An insight into Christ's College

An insight into Christ’s College

An insight into Christ’s College




These are the character attributes developed through the boys’ College experience. We believe they will enable our College graduates to flourish in an everchanging world. The Christ’s College Graduate

Compassion & empathy The action of caring and concern for the suffering andmisfortune of others, and the ability to understand, share and respond to the feelings of others.

Enterprise & curiosity A readiness or daring to engage in a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky, and a strong desire to understand and learn something new.

Confidence & humility Possessing an optimistic perspective and certainty of purpose, balanced by amodest sense of self-importance.

Courage & resilience Having themental andmoral strength to venture, persevere,withstand danger and confront fear or difficulty, combined with the ability and capacity to respond positively to setbacks and adapt to changing circumstances.

Self-awareness A conscious knowledge of personal character, strengths,weaknesses, abilities, beliefs and emotions, enabling adaptability and flexibility in response to change.

Personal excellence The ongoing desire of the individual to develop and empower their character, gifts, talents and relationships to the fullest, achieving a harmony in how they think, feel, believe and behave.

Interpersonal skills The ability to communicate or interact positively and

meaningfully with others and to present oneself with appropriate manners and regard.

The capacity to lead and follow

Global and bicultural competence The knowledge, skills and open- mindedness necessary to navigate and engage with today’s interconnected

A disposition to serve A willingness to selflessly help and do work for the benefit of others, the community and the environment.

The ability to influence and initiate by action or example, balanced by the understanding of when to be guided, to conform, to heed or to observe.

world – both in a global and a bicultural NewZealand context.


The benefits of a Christ’s College education

2020 NZQA Scholarship recipients

John Paul-Lay English (Outstanding), Chemistry (Outstanding) (Top Scholar), Physics, Statistics, Calculus, Media Studies (Outstanding), History, Classical Studies Matthew Gibb English, Chemistry (Outstanding), Physics, Statistics, Calculus, History, Health and Physical Education (Outstanding) Henry Eglinton English (Outstanding), Biology, Chemistry, Statistics (Outstanding) Dominic Edmond English, Biology, Drama Callum Hackston English, Geography Thomas Jones English, Physical Education & Health Andrew Kwak Biology, Chemistry Charles Owens English (Outstanding), History Jamie Yee English, Drama

Fletcher Anderson Drama Robert Baird Biology Qiushi Chen Technology Charles Chubb English Isaac Heap English Eden Pidgeon Biology Daniel Qi Economics William Simcock English George Simpson English Claude Tellick Geography Thomas Tothill Chemistry Angad Vraich Biology John Wong Painting Futian Zhou Technology

Academic environment Small class sizes, excellent facilities and exceptional subject specialist teachers come together to create a motivational, inspirational and personalised learning journey for our boys. Our focus is on helping each boy realise his full academic potential. College delivers high-quality learning programmes, encompassing the latest curriculum developments and best teaching pedagogy across all curriculum areas.

• English

• The Arts – Art History, Drama,Music, and Visual Arts

• Health & Physical Education – including Sport Leadership • Modern Languages – French, Japanese, and Te Reo Ma¯ ori

• Mathematics & Statistics – including Calculus

• Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space Science • Social Sciences – Accounting, Agribusiness, Classical Studies, Economics, Financial Literacy, Geography, History, Psychology, and Religious Education • Technology – Digital Technology, Design & Visual Communication, Materials Technology and Mechanical Engineering • Learning Centre – extra support for students who need focused individual or small group tuition, ESOL tuition • Advanced Learning – provides extension and enrichment opportunities and study or career pathways


Health & Wellbeing / Hauora

Our Health & Wellbeing Programmes While creating a conversation among peers and with parents, our aim is to complement the work completed in the Year 9–11 Health & Wellbeing and Year 10 Immerse & Inspire programmes, and in Year 12 and 13, we educate young men to ensure they are making good choices.

Biculturalism, Christianity and Positive Psychology – are at the centre of our health and wellbeing philosophy. These form the foundation of our unique and targeted programmes for our boys, staff and community.


