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Yacht Rentals: Make a Big Splash

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Celebrate the arts with exciting new opening exhibits at eleven galleries. Meet the Artists, watch live art demo’s! Happens every Month! Eat, Shop or just enjoy the atmosphere. Occurring the 3rd Friday of each month Fort Myers Music Walk - 6 pm to ?? There is something FUN for Everyone at Fort Myers Art Walk! or

Restaurants • Entertainment • Art Galleries • Hotels • Theatres • Unique Shops


VOLUME II | Number 2

Welcome to paradise. Just be careful where you park. I was recently involved in a minor auto accident in the parking lot of the Sanibel Post Office. I parked, then exited the van and opened the side door to gather my mail. As I was doing so, another car, parked directly across the way, began to roll backwards. There was no driver, only five passengers who were shouting and flailing, apparently helpless to place the gear in park, as the driver had obviously failed to do. And then: wham! into my right rear bumper. Fact check: these folks were all likely north of 70 years. Immediately, a woman passenger, seated in the front, began to bark at me: “What happened? How did this happen?” All the while, her husband — the driver — was inside the Post Office, oblivious to the almost comic event transforming outside. While waiting for the Sanibel Police to arrive, everyone except the woman exited the car, rolled their eyes and otherwise tried to hide their discomfort. Then the woman looked to me and said: “Do you live here?” When I answered, she responded: “Why would you want to live here? The hurricanes!” Fortunately, the damage was minor, but this woman’s incessant haranguing was so over the top that it made me laugh and ask myself: Why are you visiting here? The point of all this is: why people love visiting here and living here. The facts are, well, almost toomany to count. Beaches. Nature. Weather. Sunshine. Natural beauty. A comfortable, casual style. A downtown that’s suddenly, literally rocking. A respected and growing performing arts collective. Relative safety. A precious gem of Florida unlike any other part of Florida, in all the good ways. So welcome to one of the greatest places on earth to visit or live, at a great time of the year, as the stories of our April-May issue demonstrate. And never mind the hurricanes, lady.

Founder | Executive Editor John Sprecher Creative Director Director of Photography Milissa Sprecher Associate Publisher Reynauld Bentley Associate Publisher Caryn Moskal Associate Writer Emily Przybylo

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ON OUR COVER: The Matejcek family at Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel. Image: Milissa Sprecher.

John Sprecher, Editor



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By John Sprecher MEET A REMARKABLE FAMILY OF ARTISTS THAT YOU’LL FIND Inspi red and Inspi rat iona l Images: Milissa Sprecher

For Joelene Barb, a classically trained Sanibel painter famous for her playful, whimsical caricature-type works, the words artistry and creativity should never be considered exclusive to a select group of predominantly right-brained types. Rather, Barb is a passionate proponent that “everyone is an artist, everyone has a beautiful

the Southwest FloridaWine &Food Fest (to benefit local children’s charities) at a record $500,000 for a child artist. But that’s only part of this remarkable story of Sophia — who at the age of nine was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. While it’s

expression — whether it’s writing, music, painting or any other medium. There’s art in really everything we do, and an artist in everybody, of any age.”

the most common form of leukemia in children, it’s also the most curable, with an 85% survival rate. Today, Sophia is in remission, but undergoes tests monthly to monitor her progress against the disease.

“When the bid went to $500,000, it was like there were sparkles in the room.”

Joelene would know. The mother of four, she’s nurtured and grown artistic expression in each of her children — Chelsee, her 22-year-old daughter and partner in Among the Flowers, a natural foods and holistic café at Tahitian Gardens on Sanibel; Vinnie, 19 years old; and Stella, nine years old. But the most famous of her foursome has to be 11-year-old Sophia, whose pen and pencil work entitled “Mia the Warrior Cat” was purchased at auction this past March at

“Sophia has always expressed herself artistically, even as a baby,” Joelene notes. “I painted murals for years, and she was the baby that always came with me. She was 18 months old and often, I had to give her a brush while I was painting a room and she tapped on the wall like Mommy.” She laughs. “I would go and paint over what she did, after she fell asleep.”




According to her mother, Sophia is a visionary artist. “She has an idea, she sees it, and she works it out. I have reams of crumpled papers that she goes through every day, until she nails her idea. And, she has a story behind each of her pieces, a narrative, and it’s based on cats and, recently, wolves. We literally have catalogs of her work.” When “Mia the Warrior Cat” went up for auction, both mom and daughter in attendance didn’t know what to expect. “When the bid went to $500,000, it was like there were sparkles in the room,” Joelene recalls. “People were all tearing, but their heads were up in tears of joy. It was one of those moments in a lifetime for Sophia.” For the record, all the proceeds went to charity — although Joelene and her girls were rewarded with a surprise Disney cruise, which “we will all really enjoy the time together.” According to Sophia, she was “surprised that art would mean that much to people. It has encouraged me to make more, because I have a million ideas going through my mind. My mom has always been my closest friend and it’s really fun to talk to her about my ideas.” Since her diagnosis, Joelene has pushed her daughter’s “imagination and boundaries. For instance, the other day I gave her the theme of umbrellas — and 15 minutes later, she came back to me with a drawing of a beautiful lotus, upside down, to look like an umbrella, along with a little cat on top of it, floating along. And she wrote: in my darkest times, I found this umbrella to float me to an oasis.” Joelene Barb is passionate about her purpose. “My life is about my children, making sure they fulfill their missions and are able to express themselves in an artful way.”

