was left was memories, bu t memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Homecoming 1993 was a true celebration of Buffalo State spirit. Hundreds of students, and former students cheered on the Bengals to a win against Brockport Homecoming Sa turday. Homecoming is still a great colle– giate tradition bringing Bu ffalo State College stud ents o f days p ast back to their alumnus. The festi vities began Thursday with the bonfire and a kickline performance. Saturday morning psyched up the crowd with a spirit rousing parade. And the Buffalo State Cheerlead ers kept the Bengals fans on their feet fo r the 1 p.m. game.





The 1993 football team was one of the best teams Buffalo State College has ever assentbled. Led by the strong ann of second year quarterback Tracy Bacon and the running of Daryl Gladden and Perez Dinkens, the high powered Bengal attack was second in New York Division III in total points and total yards gained per game. The defense, led by linebacker Jack Dees and cornerback Trent Morris, led all New York Division III teams in least yards a ll owed per game (180.5) and leastpointsallowed per game(11 .7). The special teams squad, led by Dan Dixon and Luke Sillman, rarely let their opponents return a kick-off or punt. The men in black and orange beat Division 1cross-town rivals Canisius and University of Buffalo convincingly to establish themselves as the dominant collegia te football team in the Buffalo area. To add to their impressive showings this season, the Bengals beat SUNYAC nemesis Ithaca 27 to 7 wi th a well-balanced air and ground attack reminiscent of the famed Electric Company of the 1973 Buffalo Bills. After starting the season 7 and 0 and suffering two back-to- back losses in the final two regular season games, the team was awarded anNCAADivision Ill playoff berth for a second consecutive season and a rematch with Rowan College. Although BSC lost to Rowan, nobody cou ld take away from a fantastic season that saw punter Mike Zappia, defensive tackle Paul Childress, inside linebacker Tony Zito, and offensive guard John Mattey named to the ALL– ECAC team and running back Perez Dinkens named ECAC Rookie of the Year. The staff at Elms would like to extend our congra tulations and thanks to the team for a very memorable and exciting season.

.; •.•



Greek Life at BSC LOOK! THERE GO THE GREEKS. • • Ill

Many traditions, both old and new, were reflected this year in the Greek commLmity. Ruled by the I. G.A. (Inter Greek Association), brothers and sisters establish bonds with one another that are long lasting and memorable. Although Greek organizations are synonymous with parties and slacking off, the fraternities and sororities on our campus enjoy the satisfaction of volun– teering and community service as well. Begining with the first rush of the fall and culminating with their formals and Greek Games, the Greeks run a full slate of events for their members and p ledges.






WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED IN THE JUNGLE... Goals for the future begin here at BSC. Leaving all other schools of learning behind us, here at Buffalo State we are all very proud to say 'Tn1 a student at Buffalo State College." Buffalo State provides a background for all walks of life. What we make of ourselves and how we get there are as in1portant to each of us as is keeping equality among all who walk the earth. With professors as serving as role 1nodels and positive thinking students to help us out, we can be all that we dream of being.


What's Unique at BSC?

IN ONE KINGDOM. Ill each of us is our own spe– cies. Let's take a step back and look at all the different "beats" that each of us walk to. • •

Being d ifferent is nothing new here on the campus of Buffalo State College. Since our school has so many students from different walks of life, it's no wonder that our school has such a culturally diverse population. Be it a stroll to our Burchfield Art Center, an evening at the Rockwell Theatre, or an afternoon spent at one of the many literary readings held during Bengal Pause this campus gives every student the ability to explore this campus' cultural environment. We never seem to be short of a cultural moment.


-- ~~/~~ ~--~'





The athletic program at Buffalo State College is very extensive. Competing in Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Our varsity teams have always been very competi– tive and this year was no exception. The 1993-94 season was a year of firsts for our program. This was the year we "iced" a Division III varsity SUNYAC hockey team, and the first time the smell of a football National Champi– onship was in the air. Our women's program is one of the most prominent in the Northeast. Our softball team, fresh off a SUNYAC championship and NCAA Playoff bid, look to repeat their success. Also our Lady Bengal Basketball team looks to retain a NCAA bid this season. Not only do we have a varsity program, but also a very success– ful club program. Our rugby team was ranked second in the state, our baseball team was very successful, and our lacrosse team "sticks" with the best of them. Overall, our athletic program is a great way for our students to show off their talents and a great opportunity for our college to become the best it can be.







~--F_in_a_n_c_i_a_I_A_i_d ____________________________

Krwck n111i Richards Inc., Schor/ Plwtogrnphers

Starting from the left: Warren Noffman, Connie Cooke, Shari Willis, Lea Nuwer, Michael Woodruff, Lisa Treman, Janet N unt Ganley, Lyn Smith, Daniel Hunter Jr.



Tj J

K11ack a11d Richards fire., School Photographers

Starting from the left: Ron George, Kathy Stoll, Kris Kaufman, Jim Wallace, Curtis Brickhouse.





Career Development

Row 1: Lauren Johnson, StephanieZuckerman-Aviles, NancyMurray. Row2: Carlos Tejada, Ginny Bolz, Robert Orrange.

K11nck n11d Richards Inc., School photographers






Row 1: Susan Orr, Louise Pringle, Cathy Kutils. Row 2: Patric ia O 'Sh eeha n , Marylin Chandler, Dennis Dibble. Row 3: Mary Beth Keller, Grace Gottlieb, Dean Kaz mi e r cza k , Ri c hard Mandziak,Kathryn Hanaka, Dennis Bernas.

Knnck n11d Richards l11c., Sclzool p!zotogmplzers




~ Burchfield Art Center

Row 1: Eileen Sullivan. Row 2: Cathy Carfagna, Nancy Werkly, Micheline Lepine. Row 3: Robert Slammon, JerryMead, Mary Helen Miskuly, Wendy Atten.

K11nck and Richards Inc., Sclwol Photographers




United Students Government ---

Row 1: Vicky Vullo. Row 2: Ma rianne Luza k, Anthony Capece. Row 3: Mary Kirkwood, Dave Meinzer, Lisa Cruz.

K11arkand Richard:o/uc., School Plmtogmphcrs




Press & Resume Services

Dave Meinzer, Vicki Vullo.

Knack nml Riclrnnfs lrrc., Sc/rcl()/ Plrotogmplras




________ T_h_e_V_i_su_a_I_A_rt_s_B_o_a_r_d__

Photo courtesy o[Tiu• Piwal Arts Board

From left; Tom Sonnenburger, Hea ther Coots, Jennifer Maltais, Mike Dominick, Paul Canorro.



~ Special Programs

Row 1: J. Pease .Row 2: W. Wickland, H.Reinheimer.

K11nck nnd Ricl1nrds f11c., School Pilotogmphers



Row 1: R. Sciortino. Row 2: C. Newman, D. Ponton. Row 3: R. Gemmett, N . Rudin.

Knack and Richards l11c., Scltool Photographers



~--L_ib_r_ary __________________________

Plwtu caurtesy uf 011111011 J.A. Cnrdo::.o Row 1: A. DiBartolo. Row 2: M.R. Glogowski, A. Riess, H. Sternberg, Sisler M.J. Jones, P. Zadner, W. Slawinska, K. Staniszewski. Row 3:C. Richards, S. Posner, S. Colucci, M. Kihl, M. Truesdale, J. McKnight, P. Jaros, B. Vaughan.




