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Knock it out of the park

B ottom of the ninth. Full count. Two outs. Bases loaded. McNally steps up to the plate. The windup. The pitch – and the crowd goes wild! If you swing for the fence, remember the fans, watch for curveballs, and rally your team, your firm will be successful.

Every child who steps on that hallowed diamond knows this scenario. It’s every backyard, every sandlot, every kid’s dream. All those feelings came flooding back to me as I stood on the mound of Powder Springs Park, the very field where I grew up playing ball. Only this time, as the memories rushed back, I was holding a set of design plans in my hand, beginning a journey to re-design some of the park where I developed my love for the game. From this park – through high school and travel-ball, all the way to Division I – baseball defined my life. Plans quickly changed when a blown elbow and a love for math steered me toward a career in civil engineering. It was time to hang up the glove and spikes. Standing on the field again that day I realized that we never lose the dreams and character we developed playing under those lights, and it’s these ideals that still drive my designs to this day. So, here are a few of those lessons:

1. Swing for the fence. If you’ve played baseball, you know the best time to hit one out of the park is early in the count because that’s when you get the best pitches to hit (plus, who really wants to bunt anyway?). It’s no different with a park project. Come out with your best foot forward. Don’t go into the meeting telling the client what’s affordable, or what seems most practical, or what’s easiest for your project budget. Step up to the plate, grip it, and rip it. In other words, dream big and think outside the box (or the fence) with your project. Going above and beyond and paying close attention to detail is what sets you apart. If the game was played by just pure talent, I would’ve never won a game. It was the preparation and attention to detail that allowed me to be

Scott McNally, PE



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