To which we’d say: mission accomplished.

To purchase Joelene Barb artwork, visit online or Among the Flowers on Sanibel. Currently, Sophia’s work is not for purchase.



With Image Yacht Charters, you’re living life large — like once-in-a-lifetime large. Our fleet of yachts, led by the 76-foot Fiesta Forever, will transport you on a luxury experience that you, your family, your friends or business associates will remember forever.

Departing from numerous Southwest Florida locations, you can choose from two-hour sunset cruises, to daily, multi-day or weekly excursions up and down the gorgeous coast of Florida or the Bahamas. Bucket list? Check. IMAGE YACHT CHARTERS For More Information, Click Or Call 845.313.6027






igSplash For those of you who like to live life large, we present a coastal lifestyle experience up to 76 feet large — Image Yacht Charters. By John Sprecher

Surprise fact: not everyone who lives in Southwest Florida owns a boat. But whether you’re a

resident or visitor, there are literally countless outstanding, exciting for-hire boating experiences to be enjoyed here in Southwest Florida. Near shore or deep sea fishing charters. Island hopping and shell collecting excursions. Sunset cruise ships on the Gulf. Airboat rides in the Everglades. Sailing. Waverunners. Even kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. But for those who’d rather go big than go home, nothing tops the indulgent luxury of chartering your very own private yacht for a bucket-list experience of a lifetime.

Here in Southwest Florida, Image Yacht Charters of Fort Myers has been checking off this bucket-



list item since 1996 for literally thousands of guests wanting to make a big splash with business associates, friends, families, even small wedding parties. Lauren Epidy serves as concierge of charters for the company and is a family member of Image Yacht Charters’ founders. “This is often a once-in- a-lifetime experience for many of our guests, and we’re thrilled to make their dreams come true.”

on deck or below. Cruising excursions (minimum two hours) can accommodate up to 12 guests, and include your choice of menu and beverages — or you can BYO your yacht experience (imagine that!) or go big and hire a chef to satisfy your tastes. Overnight outings serve a maximum eight persons, with one magnificent master bedroom and three V.I.P. staterooms. Also included are two jet skis, fishing gear and more. For the record, a crewmate is required to stay aboard at all times to alleviate any guest concerns.

“This is often a once-in- a-lifetime experience for many of our guests, and we’re thrilled to make their dreams come true.”

Image Yacht Charters offers a variety of yacht (as well as fishing) charters, originating out of the renowned boating community of Palmetto Pointe in Fort Myers. However, your charter can depart from literally

Bonus: the course you wish to take is, for the most part, up to you. “For day excursions, we often charter to Cabbage Key, Useppa, Boca Grande, Naples, Fort Myers

anywhere a yacht can tie up — including but not limited to South Seas Island Resort, ‘TweenWaters Inn Island Resort, Pink Shell Beach Resort, and most other marina locations from St. Petersburg to Marco Island.

Beach or downtown Fort Myers, where people like to stop, have dinner or a drink, and set sail again,” Epidy notes. “We’ve had overnight trips up and down the Gulf Coast, from St. Petersburg to Sarasota to Marco Island.”

The flagship of Image Yacht Charters is “Fiesta Forever” — 76 beautiful feet of pure boating luxury,

Multiple day trips are also an option — from three to seven days — including the Florida Keys,




• Boundary • FEMA • State Permitting • Construction 2410 Palm Ridge Road Sanibel, Florida 33957 Office: 239.472.0095 Fax: 239.472.3566 Andrew Johnson, PSM President


Miami and Fort Lauderdale. And an interesting summer option (from June to August) awaits those vacationing in the Bahamas, where Image Yacht Charters will operate out of Atlantis. It should come at no surprise, with this level of luxury and service, that excursions with Image Yacht Charters cost a bit more than your typical fishing guide — a four-hour outing departing Palmetto Pointe, for example, is $2,000 — but those who’ve done it will tell you the price-value equation leans heavily toward the value (and the pleasure). Cindy Beaver and Aramando Ojeda have chartered yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean — and are delighted to find their day-long Island Yacht Charter experience out of South Seas Island Resort among the best. “The boat was in great shape, very clean, made a great impression,” Ojeda notes. “We received a level of service that was unexpected,” Beaver adds. “That goes directly to Lauren Epidy, she and her crew exceeded our every expectation. It’s a luxury experience everyone should have the chance to enjoy.” Lauren Epidy appreciates the kindwords. “Recently, I had an extended family vacationing at South Seas Island Resort. The reason for their trip was to cross off Grandma’s ‘number one’ on her bucket list — to live on a yacht and cruise with her family,” she recalls. “That’s our goal for every outing, to create that kind of experience every time for every person. That’s what makes what we do so satisfying.”

