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Software to Keep Projects Moving Resource of the Month: TRELLO When projects fall apart, who’s to blame? Is it the person who missed a deadline? The one who forgot to pass along an important message? The manager who didn’t leave enough time for the project to get done? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that it’s less important to ask who’s at fault when projects fall apart and more useful to ask, “How do we keep this from happening again?” Stop playing the blame game and get your team in shipshape with the best project management software available, Trello. Simple as Pie No one wants to learn a complicated new system just to get their job done. This is why Trello can be broken down into three simple parts: boards, lists, and cards. A board is the overall project currently being worked on. Each board has specific members attached who can view the project, control the process, and communicate with one another. • Lists divide a board into each stage of the process. Think of it as “to-do,”“doing,” and “done.”This is a great way to organize tasks and see what’s going on in each stage of the project at a glance. Cards are the specific elements of a project that must be accomplished. A card might be “patch software bug,”“research blog post,” or “address tenant IAQ complaint.”You can attach images and files, assign members, set deadlines, and add comments to any card. Each card has all the information anyone on the project needs to get that piece of the project done. Collaboration Is Key No one wants a project to stall because they have to dig through old emails or track down someone in another department. From the ground up, Trello is built with collaboration in mind. With Trello, the whole team has access to the entire project and can address issues or questions instantly — no more meetings that could have been simple emails. • WhateverYou Need Some companies waste thousands of dollars to build project management software that can do what Trello has already mastered. The simple system can be customized to suit your team’s unique needs. Trello is already used for property management, investing, or managing marketing campaigns as well as for planning weddings or running Dungeons & Dragons campaigns! •

the floor two to three times a week. As the receptionist, she spoke with every person who visited the floor. At one point, she mentioned the smell to a company mechanic, who said,“You are probably smelling antifreeze. That’s something that should never be in a commercial office building.” Believing there was antifreeze in the environment, the receptionist became more vocal and angry. We were brought in to run our usual investigation and found nothing out of the ordinary. At the same time, the tenant’s environmental health and safety department was running its own investigation for the staff. Even their expensive testing for volatile organic compounds found no problems. However, the receptionist continued to report the offensive odor. In an attempt to channel her concerns, Travis West gave the receptionist his cellphone number to call the next time she smelled the odor. When she called about the odors one morning, Travis rushed right over. He arrived just in time to smell the “sweet, sticky odor” the receptionist had described. Following his nose, Travis found a young woman in a cubicle just about to head to the kitchen to clean an empty, sweet-smelling bowl. The receptionist confirmed that the smell from the bowl was the same odor that had been making her sick. It turns out the other employee was heating up maple-flavored oatmeal in the company break room. Each of the mornings that she heated her oatmeal correlated to the receptionist’s complaints.

IAQ is a shared responsibility. It’s important to make sure everyone is aware of what they’re bringing into a space and how they impact indoor air quality.

And above all else, don’t give them maple-flavored oatmeal!


Whatever project you’re working on, Trello can be used to get it in motion.

Don’t let major projects fall apart because of poor organization. With the ability to sync across all devices, Trello can help get your team on the same page today. Visit to see what all the fuss is about.

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