Medicare Blueprint Advisors - November/December 2020

Looking for a New Doc?

Try Care Compare by Medicare!

Technology has made it easier than ever to find the services we’re looking for. We’re all just one Google search away from our community’s best Mexican food or a carpet cleaning specialist with top-notch reviews. But what if there were a tool that was catered to your specific needs? As a Medicare beneficiary, your medical needs and desires can be vastly different than those of the general public, and filtering through online search results that don’t completely align with your goals does little to solve an urgent need you may have.

What Our Clients Think!

“You helped me through the Medicare process. I was completely lost with all of the offers.”

Enter Care Compare From Medicare

Think of this platform as your go-to “Google” right on Medicare’s website. Designed for patients like you, Care Compare allows Medicare recipients and their families to search for physicians of all specialties, along with specific care platforms, like nursing homes, hospice, or home health services. Users can also search for particular treatments, including dialysis and physical therapy. Once you enter your zip code and the service you’re looking for, you’ll be provided with a list of potential options. Each result has a quality rating and a patient survey rating. The quality rating is determined by how the agency or specialist performs and patient satisfaction. You can sort the results you’re given by either score, which allows you to rank each agency by what matters most to you. To learn more about a result, simply click on it. You’ll be taken to another page, where you can learn more about the agency or physician. This includes significant details about services, links to read reviews, and contact information. You can also “bookmark” a result to compile a list of your top choices. Care Compare works like Google, but it’s designed to only show Medicare-specific providers and agencies. You can be certain the results are experts in older adult health and care. No longer do you have to worry that your needs will not be met; Care Compare helps you find someone who will ensure it happens.

–Stanley S., customer since 2019

“It was painless, and Jason was very informative and answered all of my questions without hesitation. He is great to work with..”

–Wanda F., customer since 2016

“We are always treated as if we were family, and you are always willing to give honest advice and service.”

–Cleveland G., customer since 2017

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