} { Image Yacht Charters (845) 313-6027 Lauren Epidy + The Captain


Official beach resort of days you don’t ever want to end.

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I S L A N D R E S O R T & S P A


TAKE FIVE “We’re small in numbers but large in what we provide.”

By John Sprecher

Ric Base is the President of the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce, a position he’s held for nine years. Over the course of 30-some years in the hospitality industry — including three Florida chambers of commerce — Ric has brought a valuable skill set of both business and marketing acumen that not all chambers enjoy. With the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce, Ric presides over one of the busiest tourism centers in Florida — where 175,000 plus visitors stop each year, across 365 days each year, to get the lowdown on what to see, do and enjoy on the islands. Each issue, “Take Five” poses five questions to a community leader that have not been shared in the past. Here, Ric Base discusses what makes Sanibel and Captiva so unique, and what it’ll take to keep the islands top of mind among travelers nationwide, and even around the world.



1 So, how’s the tourism business this year? Fabulous! We’re seeing a real uptick in lodging, not only in the numbers of people here but the average daily rate, which is obviously very important to our members. What’s just as exciting is the amount of summer traffic we’re anticipating. Now we’ve just got to do a little bit more to fill in the shoulder months. 2 3 Do you pray for lousy weather in the Midwest and Northeast, or are you just thankful for it? Just thankful. A lot of us born and raised up north, we know what winters are like and unfortunately, weather hasn’t been very good the last couple years. But there is a solution, and that’s to get out of there and come visit Sanibel and Captiva. We’re happy to have them. Talk about the volume of tourism interaction your chamber engages in. Our numbers may not compete with Florida visitor centers along the Interstates, but were seeing close to 200,000 people walk through our doors each year — which is remarkable among chambers. We’re also the only chamber-based visitor center in Florida that’s open every day of the year. We’re among the top island attractions on TripAdvisor. I call the visitor center the “front door to the islands.” We’re small in numbers but we’re large in what we provide. How is the infrastructure holding up under this tremendous tourism weight? That’s an ongoing conversation. The City does a marvelous job of getting ready for season. As far as the traffic goes, it’s one of those inconvenient success stories. A lot of our traffic is day-trippers; with Lee and Collier and Charlotte Counties at capacity, a visit to Sanibel and Captiva is high on a lot the list of a lot of guests. Say I’ve never been to Sanibel or Captiva before — pitch me. It’s a unique experience. We’re really unlike any other part of the state, and a lot of the Caribbean; in many ways we’re “Olde Florida.” No high rises, natural beauty and tremendous beaches. It’s very easy to relax and become comfortable here, and people fall in love with the place very quickly. 4 5





According to the Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau — appropriately branded “The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel” — there are more than 50 miles of beaches for you to stroll and enjoy here, from Boca Grande to Bonita Springs. But suppose you had a Jimmy Buffet mishap while walking one of our beautiful beaches, and blew out a flip flop? Well, a shopping you would go. But lucky you. Today, the variety, quality and entertainment value of shopping to be had in Lee County has made many of our malls actual tourism destinations in and of themselves.

To help point you to the nearest pair of replacement flips, as well as endless other wants and needs to be bought and brought home, COASTE herein presents our very unofficial “Mall Walkers Guide toWalking Our Malls.”Will that be cash or credit?

21 21


BELL TOWER SHOPS Daniels Parkway & Tamiami Trail | Fort Myers

COCONUT POINT MALL South of Corkscrew Road & U.S. 41 | Estero Approximately 3,872 Steps Approximately 1,762 Steps

Opened in 1982, Bell Tower Shops is today a fresh, contemporary and comfortable mall that’s somewhat centrally located in Fort Myers. The mall features more than 50 retailers — from boutiques to national brands such as Sacks Fifth Avenue, Williams- Sonoma, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and more — plus nine restaurants, many of them highly-praised and frequented for food, beverages and camaraderie. The mall also hosts the 20-screen Regal Cinema Bell Tower, as well as an active calendar of special, monthly and weekly events. And bonus: you can enjoy both free and valet parking.

Coconut Point is arguably the most upscale of malls in Lee County, and one of the most attractive, with a Mediterranean architectural influence, a charming boardwalk and a number of lakes. With more than 140 shops and stores, Coconut Point is also the largest mall in Lee County. Major brands include Dillard’s, Lucky Brand, Hollister, Victoria’s Secret, Justice, Teavana, West Elm and many more — but most notably, the only Apple Store between those in Naples and Sarasota. It features a wide variety of casual to upscale dining and entertainment outlets, as well as the 16-screen Hollywood Theaters.


