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Summer is winding down, but after the blessings I’ve experienced these past few months, I certainly can’t complain. I was fortunate to have a particularly gratifying season — both on a professional and personal level. As I explained in our previous issue, we broke ground on the new, state-of- the-art facility over a year ago. It’s amazing how time has flown! The new location has now been open for over a month, but both our staff and clients still can’t get over how great everything looks. The building turned out even better than I could have imagined, and it’s both fun and flattering to hear people gasp in awe after walking through the doors. Everything looks top-notch, from the gorgeous exterior to our outdoor Japanese garden and its waterfall wall. We have a breathtaking water feature in the main lobby that wraps around our staircase, which really sets the stage for the relaxing atmosphere we hope to provide at our new facility. The new gym, the cloud chairs in the relaxation room, and the outdoor patio outfitted with a firepit and televisions are especially popular. Unsurprisingly, I’m partial to our new massive ASC surgical suite — it’s a joy every time I have the opportunity to operate there. As much enjoyment as I got out of marveling at our new surroundings, it was also a relief to take a break. My wife, Laura, and I marked our summer with a couple’s vacation to Belize. This location was definitely on our bucket list, so the trip felt like a dream come true. I’m a big scuba diving enthusiast, and Laura loves to snorkel, so Belize was a great location to visit, and we spent a lot of time either on or in the water. I don’t believe in doing anything halfway, so we ate fresh lobster every night and particularly enjoyed eating at our new favorite restaurant: Coco Cabana. From the stunning location to the quality time with my wife, it was certainly a trip to remember. Whether you got to travel or if you just stayed home, I hope that you and your family also had a gratifying summer filled with whatever brings you joy. As I continue to get used to my new surroundings, I can only hope that the fall will be as rewarding. Stop in to see us soon! – Dr. Sam Sukkar

This is definitely a bucket list vacation destination! I love to scuba and Laura loves to snorkel. Here I am (above) diving the blue hole. Our favorite food from the trip was lobster, which was so good that we had it every night! If you visit, don’t miss the Coco Cabana restaurant.

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2 FUN FAMILY CARD GAMES TO PLAY WITH 1 DECK Whether you’re hanging out at home or camping with the family, card games are a great way to relax. A single deck is versatile and easy to pack, so if you have one on hand, try these two games that go beyond the classics like War and Go Fish. Slapjack (2+ Players, No Jokers): The goal of this War-style game is to win all of the cards. To start, deal all of the cards face down, then have everyone form their cards into a pile without looking at them. Each player then flips a card face up into the center. Continue doing this until one of the cards played is a jack. When that happens, the first person to slap the jack wins it and the cards beneath! They add them to their deck, and play continues until one player has all of the cards. To keep things interesting, if you accidentally slap a card that isn’t a jack, you have to give up one of your cards to the player with that pile, and if you run out of cards, you can reenter the game by slapping the very next jack.

Lip blushing is applied using a tattoo gun. You can select the shade you want to use, from something extremely similar to your natural lip color to something a little bolder. Some clients like to bring along their favorite lip colors, which is very helpful! During your appointment, your technician will create a temporary outline to demonstrate the size and shape of your lips after the procedure is completed. Once you’re satisfied with the outline, a numbing cream will be applied to your lips, and the technician will carefully layer color onto your mouth. The result will be quite pronounced immediately after the procedure, but the pigment fades during recovery to create a more natural look. Full healing takes 1–2 weeks, and some minor peeling will be involved. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for 6–8 weeks after the procedure to fine-tune the color and shape of your lips. If you think lip blushing might be right for you, call our office to schedule a consultation today. We’ll be glad to make recommendations and walk you through the procedure — after all, it’s our job to make sure you look your best. Service of the Month PERFECT YOUR POUT WITH LIP BLUSHING Spar (2–4 Players, No Ace of Spades or Cards Below 6): This easy game is played with just 35 cards, and the object is to win the last round (aka trick). To start, deal five cards to each player. Then, have the person to the left of the dealer lay one of their cards face up. Each person in the circle then plays a card in the same suit if they can or another suit if they can’t. Whoever has the highest card in the original suit wins the trick and starts the next one! The winner of the fifth trick wins the game. If you want to keep score, award three points if the winning card is a six, two points if it’s a seven, and one point if it’s an eight or higher. Then play again! We found these games on BicycleCards.com, but you can learn about them and dozens of others by checking out “The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games” by Oliver Ho from your local library.

