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March 2020

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What We Value What Spring-Cleaning Really Means to Darrell

experiencing headaches from grinding their teeth or may want to

waste extra paper. Plus, I get to peek at some of the things they've been learning the last school year. Spring-cleaning must be an ordinary concept to dentists, right? Every day, you have patients come in for their appointment and experience their own "spring-cleaning." As a dental lab, our process is equally straightforward. Once we have your impression in our lab, we soak it in disinfectant to kill any germs because we need to start our work clean. Then, we go through the process of making the restorations for our doctors and patients. In the final step, we use a machine that cleans custom dental products with hot steam before the final delivery. No restoration leaves our lab without first completing our thorough hot-steam cleaning process. Historically, I’ve noticed that around this time of year, patients start caring about more than just their teeth cleaning. Often, they're already thinking about their appearances before summer, vacations, or all the athletic activities they want to try while the weather is warmest. So, right after your patient's teeth cleaning appointment, quickly check in with your patient about any concerns they may be having and to discuss any needed treatments. They might even need special custom-made appliances if they want to prevent their teeth from shifting or to whiten their teeth. If your patients participate in sports, they may need extra protection to keep them safe. They may be

I don't know about you, but to me it seems the year is already going fast. It's March! As a dental lab owner, spring- cleaning doesn't really creep up on me; it's a daily endeavor. But as a dad, it catches me by surprise all the time. I suppose this process is hardly exclusive to this season. Every month, my family cleans out the house and donates unused goods. My wife is extremely diligent about the way she organizes our home, and for the most part, I love her way of picking up around the house. We have a house rule: If we don't use it for a year, we donate it or throw it out. This makes me more frugal when it comes to spending on "trendy" stuff. Before making a purchase, I ask myself, "Will we still use this in a year?" I rely on my wife to keep our home tidy and in order, and she does an amazing job. The only problem is I really like to hold on to some things. My oldest daughter long ago grew out of her soccer cleats and shinguards from when she played soccer at 5 years old. They're so small, and she's a freshman in high school now, so I keep them in my office at work. It really brings back memories when I see them while working here at the lab, and it reminds me why I am working so hard. But I had to steal them before my wife donated them. It's a silly push and pull in the Lee household. I've even managed to take my daughters' old school notebooks and papers. I need spare scratch paper in this job sometimes, and it's just a shame to

prevent wearing down their teeth

further. At Berkeley Dental Laboratory, we enjoy helping you make sure your patients are comfortable, safe, and confident. Whether they need a crown, night guard, sport guard, bleaching tray, or an ortho retainer, we will help you give the best care to your patients so they have a great positive experience during their appointment with you. Marie Kondo was really onto something. Tidying up isn't about throwing things away; it's about realizing what you value and holding onto that. My daughters no longer play any ball sports (although we might enroll our youngest, who happens to turn 5 this month!). Now, all our four daughters do competitive dance. Our three oldest daughters just competed in their first competition of the season at the Art of Movement dance convention in Santa Clara. By the time you read this, they will have already competed in their second competition in San Jose. Who knows, I might take all their dance shoes afterward. To my wife, if you're reading this, I'm joking! Just don't go in my office at work. I hope all of you have a great start to your spring. See you next month!

–Darrell Lee


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