____________ E._O.P_.

Ktmck nml Riclmrds l11t., School Pllotogmplze~ Row 1: S. Holley, L. Bink,M. Eod ice. Row 2: A. Granto, E. McFadden, M. Robinson. Row 3: C. Eggleston, 0. Woodruff, A. Chase, M. Stephens, A. Hajikandi, K. Williams, H. Richey.



Row 1: Michael Anderson, Tracy Anderson, Gail Keil, Patricia Alessandra. Row 2: Glenn Nellis, Linda Shu ltz, judy Bisantz, Tammy Pudlewski. Row 3: Terri Mazza, Mary Greene, Karin Rich, Bob Baurnet. Row 4: Modesto Argenio, Jim Koelmel, Jim Thor, Bob Fos– ter, Edward Hunt.

Plwla coul'lc:;y of 1Jn11fonj.A. Cnrdoso




Research Foundation

Row 1: Sherrie Genovese, Lauren Mierzwa, Karen Mosher, Gina Game. Row 2: Frances Graley, Kathleen Hein. Row 3: Joseph Rino, Dr. Kennith Cross, Richard Forsey, William Per shyn, Henrietta Bordeaux, Linda Weyand.

Knack and Richards Inc., School Photographers



~ Peer Mentor Program

K11ack n11d Richards l11c., School Photographers Row~: Michele Reiter, Jennifer Gill, Joan Barry. Row 2: Paula Venue, Aliou Ousmanov, Elissa Greenstein, Denis Kegler. Row 3: Will Maloney, Rob Visscher, Tracy Marsh, Renee Swift.



Space Management

Row 1: Karen Jurewicz. Row 2: Tom Peffer. Row 3: Jeanne Weeks.



~_N __ Y_P_IR_G _________________________

Row 1: Misty Yadloczsky, Fay Abdalla. Row 2: Shawn Hasking, Julie Gilbert, Herbert Lewis, Dave Shutt. Row 3: Denise Herkey, Jon Holmer, Patrick Gersitz.





Row 1: Dionne Hollingsworth, Dina Colangelo, Lisa Walters. Row 2: Malika Mark, Melissa Brodsky, John Frederick.





From left to right: Jewel Bayley, Renee A., Stanley LMardocci S., Kibibi C., Arthur M., Mike G., Diana T., Regina A., Denise G., Kimberly W., Julene B., Ninette B., Lisa J. , Petrina L Stacey Ann L., Kerry W., Peguy D., Lystia., Andreine G., Seana G., Karen B., Nadine B., DavidS., Cassandra C., Ricardy L Natasha D., Radcliffe W., Rodneyse B..




Row 1: Bill Giuher. Row 2: Marcus Myers, Shannon Thompson, Rick Ptack. Row 3: Scott Bergman, Kris KrJus.






Row 1: Dr. Geraldine Bard, Elizabeth Sdonos, Charu Gangival, Sowmya Varadarajan, Ahsan Rahaman, Bako Salamatou, Muhammad Siddigi, Dr. J.F. Gounard. Row 2: Chitra Vishnampet, Wesley Kasamale, Aliou Ousmanou, Serat Gumusel, Djanadou Ousmanou, Romeo Romero.




proved themselves correct by success– fully finishing the83 lllnitededitionofthe Elmsyearbookwith only six staff mem– bers. Containing little knowledge of how a yearbook is even produced, the stafflearnedquickly the"do'sanddon'ts" ofprocedure.Weare proud tosaythatwe found that itdoesn't take too much to do it all.

Above:"Chris, I told you not to drink the coffee! NO!!! That was not my elbow! If I see your dip can on my desk one more time... Middle left: "Dave,Ihopeyoudon't present yourself to the Adm.inis– tration like that. How do you do that with your nose?"

Above:''I'mtoosexyfor this picture. You're not going to put that shot in the yearbook, are you?HeyDave, what's wrong with your eye– brow?

Right: "Mike, what do you do anyway? Please excuse the interrup– tion, but Elvis hasjustleft the building!"




Theta Sigma Tau

Theta Sigma Tau is a local sorority founded in 1989 on the Buffalo State campus. They are a social organization, but also serve the Buf– falo Community through various volunteer projects. This year they participated inProject White Face, The Buffalo News Kids Day, The Buffalo Zoo's Haunted Catacombs, and the Toys For Tots Parade and many others. Theta Sigma Tau offers the women of Buffalo State College "an open window to the world".



Alpha Sigma Alpha

Top: Recail Brossardi, Elizabeth Jimenez, Jessica Daily, Dana Ramos, Elizabe th Solonos. Bottom: Taba tha Carabello, Nilsa Muniz, Martha Rolando, Renelle Morton, Gia Cavagnero, Jennifer Cancel.




Alpha Omega Zeta

Rowl: Shannon Solis, Mary Beth White, Joy Hamels, Taryn Acquilano, Curtis Taylor, Tricia Lawler, Stephanie Strassburg, Denise Tiffany Row 2: Christine Vormwald, Steve Wexler, Carrie Harvey, Renee Rosen, Dawn LaMendola, David Cuoco, Pauline Skowron Melody Calabrese. Row 3: Terese Manfredi, Mark Lynch, Walter Morrison, John Aleksiejuk, John Monson, Lea Nuwer, Diana Basile, Marcia DeAlmieda, Brendan Burghardt, Dan Stockfield, Eric Fingeret,Amy Lynn Williams, Jeffery Zeplowitz.



Alpha Sigma Tau

Top Row: Debbie Waleski, Kelly Burns, Kris ten Ga lganski, Donna Hanby, Allison Russo, Dayna Beckwith, Kelly Paruski. Row 2: Julie Jezierski, Keri Dinho, Kris ten Santangelo, Kim Schneitzer. Row 3: Mimi Headd, Chrissy Armstrong, Heather English, Tina Restivo, Jenna Grove, Marika Gessner, Shannan Cooney, Renee Joldos, Lauren Ca rr, Denyse Loaff, Ma rci Hayden, Michelle Lisowski .



Phi Sigma Kappa

Phi Sigma Kappa was founded in 1873 at what is now the University of Massachusetts. The Kappa Sepaton chapter at Buffalo State College was founded on May 9,1992 and it received it's charter this past November. The brothers live by the fraternities live by the cardinal principals ofbrotherhaad, scholarship, and character. Last year, it had the highest GPA among all Greek organizations on campus.




Omnicron Omega Nu

Row 1: Jeanine Colvin "Pigpen", Amy Sesholtz "Slab", }aquiline Taylor "Gilly", KimberlyMulterer "Quake", Wendy Meli "T-Bone", Maria Merlino " Oornpa", Pam Duke "Jitch", Christine Zabawa "Snagg", Allison Glick "Neezer", Kimberly DiVita "Shox". Row 2: Shannon Berman "Zerp", Kathleen Brooks "Skreech", Jennifer Barto "Horseshak", Jennifer Thompson "Peu", JenniferTreas "Otto", Kelly Mcln tyre "Tipper", Kristen Finaldi "Iggi e", Maureen Naughton "Wiley", Donna Gjurich "Rho-D", Christine Harshberger "Nova ", Danielle Lerner "Serta".

