Uni of Southampton - Associate Dir. of Estates Development

Respect, compassion, and curiosity for what makes us different strengthens our community and the communities we serve, enabling mutual success. People who feel welcomed, included, and valued will use their differences to create and enjoy a transformative experience that drives positive change in the world.

The climate emergency and ecological destruction are among the greatest challenges the world faces. By embedding sustainability in the ways we operate, in our education programmes, and addressing its urgency in our research and enterprise, we will shape a more positive future locally and across the globe.


People are at the core of our Triple Helix


Our values provide the lens through which we make decisions, guiding our actions, collective behaviours and systems. They are integral to our purpose of building an inclusive community that makes positive change. We are ambitious, both personally and institutionally, which requires us to be collaborative and collegial. As a community of talented individuals, our systems need to enable and empower us. Our community upholds academic freedom and develops through constructive, civil debate. Ensuring different views are heard allows us to make the best decisions.

PURPOSE AND VISION We inspire excellence to achieve the remarkable and build an inclusive world



Research Knowledge exchange and enterprise


Our highly-ranked education, research and knowledge exchange and enterprise (KEE) are already distinctively intertwined. By strengthening and increasing these links, our Triple Helix approach will achieve greater impact and accelerate new ways to tackle the world’s most complex problems. This scaling up is a challenging goal we commit to achieve; its reach and ambition sets us apart.




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We will work with partners ranging from industry to the third sector to improve the lives and environment of people across diverse communities in a just and responsible way. This will be achieved through the outcomes of our education, research and enterprise, and the skills and contributions of our alumni and supporters.

Everyone in our community, together with those we serve, deserves to have their talents developed to the full so they can succeed in achieving their ambitions. Leaders at all levels of the University will continue to live our values and shared purpose to achieve this.

We will integrate digital technologies into all areas of our business, fundamentally changing how we operate to create value for people and the planet. We will ensure the impact of our new knowledge helps the world to change for the better.

Our values in action

Collaborations with prestigious partners such as Xiamen University in China, Singapore Institute of Management and Nanyang Technological University allow students to study a wide range of subjects and undertake research in an international environment.

Our staff and students at Winchester School of Art collaborated with fashion designer Liang Mingyu for her sustainability sculpture, ‘Masai Mara’, as part of their ‘Itinerant Objects’ programme for Tate Exchange.

Dr Kamil Zwolski, Associate Professor in International Politics, was awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship in 2022 for his innovative approach to teaching.

Our annual Vice-Chancellor’s Awards recognise and celebrate the exceptional contributions made by our staff during the academic year.



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