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Paying Respect This Memorial Day Take the Day to Honor the Fallen

For many people, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. People take this chance to get outside with their family and friends to enjoy a few summer activities, like swimming or barbecuing. However, Memorial Day itself is a time for reflection, remembrance, and honoring soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice as they fought for our country and its citizens. This Memorial Day, my family and I will honor my grandfather, who was in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WorldWar II. He never talked about it much, probably because he was forbidden to do so, and he passed away well before I was old enough to be interested in his service. Memorial Day celebrations began over 150 years ago when Americans honored fallen soldiers by placing flowers, wreaths, and American flags on their graves. After the Civil War, people came together around the late 1860s to pay their respects to these soldiers. It was General John A. Logan — the leader of an organization for northern Civil War veterans —who rallied the nation on May 5, 1868, to decorate the graves of family members, friends, and comrades who had all died during the war. Logan was the first to give the holiday its original name, Decoration Day. While historians are unsure where this tradition started, as many states and communities had their own unique ways of paying tribute, Waterloo, New York, was credited for its official origin.

comrades. Take the time to visit a senior living center, and if you have a veteran in your family, consider taking them to visit Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery so they can honor the fallen. I think all parents of younger children need to explain the importance of respecting our veterans and all they’ve sacrificed for our country. Too many Americans these days take our veterans for granted. We need to educate our children so they truly understand what Memorial Day is about. It’s important that all of us remember the people who fought and died for our country so we can continue to enjoy the freedoms of our great nation. Take some time out of your schedule this Memorial Day weekend and salute the fallen Americans who gave everything for our bright future.

War. After the U.S. was involved in WorldWar I and experienced such tremendous loss, the holiday was broadened to encompass all fallen soldiers within the American military. In 1971, the federal government designated the last Monday in May as Memorial Day. You can honor the men and women of our armed services, past and present, in many ways. Saying a simple thank-you to any service member is always appreciated by those currently serving or those who have served. Flying the U.S. flag half-staff is also a way to show respect to our veterans. You can honor this holiday by helping the veterans in your community in the remembrance of their fallen

Decoration Day was celebrated on May 30 and honored the soldiers who died during the Civil

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