Omicron Omega Nu is BuffaloStateCol– leges First local sorority founded in March 1988. The spirit of "0-Nu" is built upon the importance of individaulity, strengthened through trust, and upheld through enthu– Siasm. Athough young and independant, our history is seen through our success and contribution in both college and commu– nity events, such as: Greek Week(in which 0-Nu were champions of in 89-93), Home– coming, Pride in Buffalo, S.A.B.A.H., and Ronald McDonald House. Wetakepridein our small size and the unique bond which is centered within a group of extremely diverse women.




Lambda Upsilon Lambda

Row 1: Anthony Ca'Macho, Jerry Tirado, Roberto Pacheco. Row 2: Alexis Catand, Luis M. Francisco, Giovanni Anchundia, Hugo Roberto Rodriguez, Rich Piedrahita, Ramon Emico Veras. Row 3: Nelson A. Rodriguez, Hector Gil, El Gallo, Pedro Santana.




Phi Sigma Sigma

Row 1: Amy Bachert, Kimberly E. Roberts, Sondra Schulman, Kristie Brown, Melissa Sue Gartenlaub, Elyse Siegel, Sandra Vardabash, Christine Williams. Row 2: Christin Cleere, Melissa Merlin, Cari Spencer, Susan Cahill, Michelle Waney, Kathleen killilee. Row 3: Renee Goodemote, Wendy Cavuoto, Jennifer Keller, Tracy Edwards, Andrea Haylett. Row4: Alissa McGloin,Kerrie Halgash, Jennifer Kunego, Diane Donohue, Aletha Race, Barbara Abitabilo, Elizabeth Donovan, Michelle Schnier.



Zeta Delta Phi

Row 1: Rigina Griffin. Row 2: Nikki Calliste, Melinda Lillard, Rachel Browne.




I I~[ _________________ O_R_G_A_N_I_Z_A_T_10 __ N_S__________________ ~l



Roughing it! Community Service performed by a Greek Orga– nization is an activity witnessed quite often on Buffalo State's campus. Theco-edFraternity,Alpha Omega Zeta quickly learned to appreciate their warm residence halls after spending a long, chilly evening in front of the Campbell Student Union. With only sleeping bags and cardboard boxes to keep them out of the cool, early Spring winds, the "Sleepout for the Homeless" is an experience that Alpha Omega Zeta will not soon forget.










Pl10to courtesy of jim Courtney


Row 1: Radogna, Rogowski, Meyer, Anastasi, Childress, Frey, Blanchard R., Foster, Hidreth, Gazzola, Habberman, Walther, Soriano, Longo. Row 2: Amici R., Muelle, Taylor, Lyles, Gladden, Bacon, Dixon, Passmore, Bassett, Cucci, Watts S., Moore,Bullock, Zito, Fitzpatrick, Hayes, Baleno. Row 3: Galusha, Sparks, Rojas, Scott, Otremba, Tucker, Joyce, Dees, Mattey, Blanchard F., Quackenbush, Benham, Felton, Sperry, Spates, Johnson, Seaborn, Appel. Row 4: Huff, Seropilio, Gazdik, Ruffalo, King, Silliman, Sharif, Marchitte, Stafford, Rice, Wendell, Bochaski, Szymonaski, Smith T., Amici D., Penn, Zappia, Smith B., Ryan , Jefferson. Row 5: Vassar, Smith S., Rivaldo, Lynn, Lowery, Bagdasarian, Wiley, Dinkins, Temple, Stano, Gabel, Anderson, Wilkens, Fuans, Colb, Cwilinski, Majoire, Lauber. Row 6: Lindaver, Dejnozka, Williams, Simmons, Van Ostrand, Davis, Featherly Biacek, Marinelli.





Plrofo CollriSI'}l.._O[ Jim CollriHt?!f Row 1: D. Kippler, N. Guity, M.Gambino, E. Forgette, N. DeMarsh , R. Conley, G. Shewan. Row 2: (Head Loach) Phil DiNuzio, C. McGra th, D. Campbell, J. Hager, V. Todori c, J. Canino, S. DeFauve, B. Shaw, T. Arno, D. Bowman, E. Sholtz, F. Joseph, (Assis tant Coach) Greg Smith. Not Present: S. Elbaneh, P. Mankes.




Photo Cortrlsey of jim Cortrlm•y

1993 BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE WOMEN'S SOCCER ROSTER: Head Coach: Michelle Barczak. Assistants: Paula Lawson, Janet Holiday, Pam Gabel.R. Austin, J. Colls, J. Daneals, P. Duke, C. Habberfield, H . Hanson, D. Herrick, A. Homestead, K. Huber, C. Isbrandt, K. Lewis, R. Lunn, H. McPa rtlan, K. Minkel, S. Nash, F. Penepent D. Peyton, A. Rhoads, C. Robbins, L. Szafranski, J. Wiess, J. Wiesser, K. Wolcott.








OPPONENT Wheaton (Mal



Brockport Brockport



1 1





11 18


Oswego Oswego

3 2 3 9 1 0 8 6 0 2


0 0 5

Vermont Vermont


3 4

Ithaca Ithaca

8 6

Dickinson (PA)




Cortland Cortland Gannon Ga1mon



7 1

saginaw Valley (Ml)


4 3 0 3 5

5 5

Utica / Rome Utica / Rome

18 10

St. J. Fisher St. J. Fisher

Hilbert Hilbert Geneseo Geneseo







1 0 7 1 3 6

at Binghamton


P.S. Behrend P.S. Behrend

New Paltz Brockport New Paltz Brockport

6 8 4

7 3





5 7



Plzoto Collrlcsy of Jim Collrlll~!f Row 1: Tracy Kazmierczak, Keri Pogorzelski, Tracy Brown, Nicole Ranne, Cheryl Isbrandt, Kelly Bley, Meegan Hill. Row 2: Head Coach Sandy Hollander, Karen Lewis, Kym Harris, Shannon Carscallen, Jennifer Poynton, Dina Ventura, Tanya Kitchen, Deanna Hunt, Assistant Coach Nanette Payne. Not present: Assistant Coachs' Pam Amabille, Pam Vogel and Student Assistant Coach Denise O'Connell. 62


Photo Courtesy of fim Courtney


- •





27GAMES, 19-8




OPPONENTS Penn. St. Behr. St. John Fisher Binghamton



79 76 56 78 88 76 79 68 68 73 78 69

67 82 55 58 58 53 84 60 76 47 60 95 84

97 73 67 73 82 74 66 88 77 76 55 64 87

East Menn. St. Norbert Fredonia Cortland Brockport SUNY Utica

56 7'1 65 62 58 60 73 68 so 52 67 69 68





New Paltz Fredonia Genesco Oswego Potsdam Geneseo Geneseo

Albany Keuka Alfred


Potsdam Nazareth Geneseo Oswego



Photo Cou rtesy of Dm•r Coldschlag

Photo Courtesy of Jim Cotlrtm'il

BUFFALO STATE LADY BENGALS 1993-1994 BASKETBALL ROSTER: Angie Abraham, Camille Angemi, Christine Curtiss, Amy Danner, Ovetta Glasgow, Kelly Haskin, Denise Minto, Linda Moore, Aileen Ortiz, Karen ott, Heather Rey, Keri Shaw, Lupe Todd, Tanya Trumbull, Jessie Wellings, Anastasia Wolfe



