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These Tips Could Save Your Deal!

If you read the title of this article and thought, “Well, Tim, I already have a mortgage locked down and you helped me get it,” then you might be tempted to toss out this newsletter. Don’t do it! Instead, after you read the rest of the articles, do me a favor and pass this one on to someone you know who is in the market for a home. Even if they’re working with another lender, these tips could save their deal.

you get a home, including the mortgage company, title company, appraiser, surveyor, seller, etc. I could go on and on! All of these people ultimately want you to be happy, but they’ll inevitably make mistakes, ask you the same question twice, and generally annoy you along the way. That’s why it’s so important to be patient and trust the process. Resend that document, go to that extra meeting, and try to be understanding. As the lender, I want to write your loan ASAP, but I also want to do it right. Your patience is invaluable! Hopefully this helps you (or your homebuying friend) survive the Busch Gardens roller coaster. If you have any questions about these tips or anything else mortgage-related, you can always call me and my team. We’re here to help.

Whew! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the good stuff. I want to get as many people into their dream homes as possible, but I know how intense the loan process can be. Sometimes it’s an ultra-smooth ride with zero issues, and other times it can feel like a roller coaster at Busch Gardens. There are a lot of ways to accidentally mess up your loan, so it’s important to go into the process with the right expectations. Do these three things to keep your mortgage on track. 1. Be responsive. When you apply for a mortgage, about a dozen people will come out of the woodwork and start asking you for documentation. The number of requests will probably feel crazy, but it’s important that you take care of them all ASAP. When the mortgage company needs another pay stub, send it, and when the title company needs a phone call, get somewhere quiet and do it! There may still be delays in your mortgage process, but if you’re responsive to calls, texts, and emails, you can rest easy knowing

the delay isn’t you . Every minute you save one of the people working on your loan is a huge help. 2. Stay out of your own way. Like I said, there are a lot of ways you can mess up your loan process by accident. The best thing you can do to avoid that is sit tight and keep your life the same. Don’t pull your credit for another loan, quit your job, or dig up the $5,000 in coins that you buried in Mason jars in your backyard and take them to the bank for your down payment. Even something good like a promotion can throw a wrench in your mortgage. Maybe you used to be salaried and that promotion made your paychecks 100% commission. All of a sudden, you’re a risky investment! Getting in your own way can ruin the preapproval process you’ve already done. So, sit tight, and if you need to make a life change, talk to your lender and ask them how to do it the best way. 3. Be patient. A successful mortgage practically takes an act of God. More than a dozen people and companies have to come together to help

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WHY YOU SHOULD CRY The Science Behind Sad and Mad Tears

Ronda Rousey is tough. She was the first American woman to earn a medal in the Olympics for judo, and she was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame to commemorate her six titles. Rousey is noted for her physical and mental toughness, so it might surprise you to learn that she loves a good cry.

Emotional tears have higher levels of ACTH, a stress hormone released by crying. They also have higher levels of endorphins and oxytocin, which are known to reduce both stress and pain. Crying and Your Health The benefits of crying have been explored by everyone from ancient philosophers to modern-day scientists. While philosophers noted the cathartic effects of crying, scientists have filled in the knowledge gaps about why crying feels good and how it’s actually good for us. The stress-reducing benefits of crying don’t just feel good in the moment. There are several secondary benefits such as: • Lower blood pressure, which keeps your heart healthy and helps you avoid stroke, heart failure, and dementia • Lower manganese levels, which helps decrease anxiety, irritability, and aggression • Decreased risk of ulcers and other digestive issues • Decreased risk of tension headaches and migraines Finally, crying serves an important social role. Tears elicit sympathy, signal that something is wrong, and facilitate connection during hard times. If you find yourself having chronic or uncontrollable bouts of tears, something else may be going on and you should seek professional help. But if you find yourself crying when stressed, angry, or sad, embrace your tears, knowing they’re helping make you healthier both mentally and physically.

“I really cry all the time … Everything [makes me cry]. Especially during fight week,” she told the Huffington Post.

