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I. Project Description

1. The Dickson County Recycling Program sponsors events such as Keep TN Beautiful, Household Hazardous Waste Day, and Great American Clean-up to promote waste reduction and recycling. The Program uses Dickson County’s website to provide information about what may be recycled at the county’s convenience centers. The recycling coordinator participates in a variety of public events to educate Dickson County residents on waste reduction and recycling, and she visits as many civic groups, schools, and local events as possible. She provides contests for elementary and middle school students to promote Earth Day and Keep Tennessee Beautiful. The Recycling Program also advertises on the radio and in the local newspapers. Budget limitations hinder both education/outreach and waste reduction and recycling in the county. As Dickson County wishes to move toward a single recycling stream, Dickson County Solid Waste firmly believes that reaching students during formative years provides the highest potential for both influencing future generations’ waste reduction habits and for prompting today’s population to embrace waste reduction and recycling. Much like energy conservation programs in schools did in the 1970’s, educating youngsters about the criticality of waste reduction and recycling, in fact, prompts desired responsibility and proactivity in parents, grandparents, and neighbors. Children have persuasive ways to challenge adults to improved practices, whether energy conservation, budgeting, diet, or waste reduction/recycling! 2. Let’s Talk Trash News is a full school year educational program with a resource publication delivered directly to each school separated into teacher bundles for their class to every Dickson County elementary and middle school student. Additional bundles are provided for pickup at high schools, local post offices, grocery stores, and selected business locations around the county. Each large and colorful 11 x 14 formatted 24 page issue is strategically written to address the topics of waste, disposal, recycling, reusing, and litter, and published every other month, 5 times per school year: Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, and May/June. It is created, designed and produced by Debbie Keenan of The Keenan Group, Inc., a Tennessee based corporation located in Cheatham County. Based upon Dickson County K-8 grade student population of approximately 6,000, 7,500 copies will be printed for each issue with an expected readership of over 21,000 within the county. As a quantified comparison, Cheatham County’s Let’s Talk Trash-News currently has a readership over three times the 7,000 copies printed. This program is planned to begin September 2019 in Dickson County. 3. Let’s Talk Trash News’ focus is to continually help educate, encourage, and promote good citizenship, good character, personal responsibility, and awareness of the environment

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