Kelly Window And Door October 2018

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Solving Problems and Giving Our Best


S erving people well is our purpose here at Kelly Window & Door. Our success lies solely in the phenomenal outcome we give each of our clients, even when we fail. We work hard every day to prevent these failures and to immediately correct the rare mistakes that happen. Our team gives their all to offer the best customer service they can, making sure each and every one of our clients are happy with what they purchase. To achieve this, every team member spends hours in our training programs. The owner of our company, Mike Kelly, puts a lot of time and effort into these trainings to ensure that each of the employees at Kelly Window & Door serves our customers at our high standard for customer service. “We have a craftsman’s program where our installers go through extensive training,” Kelly notes. “We also have weekly leadership meetings where we seek out our reviews … Every time we head to a project, 98 percent of the time we do it right. The times we don’t, we identify the issues. We discuss them and work toward our goal to make up for those problems. Everything we do in serving people well goes back to our training.” During the extensive training, the trainees internalize serving people well, and soon, they’re doing it without a second thought. Our leaders put great emphasis on serving people well, which is brought up again and again throughout the training process until it becomes second nature. “It’s stuck in their brain,” Kelly says. The continued repetition goes from

being something the brain acknowledges to something the heart adheres to. Our employees want to serve people well, which helps create a connection between our clients and our team. However, it’s not easy to take the road less traveled. By serving people well, we know we have to hold up our end of the bargain. “You have to make sure you can live up to what you’re living by,” Kelly explains. “We admit that we’re not perfect and we’re going to fail from time to time, but when we do, we’ve got to run toward the issue as fast as we can to fix it and not stick our heads in the sand.” Kelly Window & Door approaches problems with a formula called IDS. When faced with an issue, our team identifies it, discusses it, and solves it. When a client is not satisfied with something we’ve done and calls in or emails us, our team steps up to the plate to face the problem head-on. “We quickly get in touch with the client who is having the issue,” Kelly says. “And we have a conversation with them to find out what went wrong. Then we address that problem professionally.” “HOWEVER, IT’S NOT EASY TO TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. BY SERVING PEOPLE WELL, WE KNOWWE HAVE TO HOLD UP OUR END OF THE BARGAIN.”

Anyone can relate to the frustrating feeling when something goes wrong on a project. It’s even more aggravating when a company whose service is relied on is at fault. No one wants to go through these issues, especially when the company blames someone else for the problems they created. Kelly Window & Door refuses to approach any problem this way. “We want to make sure that we’re not blaming anyone else,” Kelly says firmly. “When something is our fault, we face up to it. We apologize considerably, and then we do something to fix it — it’s not just lip service.” We want to provide outstanding outcomes for our clients the first time. Every once in a while, something goes wrong. We don’t want it to happen, but when it does, we fix and resolve the issue. We serve people well, and we have the determination and resources to stand by what our team at Kelly Window & Door lives for.

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