GULF COAST TOWN CENTER Alico Road & Ben Hill Griffin Parkway | Fort Myers

PERIWINKLE PLACE Periwinkle Way | Sanibel | Approximately 373 Steps Located on Sanibel Island, Periwinkle Place — with only 26 stores — may be the smallest mall of our unofficial guide, but it’s been named by the Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau not only Sanibel’s top shopping destination, but one of the entire county’s top tourism attractions. Known for its peaceful and beautiful display of fountains, as well as diverse offerings of both boutique and brand retailers, Periwinkle Place holds the distinction of being home to the very first Chico’s — with another 1,546 across the United States and Canada to have followed. TANGER OUTLETS Summerlin & McGregor Boulevard | Fort Myers Approximately 1,024 Steps Tanger Outlets, just a few miles east of Sanibel, is a smaller mall with a variety of name brand retailers in accessories, adult and children’s apparel, footwear, housewares and specialty stores. The mall offers a pleasant (and covered) boardwalk that allows you easy navigation to more than 90% of the stores. Brands and bargains to be found include Calvin Klein, Jones New York, Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Nike and Under Armour. Shop here and you’ll likely save enough for the $6 toll to fit a trip to Sanibel into your day. Approximately 2,640 Steps

Gulf Coast Town Center is the most easterly of Lee County malls, located near SWFL International Airport and FGCU. The mall features more than 90 retailers, including the very popular Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World — but is just as popular for the eclectic dining and beverage venues, including Blu Sushi, The Keys Bar and Grille, The World Famous Cigar Bar, House of Brewz, Pollo Tropical, Salado Pedroz Veracruz Cantina, Miller’s Ale House, P.F. Chang’s and more. And a great place for a movie at the 16-screeen (including IMAX) Regal Cinemas. MIROMAR OUTLETS Corkscrew Road & Ben Hill Griffin Parkway | Estero Approximately 2,816 Steps If you’re an outlet mall lover, you’ll be head over heels at Miromar Outlets. With more than 140 retailers, you’ll find an array of brands with an emphasis on fashion, apparel and footwear — Neiman Marcus, Bloomindales, True Religion, Polo Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Michael Kors, Chico’s, Calvin Klein, Aeropostale, Nike, Converse, Reebok and another paragraph more. Just as importantly, an attractive collection of casual and fun restaurants await to restore and recharge you when you’ve shopped ‘til you’ve about dropped.


Welcome Home

Each issue, COASTE opens the door and welcomes you to tour of one of Southwest Florida’s premier homes. After all, living here is more than a lifestyle. It’s a soul style.

This magnificent penthouse condo at Seascape of Sanibel is island living at its finest. With spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico by day or by sunset from your living room (or private roof-top balcony), you’ll enjoy 3,200 square feet of spacious comfort including master bedroom with master bath, two bedrooms with private baths, large den, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room and patio — all highlighted by a grand living room with vaulted ceiling that lights up your home with sunshine and leads to a screened porch for rest and relaxation. Plus, Seascape of Sanibel features private tennis courts, heated pool and hot tub amid lush, tropical, perfectly manicured surroundings. Price: $1,895,000. Listing agent: Michael Stone, John Naumann and Associates.





What’s Happening on Your

April + May — Community Events

Thru Apr 3

SPRING BREAK NATURE CAMP AT ROTARY PARK Thru Apr 3 If your child loves nature and science, Rotary Park is the place to be during spring break. Explore the preserve with qualified staff and check out the plants, bugs and creatures that occupy the park; learning about feeding, and handling the critters that inhabit the environmental center; kayaking at Eco Preserve and hiking at Yellow Fever Creek Preserve. Please register in advance to join in on the fun activities, games and exploration, all while learning about nature. There is limited space available due to field trips/van size – advance registration is a must! (7-13 yrs) WHEN: Monday-Friday, Mar 30-Aprl 3, from 9 AM-4 PM. ALPACA TREKS Thru May 24 A great adventure and chance to get up close and personal with an alpaca. Private tours of up to 6 people will get the experience of a lifetime as we halter up the alpacas. Learn to handle an alpaca on a lead. Navigate through an obstacle course together, and then go for a secluded nature walk. Adventure tour lasts about 1 1/2 hours. This is an outdoor nature adventure tour that is a family friendly recreation. Thru May 24

Apr 1-2

UPCYCLE! ART FEST Apr 1-2 Artists from around the U.S. are expected to

qualify for Sanibel’s second annual fine arts and crafts festival that requires the use of repurposed and re- envisioned materials. The festival will take place at the free “Ding” Darling Visitor & Education Center from 9 AM-4 PM both days, featuring works for display, judging, and sales. Activities will include a silent auction for an exclusive piece and make-and-take crafts for kids and adults.

