Tentative Constitution for Hunan Bible Institute

Tentative Constitution for Hunan Bible Institute (Bible Institute of L. A. in China) I Historical Sketch

A number of years ago (?) Doctor Frank A. Keller, for many years a member of the China Inland Mission, saw a trim and sprightly launch steam up the Siang River and anchor at Changsha, the capital of Hunan, China. Without delay, a company of foreigners and Chines came ashore and began distributing in the shops and houses attractive little boxes containing samples of cigarettes. Later in the day, when the farmers and country merchants were returning home, they stood on temporary platforms by the way and gave to each man as he passed, as sample of their wares. Doctor Keller gives his impression of what he saw that day in the following statement: “As we saw their strenuous [ sic ] work and heard of their far reaching plans and thot [ sic ] of the thousands and thousand s of towns and villages whose millions of people have never heard of Christ or even seen a copy of God’s Word who would soon be smoking cigarettes, our hearts were filled with a burning shame and at the same time throbbed with a great ambition, to be equally comprehensive in plan, wise in method, and prompt in action for the King.” Just at that time there came to Doctor Keller’s hand a gift from the Bible House of Los Angeles to be used for the distribution of the scriptures in Hunan. He proposed to an evangelist and a Christian teacher to furnish a boat, food, and books if they would undertake a tour of evangelism in the province. The proposition was received with sympathetic enthusiasm, and after a month of free will service, returned with a thrilling and inspiring report of their experiment. This experiment with the story of the launch and work of the cigarette part was reported to the friends at Los Angeles. Doctor Keller was at once engaged by the Bible House of Los Angeles to inaugurate and to superintend the work of evangelization among the millions of Hunanese. The doctor undertook the task and after six years of service, under the auspices of the Bible House, continued it as a department of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. During these years of Development the work followed two main lines: A. The Bible Instituted at Changsha B. Extensive Evangelism through Evangelistic Bands II Name The name of the school shall be the Hunan Bible Institute (Bible Institute of Los Angeles in China) The name in Chinese shall be written. III Character and Aim a. The Institute shall be interdenominational in character, evangelical in doctrine, thorough in intellectual processes, pedagogical in methods and reverent in spirit. b. The aim of the Institute shall be the same as that of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, adapted to conditions in China, which air is to equip men and women for Christian service. [ Page 2 ]

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