Kelly Law - August 2017


E THE GUIDANCE TO GET YOU THROUGH Legal Counsel Is About More Than Just Obtaining Money connection have always been the things that have sustained me, so I could never see myself stuck in some windowless cubicle without talking to anybody all day long. I have to say, as a personal injury attorney, I definitely got my wish. The sheer variability of people’s personalities and experiences keep me on my toes each and every day. It might be that my drive for resolving conflict, supporting others, and seeking justice stems from my “middle-child syndrome.” All the way through childhood, I was constantly playing mediator between my siblings, trying to find the best compromises or outcomes that served whichever one I felt was in the right. Not only that, but I was always playing team sports. All of this really proved that constant support is needed for any venture, whether it’s beating the other team or securing the funds to recover from a catastrophic injury. ver since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to work with people. Conversation, communication, and

As I tell my wife, a huge portion of my job isn’t the end result. Whether we obtain money or a satisfactory resolution are both big concerns, but most of my time is spent simply providing counsel for my clients across every step of the process and providing them with the options they otherwise wouldn’t realize they had. Though I’m not a licensed therapist, you might say I do my fair share of“armchair psychology.”The people who come in to my office are often discouraged. It’s my job to get them to stay strong and look at the positives. Sure, life didn’t work out as planned, but at least they have their friends and family. There are always things they can do to anticipate future changes or services I can put them in touch with to in a bad situation. They’re debilitated by a terrible injury, downtrodden, and

1 help them through their situation. I need to be a constantly reassuring voice, telling them that there is still hope. They may not be on the easiest path a person walks, but with my guidance, there are many avenues they can take to move on and thrive. The attorney-client relationship is a powerful thing. After all, I’m working for months with many of these clients, aiding them every step of the way. Getting to know my clients’ stories, motivations, desires, and fears —who they are as people — enables me to fight harder for them than anyone else. Joe Bombagetti



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