FULL MOON PADDLE AT ECO PRESERVE Apr 3 Paddle around the waters of Eco Preserve by the light of the full moon. Meeting location given upon registration. A limited number of single and tandem kayaks are available. Advance registration is required. (16+ years) WHEN: Friday, Apr 3 from 7:15 PM-9:15 PM. Apr 3 3RD ANNUAL CLASSIC CAR CRUISE IN Apr 4 Classic vehicles line the plaza at 7202 Estero Blvd for a packed day of nostalgia and admiration. Cruise in with your classic or come by to check ‘em out and meet the owners. Enjoy vendors, music and crafts. Apr 4



Apr 4

CHILDREN’S SPRING FESTIVAL Apr 4 Kick off the Easter season at this 19th annual event. The celebration begins with a free morning Easter Egg Hunt for two different ages groups, starting at 10 AM for ages 4 and younger and 10:10 AM for ages 5 to 8. Activities that follow include a bounce house, giant slide, face painting, pony rides, live music, games, and arts and crafts from 10 AM-1 PM. Cost for an activity armband is $10 per child; photos with the Easter Bunny are $5 extra. ROTARY PARK FLEA MARKET Apr 4 Find old things, new things, fruits and vegetables, crafts and more at Rotary Park’s outdoor Flea Market! Be a vendor and sell your wares or have your yard sale at Rotary. To be a vendor advance registration is required. WHEN: Saturday, Apr 4 from 8 AM-1 PM. Apr 4 Apr 4-5 CAPTAIN JACK BOAT TOURS Apr 4-5 Take an eco boat tour of Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve with Captain Jack. Learn about the history and wildlife of the area, and possibly spot some manatees. Limited seating; advanced registration is required. Meeting location given upon registration. WHEN: Saturdays & Sundays at 10 AM, 12:30 PM and 3 PM.

Apr 5

EASTER EGG HUNT & DOLPHIN CRUISE Apr 5 Join the Easter Bunny! Hop aboard for Easter “island style”! As we cruise the waters of San Carlos Bay, sightsee and look for dolphins! Arrive at Picnic Island to find over a thousand eggs with treats and experience Easter egg hunting like you never have before! Easter bags will be provided.

Apr 5

EASTER EVENT Apr 5 The Easter Bunny doesn’t live at the Wonder Gardens, but his friends do. Stop by to see our alligators, flamingos, and other birds and reptiles today and enjoy $2 off admission when you mention our Easter promotion. Not to be combined with other offers. Apr 6 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO KAYAKING Apr 6 Learn basic paddle strokes from an experienced guide. This class is taught by GAEA Guides. Meeting location provided upon registration. Advance registration is required. (16+ years) WHEN: Mon, Apr 6 from 10 AM-1 PM.

Apr 7

KAYAK FISHING THE CALUSA BLUEWAY Apr 7 Kayak Fishing the Calusa Blueway will be presented by Dan Carns as the fifth talk in a series of free Calusa Blueway related programs planned for the first Tuesday of the month at the Wa-Ke Hatchee Recreation Center. Dan Carns is a professional kayak fishing guide with years of experience. He will bring his own equipment and discuss how to setup both a sit-in and sit-on-top kayak for fishing, equipment choice and use, tides, times, seasons, locations, and fish species. All programs are 6:30-8 PM at Wa-Ke Hatchee Recreation Center, 16760 Bass Road, Fort Myers.



April + May — Community Events Continued

Apr 8

GUIDED PRESERVE HIKE AT ROTARY PARK Apr 8 Grab your walking shoes for a guided hike of one of our unique preserves with an expert in Florida environments. Advance registration is required. (All Ages) WHEN: Rotary Park: Wed, Apr 8 from 9 AM-10:30 AM Eco Preserve; Wed, Apr 22 from 9 AM-11 AM.

Apr 10

KARATE FOR SELF-DEFENSE AT ROTARY PARK Apr 10 All techniques are taught by Hilmar Fuchs in a fun, safe atmosphere. Participants do not need to be well coordinated or in top physical condition to participate. Class usually meets Fridays afternoons from 2:45-4 PM, but occasionally meets Saturdays from 9-10:15 AM. Be sure to get an accurate schedule from the park office or instructor. Advance registration is required. (18+ years) WHEN: Fridays, Apr 10-May 1, from 2:45 PM-4 PM. FAIRY TEA PARTY AT ROTARY PARK Apr 11 Enjoy treats, tea sandwiches, punch and tea in the butterfly garden. Feel free to wear fairy or butterfly wings. Registration is required at least one week in advance and there are a limited number of spaces (3-12 years). The Fairy Tea Party is also available as a private party – call to make special arrangements. WHEN: Saturday, Apr 11 from 11 AM-noon. RELAY FOR LIFE Apr 11 The Fort Myers Beach Relay for Life is a unique Relay event in that the symbolic “track” where participants will take turns running or walking is located directly on the sand, with the Gulf of Mexico as a beautiful backdrop. This year’s Fort Myers Beach Relay event will end just past sunset, to complement the other larger community events that will follow the traditional overnight format. The theme for the 2015 Fort Myers Beach Relay for Life event is “I Can Survive,” inspired by the 70s funk musical era. Come join this special, all-day event dedicated towards raising money and awareness for a cure! Apr 11 Apr 11 EARTH DAY AT THE REFUGE Apr 18 J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge and Tarpon Bay Explorers co-host a free day of family environmental activities including giveaways, earth crafts, guided tours, family story- times, free bicycle use, plein-air artists, and other environmental activities from 10 AM-3 PM. Wildlife Drive is open free to bikers and hikers from 7 AM-4 PM. SPLIT IN THREE Apr 21-May 10 It is 1969 in the Mississippi Delta, and as one last county is forced to integrate, two women discover a sister they never knew they had – and the color of their world changes before their eyes. This electrifying drama was part of Florida Rep’s Inaugural PlayLab Festival last spring, and left all who saw it breathless and asking for a fully realized production. Apr 21- May 10 EARTH DAY AT THE REFUGE Apr 18 J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge and Tarpon Bay Explorers co-host a free day of family environmental activities including giveaways, earth crafts, guided tours, family story-times, free bicycle use, plein-air artists, and other environmental activities from 10 AM-3 PM. Wildlife Drive is open free to bikers and hikers from 7 AM-4 PM. Apr 18 Apr 18


