DiUse Start-Up Guide

The DiUse System meets the essential safety and health requirements of the European Union. This means that DiUse can be operated and maintained safely if all safety precautions are taken into account. However, dangerous situations can occur due to injudicious or negligent use of the system. The following warning symbol is placed on the DiUse System, underneath the flat cover: Safety

General Information This document provides information on on how to start up a PoU CapDI system, DiUse.  All electrical components of the DiUse System are enclosed in the electrical cabinet.

Electrical Hazard: located on the front door and inside the electrical cabinet. The electrical cabinet may never be opened when the system is connected to an electrical outlet.

Get Connected

Remove Box

Cut the box away to gain access to the DiUse System.

Connect System

Connect to power through the side power connection. Turn the switch on to power the system.

Use 3/8" tubing to connect the push-in fittings to 3 bar (43 PSI) inlet, atmospheric pressure waste and pressurized outlet lines.

Install Module

Remove one M8 nut per terminal. Slide cable ring onto each terminal, matching red to red. Add the M8 back on top of ring. Tighten using two size 13 spanners.

Unscrew the bolts holding the curved cover in place. Place the module inside the unit, with the red terminal on the left and black on the right.

Connect the "inlet" tube to the single module connection. Connect the remaining two to the central connections.

Edit Purified Conductivity

From the main screen, press down 6 times and then press enter to enable editing. Value is saved on final digit when enter is pressed.

Start System

Once the pressure after the system drops below 3.5 bar (51 PSI), the system will automatically start producing water.

Using the LCD, press down to User Functions. Press enter twice to start flush. Advised to flush for 5-10 minutes.

Press ESC to return to main screen. Press enter twice to put the system in operation mode.

If In Doubt, Call Us! If you are unsure on a step or encountering problems, Voltea will be happy to help. Please contact us at+1(496) 620-0133 or at info@voltea.com

Optional Step

To add a SIM card for data acquisition and alarms:

1.Remove the flat cover panel 2.Open electrical cabinet 3.SIM holder is located center-left on PCB 4.Slide holder down and hinge open

5.Insert SIM 6.Close and slide back up to lock 7.Close cabinet and cover 8.System will auto check for SIM

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