Van Walt Environmental Connect Issue Two

Reasons to be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3 ……

1) Renting equipment makes practical and economic sense The reasons for renting equipment rather than buying, particularly if you are a consultant working on different projects, are obvious – well at least to us – how do you know the equipment you have this week will be what you need next week? If you use our rental service not only do you have a choice of equipment from pumps, to meters, remediation and sampling equipment but also you have access to the best equipment in its class at realistic prices with serious discounts of up to 30% available to loyal, regular customers. That means you can hire a YSI EXO Water Quality Sonde, developed as a result of a US$ 24 million investment programme to create the ultimate water quality measuring device where no shortcuts were taken, that costs approximately £10,000 to buy, from just £200 per week – value for money. By using our rental service we can also save you time and money on maintaining and servicing a fleet of equipment that could potential be sitting on a shelf for long periods of time unused, particularly the more specialist items like Turbidity Meters and Multisamplers. You won’t need to stock and store calibration gases and solutions or spare parts – let alone buying in the expertise to service and maintain equipment to the strict standards required by the environmental legislator and Health & Safety Executive. And what should make you really cheerful is our choice – one of the largest selections in the UK, whether you need equipment for water quality monitoring; water level logging; groundwater sampling; purging pumps; remediation pumps; gas analysers; PIDs or personal protection meters – we always retain a large stock to ensure we have what you want, when you need it.

2) Maintenance matters Your time is precious and spending it maintaining equipment when it might be better used in other areas of your business is not always a good business choice. We know our equipment, we have a team of specialists who work on the equipment continuously so it is meticulously maintained to ensure it arrives with you in the best possible condition and working according to industry specifications. It will have all the correct support material like quick start guides, manuals, batteries, cables etc – whatever you need for ‘out-of-box’ performance. We service, calibrate and check equipment as it leaves our premises and when it returns we check it again to ensure it is still operating within specifications so you can be assured of your data’s accuracy. We back this up with a very detailed procedure controlled equipment audit where copies of any reports are forwarded to you to verify your research results. Before an item of equipment makes it into our rental fleet we need to be assured it is field-proven, robust, reliable, accurate and stable. We only deal with the best on the market to ensure it reliably performs day in, day out, in all conditions and continues to deliver accurate data. We are continuously adding to our fleet so if an urgent opportunity presents itself hopefully we will have the equipment you will need to say ‘yes’. 3) The Van Walt factor! Renting equipment is what we do and we want to work with you. We are on hand and quick to answer any and all of your technical questions and queries whether they come by phone or email. To make sure we are equipped to do this every member of the rental team has been trained, usually by the manufacturer of the equipment and

each of us specialises in certain items to ensure we have the entire range covered. This training is reviewed and updated regularly. If you get an unexpected change in sampling conditions and need some different equipment we can help you find the most suitable item and we can ensure it is delivered to site the next day. We also have a policy that we don’t charge for rental items in transit – you only pay for the equipment when it’s onsite. And, if you need training or just a refresher we can help, either in-house at our offices or onsite. We also regularly offer training seminars where customers can come along, gain valuable training

on best practice when it comes to groundwater monitoring and see the equipment we offer in person – your opportunity to see what’s on offer. * I like to call what we offer: Renting equipment for water, soil and groundwater research - a work- in-progress! We are never satisfied this is it! Already this year we have added new loggers; gas analysers and remote monitoring options via vanwalt CONNECT. We have published new price lists and reacted to Brexit by introducing substantial discounts to regular, loyal customers. In the pipeline is a new webshop that will allow you to place your order for equipment

online, at any time of the day or night and get your tubing and accessories – all at the click of a button – watch this space for more information. Lastly, what I really want to say is: if you need something that we don’t currently offer, talk to us. At the end of the day we are only as good as what we can do for you, so take this as your invitation – please ask. * The next rental seminar will be in Bilbao on 15th November 2016. Please email for more information.

Rental Package One YSI Peristaltic Pump Rental Package Two YSI Geotech Peristaltic Pump Rental Package Three YSI Bladder Pump Rental Package Four PID Oil Interface Meter Rental Package Five PID LEL Meter Rental Package Six YSI Oil Interface Meter Peristaltic Pump Rental Package Seven YSI Oil Interface Meter Geotech Peristaltic Pump Rental Package Eight YSI Oil Interface Meter Bladder Pump Rental Package Nine PID Oil Interface Meter LEL Meter

Reece Munn, Van Walt Ltd

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