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S H O U L D N ’ T E V E R Y D AY B E T H I S G O O D ? • C A P T I VA I S L A N D U S A

Ahhh. That’s the  THREE CRAZY KIDS  Spot.

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Put your body, mind and spirit in wonderful harmony and welcome relaxation with the all-new Spa at ‘Tween Waters Inn. Spoil yourself, or someone you love, today.


EARTH DAY EVENT Apr 22 Everglades Wonder Gardens celebrates the 45th anniversary of Earth Day by offering $7 admission. Come see our beautiful corner of the earth in Downtown Bonita Springs along the Imperial River. Cannot be combined with other offers. April + May - Community Events Continued Apr 22 Apr 23 FREE OUTDOOR SCREENING OF BIG HERO 6 Apr 23 View a free outdoor screening of Big Hero 6 at Pink Shell Beach Resort – Poolside. Film will begin at sunset 275 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931. COASTE | COMMUNITY EVENTS FREE OUTDOOR SCREENING OF THE AVENGERS Apr 24 View a free outdoor screening of The Avengers at Outrigger Beach Resort. Film will begin at sunset 6200 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931. ARBOR DAY EVENT Apr 24 Our three-and-a-half acre botanical jungle features almost 200 trees ranging from African mahogany to kapok to chestnut and more than a dozen types of palms. Come see our historic gardens planted almost 80 years ago and enjoy $2 off admission when you mention our Arbor Day promotion. Cannot be combined with other offers. Apr 24

Apr 24


Scott Dunavant, M.D. is proud to announce an exciting new health care alternative for residents and visitors alike — Dunavant Medical Group , opening on or about May 1, 2015. Dunavant Medical Group will draw on the extensive, peer-recognized experience and expertise of Dr. Scott Dunavant that includes emergency and trauma care, family practice and professional sports medicine. As a result, Dunavant Medical Group will offer traditional health care for family health, adult care, wellness, urgent care, sports medicine and walk-in clinical care — all with a highly personal and highest quality approach. To learn how to designate Dunavant Medical Group as your primary care provider, visit

Opening On Or About May 1, 2015 • 695 Tarpon Bay Road Suite 2 •


20TH ANNUAL TASTE OF THE BEACH May 3 The 20th Annual Taste of the Beach will be held Sun May 3. More than 20 restaurants will participate along with live on-stage concerts. Restaurants will offer samples of their signature dishes available for purchase and compete for top Taste of the Beach Award honors in the categories of Best Appetizer, Best Desert, and four awards for Best Entrée. Gates open at 11 AM. Food will be served until 6 PM. May 3

May 8-9


The fourth annual “catch, release, and care” tournament celebrates the history of the first documented tarpon caught on a rod-and-reel in “Ding” Darling’s Tarpon Bay in 1885. The Captain’s Pre-Party takes place on May 8 starting at 5 PM. The fishing begins the next day at 7 AM. The tournament awards 100 percent of entry fees ($500 per boat) to winners. Registration information is available at, or email or call 239-292-0566.

May 30- Jun 30

BATTLE ON THE BLUEWAY SUP RACE May 30-Jun 30 The Battle on the Blueway SUP Race will be held May 30th, on the Calusa Blueway in Fort Myers Beach, FL. This sanctioned WPA points event will feature two distance races (7 mile and 2 mile), a kids’ and Special Olympic race, a demo day, vendors displaying paddle merchandise, and non profits displaying nature/history materials and artifacts. This is a family oriented event with a festival atmosphere that brings paddling and Florida’s native wildlife and Calusa heritage together. NEIL ZIRCONIA Apr 3-5 Back by popular demand, Neil Zirconia will take you on an exciting journey down memory lane that only Neil himself can inspire. His unique baritone voice and singing ability so closely resembles Neil Diamond, you won’t believe your ears. See Neil Zirconia live at the Cultural Park Theatre in Cape Coral. $18 for Adults, $16 for Seniors, $12 for Students. Apr 3-5 April + May - In Concert POPS III- CLASSIC COUNTRY: A SALUTE TO DOLLY AND PATSY Apr 3-4 The Symphony will round out its Pops Series with Country Classics: A Salute to Dolly and Patsy, led by locally adored Maestro Leif Bjaland. Tickets $20-$62, payment required. MARY WITH MARY Apr 4 GRAMMY, American Music, ASCAP, BET, Dove, NAACP Image, Soul Train and Stellar Award-winning recording artist Mary Mary will be LIVE in concert Saturday, April 04, 2015 - 6:30 pm at Harborside Event Center located at 1375 Monroe Street in Fort Myers. Tickets can be purchased online at or for more information (239) 878-8361 Admission: General Admission $45.00 VIP $75.00. Apr 4

