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You may find helpful a recording of a 16-minute lecture I gave to the International Society of Cosmetogynecology this past month. I lifted a few clips from the transcript and put them below. Hopefully, the ideas there will trigger ideas for you or motivate you to proceed with needed research. Here’s where to watch the whole lecture and read the transcript with links to the re-search mentioned: CellularMedicineAssociation.org/iscg Transcript Some of the pathology that applies to the penis may apply to the clitoris, and maybe some of these women are suffering from actual genital histopathology, not just psychogenic problems. We have this one FDA approved drug now for female sexual dysfunction that's a psych drug, flibanserin. It's a useful drug, but obviously, we need much more and maybe we should think in terms of systems (and histopathology of the clitoris), like we do for the rest of the body. Here's some of the ideas about down-regulating autoimmune response. We have split-scalp studies showing that PRP helps alopecia areata better than triamcinolone—hair growth that comes in thicker. Here's rat studies looking at rheumatoid arthritis. What do we have in the genital space relating to autoimmune disease? We have lichen sclerosus. Dr. Casabona did some before and after pictures where you use stem cells mixed with PRP, and before and after pictures show improvement. Of course, that's two variables because you have stem cells and PRP. We took the same idea and just used PRP. Andrew Goldstein worked with me on this, and we had two blinded dermatopathologists. The protocol was biopsy, PRP, wait six weeks

later, another PRP injection, and then six weeks after that, another biopsy. Two blinded dermatopathologists out of George Washington University did not know the before or the after. We showed statistical improvement in both the histology and symptomatology. Here's our histology. You can see obviously, that's the same magnification and we're showing decreased hyperkeratosis.

this past January in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. You now have some science to go do this. One of our providers, Kathleen Posey, who's a gynecologist out of New Orleans, took this idea and then she said, "Let's do some dissection in the office of phimosis and combine it with the O-Shot® procedure”, and she presented this in Argentina, published it in the same journal, Lower Genital Tract Disease. Here's one of her patients, where you can intro-duce only about 1/2 a thumb into the introitus. It had been 12 years since she had had sexual intercourse, penis in vagina intercourse, with her loving husband ... 12 years. She was being followed by a dermatologist on high dose Clobetasol. Kathleen dissected it out in the office and then injected PRP ... 8 weeks later, she's hav-ing comfortable sex with her husband. She's now 3 years out. She's had to be treated with PRP, not repeat surgery ... PRP now, 2 other times a year apart to maintain that result. Peyronie's disease, another autoimmune disease ... This came out this month out of Wake Forest. Not only did their patient’s Peyronie's improve statistically using Priapus Shot® methods, but they also demonstrated improved erectile function by 4-5 on that scale of 5 to 25 that the urologists use. They also threw in one woman just for good measure, and showed that it helped her incontinence. They just tucked that in as an afterthought. End Transcript Here’s the entire 16-minute lecture, transcript, & links to research: CellularMedicineAssociation.org/iscg –Charles Runels

Of course, if you look at the gross pictures, lady on the left, she has pain wearing blue jeans. The same lady (on the right) is back to making love to her husband. Women with lichen sclerosus invited me into their closed Facebook groups and I saw a post a few months ago that said, "I was sitting next to my husband, whom I love, last night. I was afraid to hold his hand because I was afraid he would become aroused and I'm bleed-ing and hurting today." That's what you guys are helping with our O-Shot® procedure. We published that research in Lower Genital Tract Disease. We extended it and we published




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