Photo Courtesy ofJim Court11ey

BUFFALO STATE BENGALS 1993-1994 MEN'S BASKETBALL ROSTER: Desmond Baker, Jeff Balen, Mike Biles, James Boone, David Cavanaugh, Craig Chisholm, Aljami Durham, Hans Koppenhoefer, Steve Kull, E-Lon-E McCracken, Greg McNeil, Scott Morris, Mike O'Bryan, Chuck Reese, Stan Ruth, Gerard Brendan Staub, Melvin Tatum, Rashien Young. THE STATS: OPPONENT us THEM OPPONENT us THEM St. Norbert 55 60 SUNY Utica 88 61 Daemen 80 63 Oneonta 101 70 West Minister 57 56 New Paltz 76 62 Allegheny 60 64 Fredonia 61 75 Fredonia 83 78 Geneseo 68 56 Cortland 90 74 Oswego 64 47 Brackport 66 54 Cortl.:1.nd 72 52 SUNY Utica 84 76 Binghamton 55 56 Albany 69 44 Geneseo 69 80 King's 94 67 Ripon 66 48 Plattsburgh 73 65 Potsdam 86 66 Geneseo 40 65 Oswego 71 55 Pen St. Behrend 48 45 Binghamton 85 79 BrOck.EQrt 48 4?


Pl1oto Courtesy ofJim Courtney

BUFFALO STATE BENGAL 1993-1994 HOCKEY: Row 1: V. Lorenz, J. Bridge, M. Bowen, M. Hanley, M. Miller,]. Terrana, J. DuPree, R. Baran, J. Cox, B. Allecia, J Hammer,]. Knight, S. Wagner, R. Welker, M. Kullerkupp. Row 2: R. Pacholczak, M.Jackson, G.Summers, Asst.Coach D. Cooper, ]. Mathisen, Head Conch B. Dickinson, J. Zelasko, D. Cerroni, J. Hunt, T. Ramsay, P. Stahura.



Row 1: Joel Dickey, Derek Wright , Ira Cas t erline. Row 2: CoachJimRan10s,Mike Mead, Jim Cassie, Joe Silliman, Matt Diehl, Jim Johnson.

Row 1: Heather Brown, Gretchen Volat, Donna Brooks. Row 2: Shar– maygn Solis, Jennifer Petralito, Lynn Lam– bright, Sue Hayden , Shannon Solis, Coach Jim Ramos.

Photo Courlesy of jim Cour67



Row 1: Brian Beard, ?, Tim Bruce. Row2: JasonZuch, Paul Dotterweich, Tim Bennett. Row 3: Fred Rutherford, John Messinger, Coach Keith Bul– lion, Colleen Bonner.

Photo Courtesy of Jim Courtney




Photo Courtesy of jim Courtnet;


Kelly Bley, Lorie Botko, Janet Curylo, Jennifer Diver, Kimberly Frizzell, Tracy Globe, Deanna Hunt, Kerry Kosikowski, MelissaMorales, Melanie Schwartz, Kerry Stahl, Melissa Sullivan. (Head Coach) Pam Vogel, (Assistant Coach)Rebecca Orsi.




WOMEN'S SWIMMING: Rowl: SamMongin,JamieEpstein, Chris Boller, Lisa Yannotti. Row 2: Coach Wheeler, Manager Dawn Hernandez, Melanie Neale, Janet Payne, Colleen Bonner, (Team Cap– tain) Jody Carnrike, Nicole Dee, Coach Moody, Head Coach Keith Bullion. Row 3: Jill Clark, Jennifer Jantsch, student Coach Jeff Calhoon.

Photo Courtesy of Jim Courtuey

Photo Courtesy of jim Courtney


Row 1: Tim Bennett, Jason Wascher. Row 2: Coach Wheeler, Manager Dawn Hernandez, Fred Rutherford, Tim O'Mara, Sean Conners, Paul Dotterweich, John Messinger, Tim Foley, Jason Zuch, Coach Moody, Head Coach Keith Bullion. Row 3: Fredrico Souza, Tim Bruce, Daryl Andrejeski, Brian Beard, student Conch Jeff Calhoon.


---~ Photo Courlt!S!f of Rynu M111rcy

#22, Perez Dinkins at Canisius 9/18/ 93.




1! t. t, t'! • 't' ' , ~ ' ' , t t t t ' ~ 't 'I I' ' ' ' I' I I'.' I I' ' \ ' ( It I' l t ' ' ' •' ( • t '' t t ' ' \ \ ' ' I\

! 't t t l I I I I


1 I I t j t t t I ttt· . ~'#1 '''' 1 t 1 t I . fl I I n t rn t j 1 tf jtttH ltttttfll'! .,., ,,,,,,,,, .. ... . . ,, ,,.,, .. ,.,,,, tttttl!t'l'll' ' ' tttlfl! l! •ttt!ll

I ..




" ... .I


I --, I •









~ vo1"E

- -




' ' '







- - !/ // _ '



. .-



s s .[E\

(if ......




- - ., J










( \3{ . j

I '

k \;

I,, .. • ...


, I





--...=--: -















r~ s

f\ .. If


~ 'Y • r













T s










. .. j


i .



Don't le~ the RA see it . kids f



From Porter to Neumann, the dorm life is what many of BSC's students remember best. For the first time students are away from home and living on their own. We'll remember running and screaming down hallways to the blaring music of our favorite bands, doing laundry, and, yes, it is a time of independence, paying our first outrageous phone bills, and using our alarm clock. This is the first chance we've had to make new friends and live with them. The late nights of just talking and watching television have made our roommates and hallmates our family in the bright world of our college years.









•• ta

• •





F.C. Richardson, Ph.D. President of the College

Robert J. Gemmett, Ph.D. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hal D. Payne, J.D. Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Stanley Kardonsky, Ph. D. Vice President for Finance and Manage– men t

Edward T . Hunt ]r, B.S. Vice President for Institutional Advance– ment

Dr. Marilyn Hoskin, Ph.D. Dean of Natural and Social Sciences

Dr. Nancy J. Lund, Ph.D. Dean of Applied Sciences and Education

Dr. Patricia W. Cummins, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Phillip SantaMaria, Ph.D. Dean of Students


COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE . . . . . . ... . ... . Sec. Asst. to the President Exec. Asst. to the President . Special Asst. to the President for Equity & Campus Diversity. ... F.C. Richardson, Ph.D. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Susan P. Kendt . . . . . Richard J. Foster, M.S. . .Jeffrey]. Wallace, Ph.D. Chp., Mathematics Dept. .. . ....... , ......... Betty]. Krist, Ed. D. Chp., Physics Dept. ... .. .]ames W. Wells, Ph.D. Chp., Political Science Dept ... Abdul H. Raoof, Ph.D. Chp., Psychology Dept. .... . .... Jerry F. Cataldo, Ph.D. Chp., Sociology Dept. .......... . ... . .. Rosalyn A. Lindner, Ph.D.

Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


.(Appt. Pending) Richard J. Lee, Ed.D.


. .... Robert]. Cemmett, Ph.D.

Acting Asst. Dean Oir., Center for Development of Human Services . Chp., Business Dept. Chp., Computer Information

Associate Vice President & Dean, Undergraduate Studies. Neil H. Rudin, Ph.D. Asst. Dean, Undergraduate Studies . . . . . Kathryn A. Moran, M.S. Asst. Dean & Dir., Lifelong Learning .. .. Robert]. Stephen, M.Ed. Dir., Academic Skills Center . Russell Macaluso, Ed.D. Dir., Academic Standards. . .. . .... .. ... . .. .. .Leon Smith, Ph.D. Dir., Educational Opportunity Program . . . . Michael Stevens, M.A.T. Assoc. Dir. . . . . . . . . . . . .. Cynthia Green-Eggleston, M.S. Ed. Asst. Dir., Statistical Services .Lily M. Bink, M.S. Asst. Dir., Student Services . . . . .... .. Ottilie Woodruff, B.S. Ed. Coord., EOP Admissions. . .Fajri Ansari, M.S. Coord., EOP Computer Lab ....... Abdallah Hajikandi, M.S., M.A. Coord., EOP Academic Services .. . .... . ... .Anthony Chase, M.A. Asst. Dir., Counseling .Audrey Garrett, M.S. EOP Counselors . . . .Roslyn Berkovitz, Ph.D.; Alicia Cranto, M.S.; Emma McFayden, M.S.; Michael Pirowskin, M.S.; Evelyn Rosario, M.A.; jean-A. Tassy, B.S. Dir., International Education ..... ... ... .... Lee Ann Crace, Ph.D. Dir., New Student Programs &

. .. . . David P. Wegenast, D.S.W. . .. Mary A. Davis, Ed.D.

. . . ...... . ... William C. Schultz, Ph.D.

Systems Dept.

Chp., Criminal justice Dept.

. . .. . .. John A. Conley, Ph.D.

Chp., Educational Foundations Dept. .. .. . ..... ..... .Thomas]. Quatroche, D.Ed. Chp., Elementary Education & Reading Dept. . . Chp., Exceptional Education Dept. Acting Chp., Nutrition & . . David E. Day, Ed. D. ... Donald Logan, Ed.D. Food Science Dept.. . ... . ... .. . ..... Ellen M. DeWind, M.S. Ed. Chp., Social Work Dept. ... . .Ellen T. Kennedy, M.S.W. Chp., Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Dept. Chp., Technology Dept. . . . .Chad Nye, Ph.D. .Charles A. Beasley, Ph.D. F. Christopher Tahk, Ph.D. Chp., Art Education Dept. ............... Michael E. Parks, Ed.D. Chp., Communication Dept. ....................... W. Richard (Rik) Whitaker, Ph.D. Chp., Design Dept. ......... Stephen F. Saracino, M.F.A. Chp., English Dept. ..Theresa F. Platek, Ed.D. Chp., Fine Arts Dept. ........ Peter J. Sowiski, M.F.A. Acting Chp., Foreign Language Dept. . . ......................... . .Joseph V. Nardiello, Ph.D. ACTING VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT .Dr. Stanley Kardonsky, Ph.D. Assoc. Vice President & Comptroller . .Gary J. Phillips, B.S.B.A., C.P.A. Asst. to Vice President/PDS Coord.. . . ... .. Barbara A. Meyer, B.A. Dir., Payroll .Mary Ann DeKarz Oir., Purchasing . . . Marcia Slawinowski Dir., Business Affairs . . .. .. John H. Whelan, M.B.A. College Accountant . . . . .Christine Miller, M.S. Dir., Student Accounts ............... RichardT. Augustine, M.S. Asst. for University Financial Analysis .... Michael Broderick, B.S. Dir., Campus Services . .Terry M. Harding, B.A. Dir., Financial Aid . . ...... Daniel R. Hunter Jr., Ed.M. Assoc. Dir., Financial Aid ............. Michael E. Woodruff, M.S. Senior Financial Aid Advisers . .janet H. Ganley, M.S.; Craig A. Gallagher, M.S.; Warren]. Hoffman, Ed.M.; Robert A. Macey, M.A. Financial Aid Assistant . . .... . ... . . . ..... Linda A. Smith, A.A.S. Registrar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mark T. Bausili, B.A. Assoc. Registrar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Carole S. Harris Assoc. Registrar. .judith A. Miller, M.S. Dean, faculty of Arts & Humanities Patricia W. Cummins, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean. . ........... Raymond Tymas-]ones, Ph.D. Chp., Art Conservation Dept.

.Susan 0. Zirin, M.Ed. . . . . . . . . .Wendel B. Wickland, M.S.

Academic Advisement Dir., Special Programs

Assoc. Vice President & Dean, Graduate Studies & Research

..... Gerald F. Accurso, Ed.D.

Dir., Small Business

Development Center

.. .. .. Susan A. McCartney, M.B.A.

. .. Scott C. Isaksen, Ed .D.

Dir., Center for Studies in Creativity .

Oir., Research Services & Administration

.. Kenneth A. Cross, Ed .D.

Assoc. Vice President, Planning & Academic Support Services

Dennis K. Ponton, Ph.D.

Dir., Butler Library .

. . ........ .George C. Newman, Ph.D.

Dir. Instructional Resources. . .. .. (Appt. Pending) Chp., Performing Arts Dept. . ........ . .. . Donna McCarthy, M.A. Chp., Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept. .George T. Hole, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Natural & Social Sciences .. ...... Marilyn B. Hoskin, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean. . . .. . ....(Appt. Pending) Acting Dir., Great Lakes Center for Environmental Research & Education .. . . ... ..... .. ... Eric A. Randall, Ph.D. Chp., Anthropology Dept. . ....]ill Nash, Ph.D. Chp., Biology Dept. . . .Eric A. Randall, Ph.D. Chp., Chemistry Dept. Edward M. Schulman, Ph.D. Chp., Earth Sciences & Science Education Dept. . ... ]ill K. Singer, Ph.D. Chp., Economics & Finance Dept. ... . . .. .Alex]. Ratkowski, Ph.D. Chp., Geography & Planning Dept. . ... . .. Elbridge A. Renning Jr., M.A. Chp., Health, Physical Education & Recreation Dept. . . ... . .. Donald E. Barr, Ph.D. Chp., History & Social Studies Education Dept. .Monroe Fordham, Ph.D.

Assoc. Vice President, Facilities Dir., Physical Plant . Asst. to Dir., Physical Plant .

. .. . .. .. John]. Byrne, B.S. . .. .. Gary H. Kent, M.B.A. .joseph W. Ball, B.S.


. .Karen I. Kosman, M.A. . . Drew Butkowsky, A.A.S.

. . . . .james ). Yager, M.B.A. . . . . . . . .Steven E. Shaffer, M.A. . .Thomas). Peffer, Ed.M.

Acting Dir., Performing Arts Center .