Year 9 MINDfit Programme • Mindfulness • Character strengths •

In the traditional Ma¯ori worldview, everything and everybody – the land, the people, the sky, the oceans, flora and fauna – are connected. The essential elements of the Ma¯ori sense of wellbeing are feeling connected to place, knowing your purpose and knowing your holistic self.

Respect and responsibility Holistic wellbeing – Hauora Leadership and service Screen time/mental health

• • •

Year 10 Immerse & Inspire Programme • Guide boys to a better understanding of themselves and their unique strengths and character at a pivotal time in their personal development • Introduce concepts of character and leadership in a meaningful way, as they relate to life and to the College experience • Allow for a service learning experience focused on teamwork and community need, where boys will learn the power of giving • Allow for a unique learning experience focused on social entrepreneurship, which is led by Christchurch’s Ministry of Awesome • Allow for an adventure experience to teach boys to be safe in, and appreciate, the great outdoors • Allow all boys to experience the fun of boarding and learning to live with others as a key part of their College experience • Allow new friendships to form across College and between Houses


Wellbeing in the Christian tradition encompasses each person living in peace in all relationships – with God, with self, with others, and with nature. Positive Psychology Positive Psychology is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves and to enhance their experiences of life, love and social connection.


Year 11 MINDfit Programme • Character strengths • Enhancing wellbeing • Five ways to wellbeing • Consent & law • Pornography • Respectful relationships • Resilience

Year 12 & 13 MANifesto Programme • Masculinity • Character strengths • The cyber world • Consent, respect and responsibilities with partners • Mental and physical health • Transitioning to life after College • Leadership • Respectful relationships • Resilience


Wellbeing & Positive Education Profiles

JOHN QUINN Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education John joined College in 2017 in the new role of Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education. John and Sarah lead the implementation that sees positive education embedded across

DR SARAH ANTICICH Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education Sarah is a clinical psychologist already known in the College community for her presentations on neuroscience and Positive Education. Sarah has specialist experience in the areas

programmes, both inside and outside the classroom. John has been working with people and teams for the past 20 years across multiple industries – government, education, business and High Performance Sport. His focus has been in the fields of Leadership, Positive Psychology, Wellbeing and Happiness, Mental Skills Coaching and Resilience. When working with people and teams John is always interested in ensuring that they are following their passions and using their strengths to ensure that they are connecting with their passions but also their teammates/co-workers. John has worked with several sporting teams and organisations nationally, including New Zealand Rugby, New Zealand Cricket, New Zealand Softball, New Zealand Bowls and High Performance Sport. Within the Canterbury region he has been working with Canterbury Cricket, Canterbury Rugby, Canterbury Netball, Canterbury Golf and Canterbury Cats Hockey.

of anxiety, trauma andmood disorders in children, adolescents and adults, and has worked in both public and private practice across a range of settings – with five years in Brisbane – including education, Corrections, ACC and specialist mental health services. She recently became an accredited Strength Switch facilitator, supporting families to develop strength-based parenting tools and strategies. Christchurch born and bred, Sarah has a comprehensive understanding of young people’s lifestyles and concerns, in particular the endemic difficulties of coping in a digital age. Sarah says her focus is on returning to the basics of building quality,meaningful relationships,which will act as strengths in the face of stress and anxiety.With two young children and a puppy, life is full.


KIRSTY ROBINSON Counsellor Originally fromNorth Canterbury, Kirsty studied at the University of Canterbury and Victoria University, spendingmore than 12 years inWellington. When she returned south with husband Todd and sons Liamand Dylan,

RIKI CLARK Counsellor Although originally

fromAuckland, Riki has spent most of his life in Christchurch where he has developed a wide range of competencies – froma counsellor to a performing

arts practitioner and a personal trainer to a

she was initially a stay-at-homeMumand silversmith, before retraining as a psychologist.Now a registered psychologist, she joins the Centre for Wellbeing & Positive Education fromher role in Learning Support at theMinistry of Education. Christ’s College strongly appeals to her because she welcomes the idea of forming relationships and becoming part of a community. She is passionate about promoting the wellbeing of young people and their families, and is eagerly looking forward to working in a boys’ school setting.

netball player and coach. He loves sport and has played touch and netball throughout his life, is passionate about performing arts and has taught independently in Christchurch dance schools. Riki balances his professional career with these interests and by spending time with his partner and wha¯nau. He comes to College froma role as a Specialist Clinician from the Children’s Service of Stop Services. He embraces change and welcomes the opportunity to support a bicultural lens within the school.


