Tentative Constitution for Hunan Bible Institute

[ Page 4 ] Tentative Constitution for Hunan Bible Institute

(4) (b) The Faculty and administrative officers shall have the general management of the school, and shall present an annual report to the Board of Managers.

(c) The governing faculty shall be composed of professors, assistant professors and administration officers, who have had at least one year’s work in the Institute. VI Doctrinal Basis Shall be the same as the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (Incorporate Articles here) VII Amendments In order to amend this Constitution, a notice setting forth clearly the purpose of the amendment shall be sent thru the English secretary of the Board of Managers to the Board of Founders, not less than six months before the meeting of the Board. An amendment to be valid must be passed by a least three fourths vote of the entire membership of the Board of Managers and the Board of Founders. That this constitution when officially adopted shall be printed Chinese and English. The English text shall be official text of the Constitution.

[ written circa 1920s ]

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