Apr 3-4




WELCOME TO SOUTHWEST FLORIDA’S TOP MULTI-MEDIA TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT AND LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE AND MEDIA NETWORK WHY COASTE IS YOUR BEST BUY IN SW FL « OWNERSHIP: Created, produced and owned by travel, tourism and destination marketing experts with more than 400 national and international awards for quality « BI-MONTHLY FORMAT: COASTE publishes bi-monthly in a schedule most advantageous to Southwest Florida’s tourism traffic « MULTI-MEDIA MARKETING: No other magazine or media in Southwest Florida utilizes the multi- media marketing approach of COASTE — digital, print, e-marketing, IOS and Android apps, website and social media « POWERFUL REACH: With each issue, COASTE reaches more than 400,000 Southwest Florida lovers of high net worth, with a minimum $125,000 household income or $500,000 home value, including: « 175,000 in top 10 feeder cities in Midwest and Northeast (e-marketing) « 125,000 in top 10 feeder cities in Southeast (e-marketing) « 75,000 in Lee and Collier Counties (e-marketing)

« 10,000 opt-in digital and print subscribers across the U.S. and international « 52,000-plus readers in Lee County (per City & Regional Magazine Association) « 8,000 social media followers « 4,000 visitors to website at with each issue

175,000 Midwest and Northeast

125,000 Southeast

75,000 Lee & Collier Counties



April + May - In Concert Continued

SMOKEY ROBINSON Apr 14 William “Smokey” Robinson, Jr. (born February 19, 1940) is an American R&B and soul singer and songwriter. Robinson is noted for being one of the primary figures associated with the Motown record label, second only to the company’s founder, Berry Gordy. As both a member of Motown group The Miracles and a solo artist, Robinson recorded seventy Top 40 hits for Motown between 1959 and 1990. Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall at 7:30 PM. Apr 19

Apr 14

CELTIC WOMAN Apr 19 The 10th Anniversary Tour Global music sensation, Celtic Woman, brings their celebration to the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall on Apr 19 at 3 PM. The 10th Anniversary Tour features four sublimely gifted Irish women – three angelic vocalists and dazzling Celtic violinist- along with a full band, The Anotas Choir, bagpipers, Irish dancers with bewitching choreography all under the direction of Emmy®-nominated music producer David Downes. A true celebration of their incredible 10-year journey that has captivated millions, don’t miss Celtic Woman live in concert. Two performances: 3 PM & 7:30 PM.

2015 COUNTRYLIFE MUSIC FESTIVAL Apr 24-26 The 2015 Countrylife Music Festival is and entire weekend of fun and country music. Some of the featured artists include: Billy Currington, Hank Williams Jr., Reba, Jamey Johnson, Big & Rich, Chris Young, .38 Special, Charlie Daniels, Tracy Lawrence, Craig Wayne Boyd, Gloriana, Craig Campbell, Dexter Roberts, Chris Weaver and more. Festival to be held at 39450 Bermont Rd., Punta Gorda, Florida 33982. for more info and tickets. Apr 24- 26

Apr 25- 26

FORT ROCK Apr 25 Rock the night away at Jet Blue Park with rock bands SlipKnot, Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, Paparoach, In this Moment, The Pretty Reckless, Young Guns, Vamps, Motionless in White and more. For more information, show times and a complete lineup visit MASTERWORKS V - BEETHOVEN’S 9TH: JOY! Apr 25 & 26 Masterworks V is an all Beethoven program, appropriately billed JOY! Performances include Overture to the Consecration of the House and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy, featuring the Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida for a powerful and uplifting Masterworks V. Tickets $20-$62.

Apr 25



Thru Apr 8

April + May - On Stage

DIVIDING THE ESTATE Thru Apr 8 Resentment, family dysfunction, and sibling rivalry have never been more fun! The New York Times raved, “A masterwork!” This Tony-nominated best play from Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Horton Foote, is about a family that must confront its past as it prepares for its very uncertain future. Old resentments and sibling rivalries surface as the members of this hilariously dysfunctional family go head to head to see who might claim the biggest piece of the pie as they divide the estate! ANYTHING GOES Thru Apr 9 Hosted by the Fort Myers Beach Art Association, the Cole Porter classic, Anything Goes, is popular classic aboard an ocean liner. Show will be performed at Fort Myers Beach Art Association gallery building on Donora at the corner of Shell Mound, Fort Myers Beach. Free. Apr 9 Thru Apr 25 WEST SIDE STORY Thru Apr 25 This musical re-imagines Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1950s New York City. A bitter rivalry between two teenage street gangs, the American-born Jets and the Puerto Rican immigrant Sharks, is forever altered by a forbidden love affair between the young couple Tony and Maria. Performances are Tuesday through Saturday evenings with select matinee dates. Adult tickets range from $37 to $60; $24 for children ages 12 and under. THE ODD COUPLE Thru May 2 In the Off Broadway Palm Theatre, Broadway Palm’s second performance venue, enjoy The Tony Award-winning comedic masterpiece by Neil Simon. Felix, a neat-freak news writer, moves in with his friend Oscar, a messy sportswriters, after his wife throws him out. Ticket prices range from $31 to $51 for adults, $24 for children ages 12 and younger. Performances are Tuesday through Sunday evenings with selected matinees. THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS Thru May 8 There are two sides to every story- even The Three Little Pigs! Based on the beloved children’s book, this dynamite rock musical goes inside the trial of the century as Alexander T. Wolf answers for his crimes against HAM-anity! Audiences of all ages will huff and puff with laughter as they help to decide the fate of the alleged Big Bad Wolf!