Meet our Chaplain

Ko te wairua te ¯ tehi pou o te whare tapawha ¯ . Spirituality is one of the posts that stabilises the house.

As well as previously holding a several different jobs, the Chaplain, Bosco Peters, has taught mathematics and physics in both secular and faith-based schools. Over many years, Bosco travelled extensively around the world. As an Anglican priest, he has experience serving in large rural and urban Anglican parishes. Bosco has a passion for translating the good traditions that we have inherited into our new, third Millennium context – making them relevant for young men in Aotearoa New Zealand. He is fervent in communicating the wonder of our world so that we might rejoice in diversity and break down prejudices, rather than approach difference with trepidation. Bosco sees this rejoicing in openness, diversity, and inclusion, not as being in spite of faith, but because of it. Into the life of the Chapel and the wider school, he brings a commitment to the bicultural journey, appreciating Te Reo and Tikanga Ma ¯ ori. He has a lifelong engagement with Christian traditions of spirituality and meditation that dovetail well with the growing importance of mindfulness and wellbeing. In our interconnected global village, as well as our more and more diverse city and nation, the systematic study of varying belief systems, world views, and cultures is an essential ingredient of 21st Century education. In the Religious Education classroom, we study Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Preparing students for an increasingly complex world, we learn about Philosophy and examine different theories of ethics.

Chapel lies at the heart of College. In Chapel, staff and students participate in services within the broad Anglican framework. Regularly and robustly singing together in Chapel is one of the most memorable parts of students’ life here. At Sunday services, parents, wha ¯ nau, and visitors are welcome and encouraged to join in. College’s Christian virtues, which hold all our life together, are by no means unique to Anglicanism; they are shared by all the world’s great faith traditions. Na ¯ , te ¯ nei te mau nei te whakapono, te tu ¯ manako, te aroha, e ¯ nei e toru; ko te mea nui rawa ia o e ¯ nei ko te aroha. And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13).


Boarding at Christ’s College

Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions a family can make – and if considering boarding school, there are many extra factors to consider. At Christ’s College, we understand. College has three dedicated boarding Houses, each with its own special character, but all providing exceptional care in a supportive and welcoming environment. Assistant Principal – Boarding Ben Vink oversees all aspects of boarding at College. His role includes meeting the needs of students, parents and staff, and managing resources, facilities, planning and administration. College is proud to deliver a holistic boarding and life experience for our boys, to mentor them as they become young men, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead. Christ’s College, one of the leading independent boys’ schools in New Zealand, is situated on a timeless central city campus. College boarders are immersed in an environment that prioritises academic excellence, as well as offering a range of cultural, sporting, social and service opportunities, supported by a dedicated faculty. High-calibre teachers, small classes and excellent facilities underpin our reputation for academic achievement. College boys participate and excel in all areas, but especially in creating our unique school culture. At College, we cater for each boy’s individual needs, whether his interest lies in agriculture, art, advanced mathematics or outdoor pursuits. We are confident your son will find his niche at College, as we focus on our mission: Each boy at his best.


Immerse & Inspire

A unique month-long residential programme for all Year 10 students started in 2017. This innovative programme does exactly as its name suggests. Groups of boys, about three from each of the 10 pastoral Houses, come together in Jacobs House to live the boarding experience, with two weeks in the classroom as per usual, one week learning about social entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Awesome in Christchurch’s innovation precinct, and one week in the wilderness completing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Adventurous Journey. A series of evening workshops, covering topics such as gratitude and empathy, the value of service and study skills, plus the opportunity to take part in the regular College Boarding Programme activities top and tail the experiential programme. Immerse & Inspire is a fully integrated programme, laying the foundation for the boys to start thinking about the type of men they want to become and giving them the tools they need to manage their lives. Assistant Principal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire Ben Vink says there is nothing random about the content of the programme, with every aspect of it geared to encourage the boys to learn new skills, be open to different ideas, come to understand their strengths, appreciate their lives and environment, and help them develop a growth mindset. Feedback from the boys and their parents, who have the opportunity to participate in special parent engagement activities while their sons take part in Immerse & Inspire, has been overwhelmingly positive. The boys have enjoyed making new friends from across all Houses and the variety of activities. Parents say Immerse & Inspire has enhanced family relationships, with most appreciating the changes they have seen in their son’s behaviour and attitudes following the programme.


