Spend Minutes Not Hours Per Month Managing Your Rentals with NestEgg

by Eachan Fletcher, NestEgg

R eal estate technology has ad- vanced dramatically in recent years, but have you noticed this development actually improve your rental business? Unless you are a large real estate investing conglom- erate, the answer is most likely no. Established companies now have access to game-changing software, data, and technology, but smaller landlords are still having to work harder than ever before just to man- platforms can be helpful in certain aspects, but still leave rental property owners without access to important tools and skills. Using smart technol- ogy, NestEgg’s helpdesk goes above and beyond other softwares to save landlords time, stress, and money. NestEgg makes life easier for the busy rental owner by automating tenant communication and proper- ty maintenance. When your tenant notices a problem (such as a leaky roof or broken garage door), using only their smartphone, they can alert you to the issue and upload pictures or videos to substantiate their claim. Once all the information is collected, the property owner receives a main- tenance report including a fully-di- agnosed summary and a discounted age their existing portfolios. Most property management STREAMLINE COMMUNICATION AND MAINTENANCE

hourly rate to fix the problem through NestEgg’s network of trusted con- tractors in the area. There are plenty of property management platforms on the market that connect property owners with qualified contractors, but NestEgg takes things one step further. In addition to partnering you with reputable contractors in your area, NestEgg handles all of the logistics and property access details while also coordinating with the tenant's schedule. All you have to do is approve the repair and NestEgg takes care of the rest. Unlike competing property main- tenance platforms, NestEgg doesn’t just report maintenance issues. NestEgg fully diagnoses the prob- lem and provides a complete onsite repair service; all with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Additionally, NestEgg goes above and beyond tra- ditional property management prac- tices by helping tenants troubleshoot simple issues, avoiding unnecessary and costly service charges. FULLY DIAGNOSES MAINTENANCE ISSUES

since most property owners have loan payments, taxes, and other financial obligations due at the beginning of the month. With our Rent Advance feature, the monthly payment received from your tenant is made available for use in your bank account on the first day of ev- ery month, guaranteed. NestEgg is the ONLY service that provides this kind of flexibility with your rent- al unit income every month. For additional protection, check out the Rent Assure product which guaran- tees your rent for up to 6 months in case of a tenant default. NestEgg helps investors who are just getting comfortable with being landlords and are looking to get more control over their prop- erties, without having to give up their evenings and weekends to get the job done. Using smart tech- nology, NestEgg transforms the most stressful and time-consuming aspects of being a landlord into a refreshingly simple process. •


Rent payments typically take 3-5 days to process, even if the tenant pays on time. This is problematic


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