Compass PNW Q2 2021 Market Insights

A Letter to Our Clients

parents from afar. Parts of our lives will be forever changed. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping our friends and neighbors find their place in the world. For us, our place in the world is right here, in the Greater Seattle area, and there’s nowhere else we’d rather call home. This report is designed to help you feel more informed about the state of the Greater Seattle Area real estate market. We’re here to help you map out plans for the future, guiding you with perspective honed by years of experience. Our goal is simple: to equip you to make a more informed decision as to where you call, “Home.”

“Stay-at-home.” It’s a phrase that was at the top of our minds and all over the news for the past several months. With more time spent on video calls in our home offices, more meals cooked in our kitchens, and more walks around our neighborhoods, our homes have taken on new importance and our desire to feel at home has multiplied. At Compass, we are in the home buying and selling business. It’s who we are. It inspires us, invigorates us, and helps us invest in our families, and yours. We are parents, friends, and caretakers too— homeschooling our kids in between virtual meetings, celebrating birthdays on front lawns, and visiting with

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