A helping hand on the learning journey

There is no one-size-fits-all in education. Some students need assistance to come to grips with literacy and numeracy, some cruise along doing exactly what they need to get by, while others soak up everything they are taught in the classroom and want more, always on the lookout for a new challenge. Our subject specialist teachers work hard to meet each boy’s needs, but sometimes some boys need something extra – and that is where a referral to the Learning Centre or plugging into advanced learning opportunities can make all the difference. HoD Learning Centre Lesley Anderson-McKenna and her team – teachers Kate Morris, Gill Kilpatrick, Alex Robertson and Shelly Jackson, plus special assessment conditions coordinator Kate Barber – cater for boys who need extra literacy and numeracy support. Kate focuses on Year 9, Gill looks after Year 10 students and seniors, Alex concentrates on English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), Shelly on numeracy, and Lesley also works with senior students. “We’re here to support any boy who has an area of need in his learning. Some boys have ongoing needs and work with us the whole time they’re at College. Others just want a bit of extra help at a particular time, to fill a gap in their knowledge,” says Lesley. Juniors who might benefit from Learning Centre input are picked up in levels testing or through information provided by previous schools. Students can also self- refer or be referred by classroom teachers or parents. “Parents are always welcome to come and talk to us if they have any concerns and we’re closely connected to classroom teachers, providing information, learning profiles and feedback, and always open to discussing boys and their needs,” says Lesley. “We care about our students. We understand how frustrating it can be to struggle with aspects of learning and have seen time and time again how individual or small group tuition can help. It’s an incredibly valuable service and makes a real difference in the boys’ lives.” Making a difference also drives Head of Advanced Learning Emma Bracken, who says curiosity and creativity, which can sometimes be inhibited in a

traditional school environment, are key factors of intelligence and indicators of future success. Emma is passionate about nurturing the talents of those boys who want more, working with students who are interested in going beyond the curriculum in any subject or aspect of their learning, who want extra opportunities to enrich and enhance their education. She believes the best education should be inspirational, should aim to keep that creative spark alive, to encourage curiosity and to instil a culture of academic expectation and celebrate academic success. As well as assisting with NZQA Scholarship preparation in any subject, Emma looks for and encourages boys to participate in enrichment opportunities outside the classroom. Such activities might include writing competitions, subject Olympiads, Model United Nations or World Scholar’s Cup events, and political or philosophical seminars. We have a philosophy club, open to all boys and a place where they can debate all sorts of issues. Free thinking and some of the ideas expressed at the club act as a bit of a nucleus of advanced learning at College. Boys who seize every opportunity and organise their time so they can fit everything in receive excellent training for life. Which is, after all, what College aspires to be – a place where each boy, whatever his skills or talents, can find a way to be at his best and then leave, ready for life, ready to take on the world.


2018 • UC Championship runner-up • First time in the UC Championship final in 20 years • Winners of the Quadrangular Tournament 2019 • UC Championship semi-finalists • U15A winners of Metro U15 section cup and South Island Invitational tournament 2020 • 1st XV winners of the Jock Hobbs Memorial Trophy against Christchurch Boys’ High School • Fletcher Anderson and Fiti Sa selected for the NZ Schools’ Barbarian U18 squad


2018 • 1st – CSS and SISS Team Championships • 2nd – NZSS Team Championships 2019 • CSS Senior Championships – senior singles and doubles title, and Year 11 doubles title • CSS competition – winner of Premier Boys’ Junior Year 9 and 10 grades • 1st – SISS team championships • 3rd – NZSS team championships 2020 • CSS and SISS Championships – 1st in both events, also three teams 2nd in SISS championships • CSS Senior Championships – senior singles and doubles title • CSSJunior Championships – Year 10 singles and doubles titles