Are you dissatisfied with your lips but wary of the maintenance required with lip fillers? Do you hate putting on lipstick and wish you could just wake up with a pretty, natural shade every morning? If so, lip blushing might be for you. Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that helps tint and define your lips. Unlike lip fillers, lip blushing does not change the size or shape of your lips but shades them to create the appearance of a fuller and plumper mouth. Lip blushing is less invasive than lip fillers and the results generally last longer — plus, it leaves behind a natural-looking lip color. The edges of our lips are naturally a bit fuzzy and tend to blend into the surrounding skin. Lip blushing provides definition to your lips, creating the illusion that they are larger and fuller. The extra color also conceals fine lines, making your lips appear more youthful.

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Our store got a makeover! Now you can: •Shop our products and services •View our current special offers and sales •Join our memberships to receive exclusive discounts All from the comfort of your home! ShopOur nline Store! Quick Miso Maple Sauce This umami-filled sauce from Kitchn.com brings a lot of flavor with just three simple ingredients: 1/2 cup tamari or soy sauce, 1/2 cup maple syrup, and 1/4 cup miso paste. That’s it! Whisk the ingredients together and pour over oven-roasted, pan-seared, or grilled chicken and serve. These three sauces are a great place to start, but if you find yourself uninspired in the kitchen, just look up “simple sauces” online and the protein or vegetable you’re preparing. The internet will come to the rescue every time! Simple Lemon Herb Sauce Want a lighter, healthier option? Go for an oil-and-herb sauce like FoodNetwork.com’s “Chicken With a Lemon Herb Sauce.” In a blender or food processor, add 1 peeled clove of garlic, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 cup freshly chopped herbs of your choice (they recommend a mix of parsley and mint), 1 1/2 tsp ground pepper, the zest and juice of 1 lemon, and 1/3 cup extra- virgin olive oil. Pulse all ingredients together until well mixed and the herbs and garlic are coarsely chopped.

DR. SUKKAR'S Word Search *Bring in a completed word search and get $30 off your next IV treatment! One upside to spending more than a year at home was that many people donned their aprons, learned new recipes and techniques, and began cooking meals regularly in their own kitchens. Even as restaurants reopen, over 70% of Americans say they’ll keep their new habit of cooking at home because it’s healthier and cheaper. That said, the average American can only whip up about five meals without a recipe at hand, and many people cook and eat the same types of protein and vegetables over and over. One easy way to avoid boredom is to keep your main staples but diversify your sauce routine! When in doubt, learn one creamy sauce and one herb- or citrus-based sauce. Here are a few examples that work particularly well for chicken, America’s favorite animal protein. These can be used with your other favorite meats and your favorite vegetable preparations, as well! 5-Minute Honey Mustard Sauce To avoid hearing “chicken again?!” add this honey mustard sauce from PinchOfYum.com to your repertoire. Simply whisk together 1/4 cup honey, 1/4 cup mayo, 1/4 cup Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp white vinegar, and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper for a delicious topper for all meats.

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Your Next Affordable Vacation Spot! The Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Split The second largest city in Croatia (the first being Zagreb) is Split, founded by a Greek colony in the second or third century B.C. Historically, Split enjoyed being an independent city-state many times, and that free spirit is very tangible, as Split is very different from any other city in Croatia. With well-preserved Roman architecture and a multitude of museums, it’s no wonder Split is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although Croatia was among the first UN countries to open its doors to Americans, always be safe and check the newest regulations before booking your travel. Hopefully you enjoyed learning about this unique, wonderful country!

This gorgeous coastal nation will absolutely blow you away with its beautiful architecture, landscapes, and delicious blend of Mediterranean and Slavic cuisine. Even better, it’s a fairly affordable place to visit! While many travelers land in Zagreb, the beautiful capital city and cultural hub, you wouldn’t want to miss these destinations. Dubrovnik As the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” this coastal city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Adriatic Sea. It’s a beautiful city, featuring 13th century walls, marble stone streets, Gothic palaces, breathtaking churches, and an imposing fortress. There’s so much to do in the town square — one of Croatia’s largest and most beautiful — and you’ll

be able to explore many historic structures nearby. Nature also has plenty to offer, with secluded coves and beaches nearby for exploration. Plitvice Lakes National Park Near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina, you’ll find one of Croatia’s oldest and most beautiful national parks and a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. Although it’s quite the drive, you won’t regret it — the park has an outstanding and picturesque series of tufa lakes and caves, all connected by waterfalls. With over 16 interconnected cascading lakes, it’s unlike anything else you’ll see. If you get hungry, you’ll love the nearby National Restaurant Licka Kuca, which is famous for its traditional Croatian preparation of lamb under a cast-iron bell.

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