Thru May 2

Thru May 8

Thru May 9

JOURNEY TO OZ Thru May 9 Transported on the wings of a cyclone to the magical Land of Oz, Dorothy and Toto must find the Wizard before it’s too late. This ALL- New adaptation puts the audience in the middle of the action as Dorothy and her friends travel down the Yellow Brick Road, battle the Wicked Witch, and find the brains, the heart, and the courage they never knew they had!


Dining Guide

CIP’S PLACE | SANIBEL MON-SUN 11 AM - CLOSE 2055 Periwinkle Way | 239.472.0223 |

Located in one of Sanibel’s most beautifully landscaped settings, Cip’s Place offers delightful, delicious menus for lunch and dinner. You’ll love their variety of signature dishes and enjoy the best seats in the house — outdoors on the garden patio or front porch, or indoors tabled, or at the friendly bar.


630 Tarpon Bay Road | 239.472.2625 | Over Easy Café is a highly popular gathering place for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy a hearty, home cooked menu of classic comfort foods — from pancakes to scrambled eggs, sandwiches to salads, tasty soups to terrific desserts. Breakfast is served all day, the outdoor seating is awesome, and gentle pets are welcome.


Aptly titled “slow-cooked fast food” and “comfort food for the soul,” The Pecking Order is a new dining delight that embraces its role to perpetuate fine Southern cookin’ — from secret-recipe broasted chicken (always fresh) — by the piece or bucket — to collard greens, black beans and rice, home-made mac and cheese, and more!

SANIBEL DELI & COFFEE FACTORY | SANIBEL MON 7 AM – 3 PM | TUES-SAT 7 AM – 8 PM | SUN 8 AM – 7 PM 2330 Palm Ridge Road| 239.472.2555 | Winner of “Best Pizza” at Taste of the Islands, the Sanibel Deli & Coffee Factory is a casual, comfortable place to sit down or take out fresh-made breakfasts, lunches or light dinners. You’ll also enjoy a delicious variety of coffees, plus more than 25 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt. Yum!


April + May - On Stage Continued CAMELOT Apr 7-12

Apr 7- 12

Recount the time-honored legend of King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and the Knights of the Round Table in an enchanting fable of chivalry, majesty, and brotherhood in this four-time Tony Award® winning show. Camelot tells the story of the legend of King Arthur who rules his kingdom with new ideals, bringing peace to a troubled land. But when his beautiful new Queen Guinevere and the dashing Sir Lancelot, his most trusted knight, give in to their passion for one another, one of the most fabled love triangles of all time ensues. Intimate and fresh, never has this story of passion, pageantry and betrayal been more captivating.

Apr 9- May 23

SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS Apr 9-May 23 Adam, the oldest of seven brothers, goes to town to bring back a wife that can take care of his family. He meets Millie and asks her to marry him, but he fails to mention all of his brothers at home. When she discovers the brothers, she sets out to make them the most eligible bachelors around. Performances are Tuesday through Saturday evenings (no Tuesday performances in May) with select matinee dates. Adult tickets range from $37 to $60; $24 for children ages 12 and under.

Apr 10- 19

“FOOLS” CULTURAL PARK THEATRE Apr 10-Apr 19 The classic Neil Simon story of Leon Tolchinsky who has just landed a terrific teaching job in Kulyenchikov, an idyllic Russian hamlet. When he arrives he finds that the town has been

cursed with chronic stupidity for 200 years and it is his job to break the curse.

May 1- 10

CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES May 28-Jul 4 The ever-popular Church Basement Ladies are back to serve up some laughs. Throm the senior matriarch of the kitchen to the bride-to-be learning to arrange things in proper order, everyone will recognize the humorous and down-to-ear characters. Added is a little romantic stir for the new pastor. Performances are Wednesday through Saturday evenings with select matinee dates. Adult tickets range from $37 to $60; $24 for children ages 12 and under. “THE ODD COUPLE” CULTURAL PARK THEATRE May 1-10 One of Neil Simon’s most recognizable and timeless comedies. Fastidious Felix Ungar is thrown out by his wife. His only refuge is with his best friend, Oscar Madison, a recently divorced sportswriter whose apartment is a study in slovenly chaos. Friends? Yes, but will they drive each other crazy? May 28- Jul 4


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