The Lakes South Morang College - Issue 2 2023


Letitia has:

• Worked to develop partnerships with local businesses to directly connect student learning to the real world and create unique job opportunities. • Brought new, high - quality industry - standard tools and programs into the school to build excitement and engagement in design and technology.

• Actively promoted the technologies subject through running a variety of innovative incursions

The Lakes is delighted to congratulate Letitia on winning the Design & Technology Teachers' Association of Victoria ’ s New to Technologies Teaching award. Letitia, a member of The Lakes STEM team, has developed an incredible working relationship with the Whittlesea Tech School, who nominated her for this very prestigious award.

• Facilitated and ran excursions for Year 7, 9 & 10 in partnership with the Whittlesea Tech School

• Run hands on learning wellbeing programs in mixed year level groups.

• Advocated for the inclusion of Technology subjects and increased enrolments in Design and Technology for 2023. Promoted tech subjects through School Magazine Inspire article. • Run lunch - time technology group twice a week to provide multiple opportunities for students to get into the Technology space and be creative. • Developed a subject called 21st Century Design which answered three big questions "how can we make the world a better place?" "How can we make our community a better place?" and "How can we make the school a better place?" Demonstrating that the work students complete in D&T has the potential to have a meaningful change in the school and broader community.

Letitia's background includes both English, STEM and Art, making her an all rounder STEAM teacher in the College.

In her nomination, The Whittlesea Tech School remarked:

Letitia has embedded the design thinking process in the classroom as a framework for project - based learning. Not only does this teach the design thinking process but embodies the mindset of a design thinker. She understands her students' needs and prototypes classroom ideas with the aim of improving them through student feedback. She should be commended on her approach to teaching technologies because she practices what she teaches to the students.

Congratualtions Letitia!

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