The most famous mystery spot is in Santa Cruz, California, but it has cousins in Oregon, West Virginia, and Michigan. Each one is inexplicable — drawing thousands of people every year to come and spend their tourist dollars. And for many, the whole thing is just one big hoax, designed to take in suckers and generate cash. Although Santa Cruz has the most visitors, it was “inspired” by the Oregon Vortex, which was a spot that had odd occurrences “documented” back to the early frontier days. From a mining office sliding off its foundation to the high presence of optical illusions, the Vortex was the home to some odd events. Naturally, the thing to do was build a structure there and start taking people’s money! It’s not a coincidence that these locations began to pop up at the same time as the average American got access to automobiles — “roadside attractions” of all kinds have been the rage since people Nothing to See Here A HISTORY OF THE MYSTERY SPOT While crying is more often associated with weakness than strength, the science of the tears we shed when we’re emotional — including feelings of anger, sadness, and stress — shows that crying actually makes us healthier. More Than Just Water Before you cry, you may feel a welling up of tears in your eyes that makes them appear watery. While tears of all types are mainly made up of water, scientists say that they are distinguished by their chemical makeup. Biochemist Dr. William H. Frey produced foundational scientific research on the science of crying. He collected tears from research participants who cried while watching a sad movie and compared their tears to participants who cried because of a cut onion. Frey said the emotional tears were not only unique to humans but that they’re also a “unique kind of tear.” Their unique chemical makeup has both a detoxifying and stress-reducing effect.

began to tour America by car, and it’s pretty clear that, real or not, these mystery spots fall into that category. That’s why many of them have updated over the years to suit changing tastes — such as the Michigan St. Ignace Mystery Spot’s addition of zip lines and other attractions. And unlike many other roadside attractions, mystery spots continue to draw attention. Something in the American psyche loves the idea of the paranormal; Google “Europe mystery spots” and you’re likely to discover lists of unique vacation destinations. Perhaps they recapture the “paradise is just over the hill” mystery that in part drove colonization of the American West.

Or perhaps it’s all a bunch of hooey. The best way to decide, of course, is to visit one of these mystery spots for yourself!

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sends materials to more than 150 artists every month, holds classes, and helps them feel like part of a community. To raise funds, DAF auctions off donated art and sells supplies, too. “Several [artists] have said we have saved their actual lives during the pandemic,” the group reports. “A few have started selling the products they’ve made to help them buy food and other needs. Most importantly, we are here to help them afford the relief of art and find joy.” I think this group is pretty cool, and people who have benefited from it have great stories to tell about how the program kept them going. You can read up on DAF at or Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium I love to go boating and fishing, and those things wouldn’t be possible without nonprofits like the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium looking out for Florida’s environment and wildlife. This Nature Center is a fun place to visit full of trails and boardwalks, and it also has a natural history

museum, butterfly conservancy, and the only raptor aviary in Southwest Florida.

from low-income families. You can learn more about the great things they do at Gulf Coast Humane Society Last but not least, who doesn’t love cute dogs and cats? The Gulf Coast Humane Society helped 3,122 animals get adopted in 2020, and it’s aiming to rehome another 3,000 this year. You can scroll through all of the cute pets and find out how to donate or adopt at If one of these nonprofits sounds like a worthwhile cause to you, consider chipping in with a donation, volunteering, or spreading the word about them on social media this month. Every little thing helps. Like Mother Teresa said, “It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” It’s cheesy, but she was right!

Donations to the nonprofit fund environmental education classes for adults and kids to help them appreciate the awesome things we have here in Florida. There’s also a donation wish list on the center’s website that includes really basic stuff like paper towels, cleaning supplies, and bug spray. Check it out at Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida This nonprofit has been helping at-risk kids and teens build their self-confidence, learn self-discipline, and have pride in the Fort Myers community since 1990. It offers after school programs, summer camps, residential programs, and more focused on topics like financial literacy, social skills, college prep, and drug and alcohol prevention. The center also serves 52,000 meals to hungry kids every year. The kids at Quality Life Center are dealing with things like poverty, violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues at home, and about 90% of them come

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TRIVIA QUESTION: How many animals did Gulf Coast Humane Society help get adopted in 2020?

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5 Fort Myers Nonprofits to Support for the International Day of Charity

Here at VanDyk Mortgage, my team and I don’t just give loans — we give back, too. The International Day of Charity is coming up this month on Sept. 5, and I’m still trying to decide the best way for us to get involved. There are hundreds of awesome nonprofits in the Fort Myers area, and that makes it tough to decide which one to support. I’ve put together some information below on five of the organizations I’ve been researching, just in case you want to check them out. The Veteran Barn Door Project Right now, our U.S. military members and veterans are at the top of my mind, and that

led me to The Veteran Barn Door Project. They do really important work helping veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries heal through therapeutic horseback riding. The nonprofit offers horse riding lessons, non-riding therapy, and other activities that give veterans the opportunity for positive social interaction. They’ll even bring horses right to the veterans' homes to boost their moods, give them structure, and help them bond with an animals. The program helps over 175 veterans every year. As they put it, “We have had veterans on the verge of suicide return to society and become successful in new careers or rise

in their current career due to finding a new balance in life and trust in people they had lost during their battles with PTSD.” That sounds like a worthy cause to me. Check them out at Disabled Artists Foundation (DAF) This nonprofit helps out disabled Fort Myers artists who are living at or below the poverty line and can’t afford their own supplies. It


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