Coord., Facilities Planning Asst. Coord., Facilities Planning . Space Management Officer Coord., Environmental Health & Safety . Radiation Safety Officer . Assoc. Vice President, Human Resource Management Mgr., Benefits, Staff Development & Training . Mgr., Employment & Classification Systems. Employee Relations Specialist Dir., Admissions . Assoc. Dir

Box Office Systems Manager .

Production Manager . David W. Kasten, M.F.A. Manager, Phonathon ...................... Terri E. Mazza, B.A. Research Associate . Robert A. Foster, M.S.

. . . David N. Miller, A.A.S. . .... Harold L. Spector, B.A.


.... Hal D. Payne, J.D.

...... Dorcas L. Colvin, M.A.

& Dean of Students

.. Phillip Santa Maria, Ph.D. .Charles B. Kenyon, Ed. D. . ........ Constance J. Coles, B.S.

. . . . .Susan J. Earshen, M.B.A.

Asst. Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sr. Staff Asst. .

. . . . Michael Daley, M.B.A. . Emmanuel j. Hillery, M.S.W. Deborah K. Renzi, M.S.W. . Paul T. Collyer, M.Ed. .Paul T. Bink, M.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . Fajri Ansari, M.S. . .Lawrence E. Bynum, B.A.; Gwendolyn Wooten, M.A. Deborah Jones, B.S.Ed. . .Stan F. Medinac, M.B.A. . . .Rebecca j. Schenk, M.B.A. . . . .Judith B. Basinski, M.B.A. .Raymond A. Chamberlain, B.S. ......... Ronald N. Brown Jr., B.A.

Dir., Student Life . Kate A. Ward, M.S. Ed. Coord., Commuter Services .............. JohnS. Frederick, Ph.D Coord., Student Union Donald W. Blundell, M.S.Ed. Coord., College Judicial System ....... Marsha D. Jackson, M.S.Ed. Coord., Minority Student Services Gail V. Wells, B.S. Coord., Native American Student Services ...... Joseph). Hill, M.S. Dir., Counseling . Edward A. Hattauer, Ph.D. Asst. Dir., Counseling .. .. ..................Joan McCool. Ph.D. Counseling Staff . . .. Lebanon L. Arrington, M.S.W.; Heidi M. von Harscher, Ph.D.; Barbara Keen, Ph.D. Psychiatric Consultant .. . .Anthony M. Foti, M.D. Dir., Residence Life . . ......... James H. Wallace, M.Ed. Assoc. Dir. .. Kris A. Kaufman, M.S. Asst. Directors Ronald A. George., M.S.; Curtis L. Brickhouse, M.S.;

Asst. Dir. Asst. Dir. Senior Admissions Advisers . Admissions Asst. Dir., Budget & Information Services Asst. Dir., Budget Research Systems Analyst . Dir., Computing Services Assoc. Dir. (Systems) . Mgr., Instruction & Mgr., Systems & Data Communications. Mgr., Administrative Information Systems . Asst. Dir. (Operations) . Mgr., Operations . Mgr., Remote Operations . Coord., Operational Services Dir., Public Safety Assoc. Dir. Asst. Dir. Asst. to Dir. Research Support ..

Kristine Niendorf, M.S. . .Edward A. Hattauer, Ph.D.

Dir., Student Health Services Medical Dir., Weigel Health

Mary Ann Meyer, M.S.C.S.

Center .

. .Theresa R. Stephan Hains, M.D.

.Joel P. Swisher, B.A.

Asst. to Dir. ... Angeline M. Price, R.N. Physicians, Part TimeLester S. Sielski, M.D.; Susan T. Eluard, M.D.; joseph D. Gentile, M.D. Nurses ..... ... . Barbara A. Chapman, R.N.; Irene M. Kolber, R.N.;

.(Appt. Pending) . . . David L. Cummings, B.S. Ann Dennis, A.A.S. . . . . . .Jennifer D. McMahon Marcy A. Zulawski .Vern B. Anderson, M.S.Ed.

Josephine Terranova, R.N . .Alice H. Sullivan, R.N.

Oir., Sexuality Center Dir., Career Development


....... Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles, M.Ed.

. . . . . .Louis A. Ward James E. Stenger, B.S. . Melanie Miller

Asst. Dir. ...... Robert R. Orrange, M.A. Counselor ............................... Carlos E. Tejada, M.S. Dir., College judicial System Marsha D. Jackson, M.S. Ed. Dir. International Student Affairs ................. Jean-Francois Gounard, Ph.D. Dir, Intercollegiate Athletics . Fred). Hartrick, M.S. Assoc. Dir. .... Gail F. Maloney, M.S. Asst. Dir. .. Richard J. Bihr, M.B.A., M.S. Asst. Dir. jerry S. Boyes, M.A. Trainer .. . . Anthony Sartori, M.S. Trainer ..... Sandra Hollander, M.S. Sports Information Dir. . Keith A. Bullion, M.S Business Mgr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Camille A. Spyra, B.S. Sports Complex Coord. Pamela A. Riehl, M.A. Ice Rink Mgr. .. Nanette I. Payne, M.S. Addtl. Coaches ... Manny T. Koginos, Ph.D.; James Ramos, B.S.; Edward Harris, B.S.; Pamela J. Vogel, B.S.; Terence D. Sitka, M.S. Perry Jenkins, B.S.; Phil DiNunzio, M.B.A.; Michelle Barczak, J.D.; Clare M . Schultz, B.A.

AUXILIARY SERVICES· Faculty-Student Association Exec. Dir. . ........... Gary E. Vickers, M.B.A. Dir., Dining & Vending Services ......... Peter F. Liberti, M.B.A. Dir., College Store Louis). Kaminski, B.P.S. Oir., Human Resources . Karen L. Miller, M.S. Controller . . .... Susan M. Hoadley, B.S. ACTING VICE PRESIDENT INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT & Executive Dir., Buffalo State College Foundation Inc. Assistant Vice President .. News Writer Editor/ Writer . Public Affairs Assoc. Acting Dir., Alumni Affairs & Dir., Annual Giving . Dir., Burchfield Art Center Charles Cary Rumsey Curator . Dir. of Development Education Curator Special Events/ Volunteer Coord. Coord., Development Events . Financial Manager Edward T. Hunt, B.S .Modesto A. Argenio, J.D. .. .. Charles K. Dick, B.S. James G. Koelmel. B.A. .Alice M. Askew, M.A. .. Mary E. Greene, B.A. . ..... Anthony L. Bannon, M.A. .... Nancy S. Weekly, M.A. .Catherine A. Carfagna Gerald C. Mead Jr. .Joyce Neville, B.A. Patricia A. Chambers, B.A. .James A. Thor, B.S., C.P.A.

Dir., Information Systems & Prospect Management . Dir., Major Gifts & ~lanned Giving .

