Cellular Medicine Association February 2018

or Having Rights to Vampire Facelift® and Saying "PRP Injections" Owning Tylenol® and Saying ‘Acetamenophen’

On your webpages, if you use the words “PRP Facelift” or “PRP Vagina Shot” and you do not use the words “Vampire Facelift®” or “O-Shot®”, then patients have no way to distinguish you from the person down the street who is charging half the price you charge, but doing inferior medicine, spinning yellow tops from the lab instead of using kits that are approved by the FDA for preparing blood to go back into the body. Yes, we do find, every week, people who are using the names of our provider groups and doing inferior medicine and charging inferior prices. We spend $20,000 to $50,000 on legal fees every month making these imposters cease using our names and quit fooling pa-tients into inferior care. But, potential patients can’t find you as a certified provider unless you use the names on your websites and advertising. If you owned the word “Tylenol” and used the word “acetaminophen” you’d be losing some of

by using the trademarked names in your writing and in your videos. One last tip…if you write “O-Shot® procedure” or “Vampire Facelift® procedure” ra-ther than simply “O-Shot®” or “Vampire Facelift®,” then the word “procedure” stresses the fact that we do more than just a “shot.” There’s a “procedure” for preparing the plasma, for activating it (or not), for patient selection, for standing behind our work, etc. So, most of the time use the phrase “P-Shot® procedure” or “Vampire Facial® procedure” so people appreciate there’s a process that’s specific and well planned. You still talk about the PRP and use those words, so people know what you’re doing. But, use the trademarked names for extra value and traffic, and we at the Cellular Medicine Association will keep working to keep our reputation sterling. Association will keep working to keep our reputation sterling.

your investment. And so it is if you’ve learned the methods and joined the O-Shot® provider group and call it “a PRP vagi-na shot” or any other name. We’ve secured literally millions of dollars in advertising with the various TV, print, and online venues. If someone googles the word “O-Shot®” after reading one of these articles, you want the search engines to point to your webpage and then you want potential patients to know they are in the right place. You do that

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