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Statement of Information

Single residential property located in the Melbourne metropolitan area Section 47AF of the Estate Agents Act 1980

Property offered for sale

Address Including suburb and postcode

3 Cosy Gum Road, Carnegie Vic 3163

Indicative selling price For the meaning of this price see

Range between $2,200,000



Median sale price

Median price $1,490,000 House X Unit

Suburb Carnegie

Period - From 01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018

Source REIV

Comparable property sales (*Delete A or B below as applicable)

A* These are the three properties sold within two kilometres of the property for sale in the last six months that the estate agent or agent's representative considers to be most comparable to the property for sale. Address of comparable property Price Date of sale





B* The estate agent or agent's representative reasonably believes that fewer than three comparable properties were sold within two kilometres of the property for sale in the last six months.

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