Michael J. Anderson, B.A. .Glenn R. Nellis, Ph.D.



lebanon L. Arrington (1969} Senior Coun– selor, Counseling Center, M.S.W., University of Kansas Alice M. Askew (1992) Public Affairs Associ– ate, M.A., Syracuse University Maria L. Assad (1984) Associate Professor, For– eign Language, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo james Astrella (1983} Associate Professor, De– sign, M.F.A., Syracuse University Richard T. Augustine (1976) Director of Stu– dent Accounts, M.S., State University College at Buffalo Christopher B. Aviles (1987) Visiting Assistant Professor. Social Work, M.S.W., State Univer– sity of New York at Stony Brook Charles Bachman (1965) Professor, English, Ph.D., Indiana University Carl B. Backman (1985) Associate Professor, Sociology, Ph.D., Cornell University Cathleen A. Baker (1983} Associate Professor, Art Conservation, M.A., University of Michi– gan Maurine E. Baker (1977} Staff Assistant, In– structional Resources, A.A.S., State University of New York at Alfred. Sylvia D. Bakos (1990) Assistant Professor, Fine Arts, Ph.D., Rutgers University joseph W. Ball (1976) Assistant to the Director, Physical Plant, B.S., State University College at Buffalo Victor H. Balowitz (1964) Professor, Philoso– phy, Ph.D., Columbia University Proves R. Banks Jr. (1988) Instructor, Technol– ogy, B.S.E.E., Wayne State University Anthony L. Bannon (1985} Director, Burch– field Art Center, M.A., State University of New York at Buffalo joseph P. Barback (1969) Professor, Mathemat– ics, Ph.D., Rutgers University Geraldine E. Bard (1971) Associate Professor, English, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Paul j. Bardak (1986} Senior Programmer/ An– alyst, B.S., State University College at Buffalo Donald E. Barr (1972) Associate Professor, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, and Department Chairperson, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo jack Barr (1960} Associate Professor, Mathe– matics, M.S., State University of Iowa William R. Bartoo (1979) Associate Professor, Design, M.S.T., Rochester Institute of Tech– nology judith B. Basinski (1981) Programmer/ Ana– lyst, M.B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo Richard j. Batt (1989} Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education, Ph.D., University of Colorado Dolores Battle (1970) Associate Professor, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buf– falo Denise Bauer (1966) Instructional Support Technician, Earth Sciences and Science Educa– tion and Anthropology

Faculty 1993-95 according to information available January 1993. The date in parenthe– ses following the name is that of first appoint– ment to a position on the faculty or staff of this college.

R. Bruce Baum (1972) Associate Professor, Ex– ceptional Education, Ed.D., Indiana University Mark T. Bausili (1985) Registrar, B.A., Univer– sity of Virginia Charles A. Beasley (1985) Professor, Technol– ogy and Department Chairperson, Ph.D., Uni– versity of Minnesota Paul R. Beaudet (1961) Professor, Geography, Ph.D., Clark University john F. Beaver (1988) Assistant Professor, Ele– mentary Education and Reading, Ph.D., Mich– igan State University Oewayne Beery (1963) Associate Professor, Physics, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Nancy B. Belfer (1960) Professor, Design, and State University Chancellor's Award for Excel– lence in Teaching, 1982, M.F.A., School for American Craftsmen Shirley Bennett-Fenty (1972) Academic Tutor, Academic Skills Center, M.S.Ed., State Univer– sity College at Buffalo William B. Bennett (1969) Professor, Econom– ics and Finance, Ph.D., University of Roches– ter Paul j. Bentkowski (1982) Systems Program– mer, B.S., State University College at Buffalo Roslyn Berkovitz (1969) Chief Counselor, Edu– cational Opportunity Program, Ph.D., Cornell University Richard j. Bihr (1979} Assistant Athletics Di– rector, Men' s Varsity Basketball Coa ch , M.B.A., Canisius College Lily M. Bink (1975) Assistant to Director, Re– search, Educational Opportunity Program, M.S.Ed., State University of New York at Buf– falo Paul T. Sink (1978) Assistant Director, Admis– sions M.S., State University College at Buffalo Donald L. Birdd (1985) Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education, Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado Terence D. Sitka (1988) Assistant Coach, Foot– ball and Track, M.S., State University College at Buffalo Christopher j. Blodgett (1985) Associate Pro– fessor, Psychology, Ph.D., University of Mani– toba Donald W. Blundell (1970) Coordinator, Stu– dent Union, M.S.Ed., State University College at Buffalo Kenwyn Boldt (1966) Professor, Music, D.M., Indiana University judith Bondurant-Utz (1977) Associate Profes– sor, Learning and Behavioral Disorders, Ed.D., University of Cincinnati Barbara T. Bontempo (1988) Associate Profes– sor, English, Ed.D., Indiana University jerry Boyes (1986) Men's Varsity Football Coach and Assistant Athletics Director, M.S., Ithaca College Donald j. Brennan (1968) Associate for In– structional Resources, M.S.Ed., State Univer– sity College at Buffalo Curtis L. Brickhouse (1989) Assistant Director, Residence Life, M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Nuala M. Drescher (1965} Professor, History, and Distinguished Service Professor, Ph.D., University of Delaware Gerald F. Accurso (1965) Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Sciences and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs: Graduate Studies and Research, Ed.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Charles Adair (1984) Associate Professor, Communication, A.M., University of Missouri Solo Chidio L. Ahiarah (1990) Assistant Pro– fessor, Business, Ph.D., University of Pitts– burgh joan Amrozowicz (1966) Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading, Ed.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Valerie A. Anastasi (1990) Programmer Ana– lyst, B.S., State University College at Buffalo laverne B. Anderson (1970) Director, Public Safety, M.S.Ed., State University College at Buffalo Michael J. Anderson (1984) Director, Informa– tion Systems and Prospect Management, B.A. State University College at Buffalo. Sarah Anderson (1974) Academic Tutor, Un– dergraduate Studies, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Stephen N. Andre (1979) Associate Professor, Engineering Technology, Ph.D., Syracuse Uni– versity Bruce K. Andrew (1965) Associate Librarian, and State University Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship, 1990, M.A., State University of New York at Buffalo Paul A. Andruczyk (1970) Associate for In– structional Resources, M.S.Ed., State Univer– sity College at Buffalo Lucy Andrus (1982) Assistant Professor, Art Education, M.S.Ed., State University College at Buffalo Fajri Ansari (1981) Assistant Director, Admis– sions, M.S., State University College at Brock– port Bernard D. Ansel (1964) Associate Professor, History, Ph.D., University of Kansas Catherine G. Ansuini (1986) A~sistant Profes– sor, Health, Physical Education and Recre– ation, Ed.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Charles Aquino (1968) Professor, journalism, Ph.D., Syracuse University A~thur D. Arent (1970) Staff Associate, In– structional Resources, M.S. Ed., State Univer– sity College at Buffalo Modesto A. Argenio (1989) Assistant Vice President for Communications and External Relations, ).D., State University of New York at Buffalo


