LASIK Marketing Agency - March 2020


After working in an ophthalmology office for more than a decade and helping successful practices across the U.S. in my agency, one thing has become crystal clear to me: No one knows as much about your industry as you do. An outside agency like mine can do good work for you, but it will never be quite as effective as what you’d be able to come up with yourself if you invested the time and money to learn how to create these assets on your own. This realization pushed us to change our strategy at LASIK Marketing Agency. Instead of simply offering to market for you, I’m now giving you the option to market for yourself — with my help and expert guidance to show you the way. I’m calling this new initiative the Clinic Marketing System Course. It’s an eight-week, immersive online experience tailored specifically for elective surgeons, and it will teach you how to take control of your marketing story. We are acutely aware of all of the operational, staffing, and hiring challenges that a practice has to juggle to be successful. Those things make hiring an outside vendor tempting, but I’ve seen far too many practices hire the wrong people and throw their money down the drain, or worse, let marketing fall by the wayside because they don’t have time for it. My goal is to let you keep your time and money and propel you to greater success by giving you the tools and strategies you need to convert patients and deliver outstanding care. Here’s a taste of what the Clinic Marketing System Course will cover: • WEEK 1: CRAFTING AN IDEAL CUSTOMER VALUE JOURNEY The most important thing your practice can do is identify who you’re trying to serve. This week, we’ll identify your target demographic by creating a customer avatar (see Pg. 2), a before and after grid, a tailored customer value journey, and a win-back campaign. These steps will get your practice immediate results, and help you lock in more five-star reviews. • WEEK 2: CREATING AND OPTIMIZING YOUR CONVERSION ASSETS It’s time to focus on optimizing the assets you have, starting with your website, landing pages, and patient communication. Before you start spending more money on paid

your own website audit. These steps will get your business primed to scale. • WEEK 3: DEVELOPING DATA TRACKING AND REPORTING This week, we’ll identify the metrics you need to report daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Then, we’ll work with you to transform those data sheets into easy-to-consume reports that will let you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. • WEEK 4: PERFECTING THE IN-OFFICE PATIENT EXPERIENCE During week four, we’ll look internally. What are the best practices your staff can use when answering the phone? What should their follow-up be? We’ll help you streamline and enhance your patient experience and show you how to train your staff to convert more leads into consultations. • WEEK 5: PAID TRAFFIC—GOOGLE ADS This week is all about demystifying what it takes to successfully run paid traffic. We’ll reveal the truth of how Google Ads works, and show you how to use it to convert patients who are on the fence into paying clients. • WEEK 6: PAID TRAFFIC—FACEBOOK ADVERTISING According to Statista, 2.65 billion people were active on social media in 2018, and in 2021, that number could rise to 3.1 billion! We’ll teach you how to use two of the most popular platforms out there, Facebook and Instagram, for retargeting and running to cold traffic. • WEEK 7: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION In week seven, we’ll pull back the veil on SEO, showing you the actions and strategies necessary to vault your organic rankings above the competition’s. Industry experts will join us to share their strategies, and we’ll audit your website to see how it stacks up. • WEEK 8: BONUS CAMPAIGNS Finally, we’ll share all of our insider tips for frosting on the marketing cake, like how to run patient webinars, how to set up employee discount programs with larger corporations in your area, and more! With these low-cost strategies, our clients have earned millions. As you can tell, I have an insane amount of information to share with you, and I can’t wait to get started! To learn more or get started on the course today, visit I’m looking forward to marketing WITH you instead of FOR you.



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“My goal is to let you keep your time and money and propel you to greater success by giving you the tools and strategies you need to convert patients

and deliver outstanding care.”

traffic, we’ll show you how to improve performance from your website by doing

– Michael King



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