Simeon W. Chilungu (1970) Associate Profes– sor, Anthropology, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Lori Christmastree (1981) Associate Professor, Design, M.F.A., Wayne State University Michael A. Cichon (1992) Instructional Sup– port Associate, Chemistry, B.S. , State Univer– sity College at Buffalo Robert A. Clark (1989) Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems, M.S., State University of New York at Buffalo Sidney Cohen (1966) Professor, Chemistry, Ph.D ., University of Colorado Louis Colca (1977) Associate Professor, Social Wo rk, M.S.W., State University of New York at Buffalo Constance J. Coles (1992) Senior Staff Assis– tant, Student Affairs, B.S., Medaille College Ann C. Colley (1985) Professor, English, Ph.D., University of Chicago Paul T. Collyer (1971) Associate Director of Admissions, M .Ed., State University of New York at Buffalo Dorcas L. Colvin (1989) Associate Vice Presi– dent for Human Resource Management, M.A., University of Iowa John A. Conley (1990) Professor, Criminal Jus– lice, and Department Chairperson, Ph .D., Michigan State University David T. Converse (1964) Associate Professor, Educational Foundations, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Pat A. Cordaro (1968) Instructional Support Technician, Biology, B.A., State University College at Buffalo Sharon F. Cramer (1985) Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education, Ph.D., New York Uni– versity Kenneth A. Cross (1969) Director, Research Services and Admini stration, Ed.D., State Uni– versity of New York at Buffalo Paul M. Culkowski (1978) Professor, Engineer– ing Technology, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Mary G. Culp (1991) Instructional Support As– sociate, Biology, M.S., Kansas State University David L. Cummings (1970) Assistant Director, Computing Services, B.S., State University College at Buffalo Patricia W. Cummins (1989) Dean, Arts and Humanities, Ph.D. , University of North Caro– lina Daniel W . Cunningham (1991) Assistant Pro– fessor, Mathematics, Ph.D., University of Cal– ifornia Michael D. Daley (1989) Manager, Employ– ment and Classification Systems, Human Re– source Management, M.B.A., University of New Haven Donna J. Davidoff (1987) Senior Assistant Li– brarian, M.L.S., State University of N ew York at Buffalo Mary A. Davis (1977) Associate Professor, Business, and Department Chairperson, Ed.D ., State University of New York at Buffalo Susan M. Davis (1985) Associate Professor, Economics and Finance, Ph.D., New School for Social Research Robert J. Davitt (1965) Professor, Earth Sci– ences and Science Education, and State Uni– versity Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1977, Ed.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

David E. Day (1991) Professor, Elementary Ed– ucation and Reading, and Department Chair– person, Ed.D., Wayne State University Mary Ann DeKarz (1969) Coordinator, Em– ployee Compensation Mary K. Delmont (1972) Librarian, M.A., State University of New York at Buffalo Robert P. Delprino (1992) Assistant Professor, Psychology, Ph.D., Old Dominion University Michael J. DeMarco (1981) Associate Profes– sor, Physics, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati John L. DeNisco (1982) Associate Professor, Business, M .B.A., Canisius College Ann Dennis (1977) Manager, Central Comput– ing Operations, A.A.S., Erie Commun ity Col– lege Suzann Denny (1974) Professor, Design, M.S., Syracuse University Diane Depken (1988) Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Ed .D., Temple University Ram Desai (1963) Professor, Political Science, Ph.D., Michigan State Universi ty Marian Deutschman (1985) Associate Profes– sor, Communication, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Mohan 5. Devgun (1990) Lecturer, Technol– ogy, Ph.D., University of Birmingham, En– gland Paul J. DeWald (1967) Assi stant Professor, Broadcasting, M.S., State University of New York at Buffalo Ellen M. DeWind (1984) Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Food Science, M.S.Ed., State University College at Buffalo J. Patrick Dexter (1977) Associate Professor, Social Work, M.S.W., State University of New York at Buffalo Amy L. DiBartolo (1987) Senor Assistant Li– brarian, M.L.S., State University of New York at Buffalo Charles K. Dick (1992) News Writer, Public Affairs, B.S., Ithaca College Frank P. Diulus (1973) Associate Professor, Educational Foundations, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Thomas A. Donovan (1968) Professor, Chem– istry, Ph.D., University of Illinois Henry S. Dowski (1967) Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading, Ed.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Nuala M. Drescher (1965) Professor, History, and Distinguished Service Professor, Ph.D., University of Delaware John Dwyer (1970) Associate Professor, En– gli sh, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo John J. Earshen (1980) Assistant Professor, Technology, M.B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo Susan J. Earshen (1973) Manager, Benefits, Staff Development and Training, Human Re– source Management, M.B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo Douglas P. Easton (1977) Associate Professor, Biology, Ph.D., University of Iowa Gregory W. Ebert (1985) Associate Professor, Chemistry, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Scot R. Eckert (1981) Energy Management Sys– tems Coordinator, A.A.S., Niagara County Community College Frank C. Eckmair (1963) Professor, Fine Arts, M.F.A., Ohio University

Robert W. Brock (1962) Professor, Fine Arts, M.F.A., Ohio Universi ty Michael R. Broderick (1981) Assistant for Uni– versity Financial Analysis, B.S., State Univer– sity of New York at Buffalo Helen M. Brooks (1980) Nurse, Weigel Health Center, R.N., Bayonne University Ronald N. Brown Jr. (1969) Associate Director, Computing Services, B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo John J. Bruno (1966) Professo r, Elementary Ed– ucation and Reading, Ed.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Bruce G. Bryski (1983) Associate Professor, Communication, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University Norbert R. Buczak (1960) Corporation Ac– countant, F.S.A. Keith Bullion (1990) Sports Information Direc– tor, Swim Coach, M.S., State University of New York at Buffalo Cheryl L Burns (1987) Computer Support As– sistant Richard A. Butz (1985) Associate Professor, Design, M.F.A., State Uni versity of N ew York at Alfred Lawrence E. Bynum (1969) Senior Admissions Adviser, B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo Theodore F. Byrley (1984) Associate Professor, Economics and Finance, Ph .D., University of Cincinnati _John J. Byrne (1982) Associate Vice President for Facilities, B.S., State University of New York at Buffalo Stuart W. Calhoun (1991) Assistant Professor, Biology, Ph.D., Texas A & M University Betty J. Cappella (1985) Associate Professor, Educational Foundations, Ph.D. , State Univer– sity of New York at Buffalo Joaquin 0. Carbonara (1992), Assistant Profes– sor, Mathematics, Ph.D., Universi ty of Cali– fornia, San Diego John C. Carbonara (1964) Professor, Philoso– phy, and State University Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1974, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Vincent J. Cardinal (1991) Assistant Professor, Performing Arts, M.F.A., Yale School of Drama Joaquin J. Cardoso (1968) Professor, History, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Cheryl F. Carnevale (1990) Programmer Ana– lyst, B.S., State University College at Buffalo David A. Carson (1983) Associate Professor, History and Social Stud ies Education, Ph.D., Texas Christian University Donald E. Carter (1964) Associate Professor, Educational Foundations, Ed.D., State Univer– sity of New York at Buffalo Jerry f. Cataldo (1969) Professor, Psychology, and Department Chairperson, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Linda Chalker-Scott (1989) Assistant Profes– sor, Biology, Ph.D., Oregon State University Patricia Chambers (1991) Coordinator of De– velopment Events, B.A., State University Col– lege at Buffalo Barbara A. Chapman (1968) Nurse, Weigel Health Center, R.N., Sisters of Charity Hospi– tal and Canisius College Julie C.T. Ch'en (1969) Professor, Mathemat– ics, Ph.D., University of Rochester


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