2018 • Won the Maadi Cup


• First school ever to win U15 Octuple, U16 Eight, U17 Eight, and U18 Eight all in the same season 2019 • Three South Island titles, three silver medals at SISS Championship • Two national titles (U16 Eight, U16 Four), four silver (U18 Eight at Maadi Cup), two bronze 2020 • Four South Island titles including U18 Eight title at the SISS Championships • Guy Chaffey and Tom Tothill named in Rowing NZ Junior Trial Squad

2018 • Runner-up in the Rankin Cup • Runner-up in the Canterbury Schools’ Premier League 2019 • Five College hockey players (including captain) were members of the Canterbury U18 Association team to win nationals 2020 • 1st XI Winners of the Canterbury Schools’ Premier League • 1st XI 3rd place in the SISS tournament


2018 • Winners of the Junior XI premier competition • Larger number of boys participating in the Provincial & Club Talent Centre • Increasing number of Mainland representatives • Resource of high-level external coaches 2019 • 1st XI premiership – Christ’s College semi-finalists – qualified for premier national schools’ tournament 2020 • 1st XI premiership – 3rd place • Junior XI premiership – runners up • Winners of the 17th grade, Division 1 Mainland Football Competition


2018 • CBA U15 premiership title (first ever title) 2019 • Thomson Trophy semi-finalist • 1st in Years 9–10 championship at SISS 2020 • Winners of theThomsonTrophy – first time in College history • Winners of the South Island Invitational Tournament • CSS Friday basketball –Division 1 andDivision 2 title holders


2019 • Private Peaceful – Junior Play • Playing with Fire Senior Plays (Year 12 Lord of the Flies and Year 13 The Arsonists ) • The Frogs and High School Musical 2 – joint junior productions with Rangi Ruru Girls’ School • Hey Man – Year 11 collaboration with The Court Theatre 2020 • Evita – joint production with Rangi Ruru Girls’ School • Amass – Year 10 collaboration with Massive Theatre Co 2019 • Regular finalists in the NZCF Big Sing National Choral competition • Winner of Best Classical Performance • Best male choir at Regional Big Sing Competition • Schola Cantorum Best Boys’ Choir • Gold awardees at Southern JamYouth Jazz Festival 2020 • Winners of the Canterbury regional Smokefree Rockquest • Students selected for the 2021/2022 NZSecondary Schools’ Students Choir 2018 • Runner-up CSS championships • College reps in NZ schools and junior men’s team 2019 • Runner-up CSS and SISS Championships • College reps in NZ schools and junior men’s team



Waterpolo • Best Year 9 bowler in Metro cricket • Colts XI runners-up in the Vettori Shield Tournament 2020 • Nick Lidstone selected for NZ U19 team • Colts XI 3rd equal in the Vettori Shield • Year 9 team reached the semi-final NZCT knock out competition • 2nd XI and 3rd XI win CMCA titles 2018 • Reached the final in the one-day Canterbury Schools’ competition • Hosted theTrans-TasmanQuad Cricket Tournament 2019 • 1st XI Gillette Cup finalists




Co-curricular Profiles

ROBERT ABURN Director of Music Robert Aburn has an

NICK COXON Music Teacher Nick Coxon has helped create and grow an Instrumental Music programme that can be tailored to suit a range of ages and skills. A violinist and trumpet player, Nick also has extensive experience

extensive career teaching in state and private schools throughout Canterbury. After graduating with an honours degree inmusic from the University of Canterbury and diplomas in piano and singing

performance fromboth the Royal College of Music and Trinity College London, Robert was a foundationmember of the National Youth Choir of NZ. Robert believes that singing is amediumof music- making that all students can access and enjoy. Schools in which he has worked have developed a reputation for choral work andmassed singing events. For five years, he was musical director of the Christchurch Schools’Music Festival which annually has in excess of 10,000 students performing over six nights. Appointed to Christ’s College in 2003, Robert has rebuilt College’s choral programme with 90-100 boys annually involved in Chapel Choir. The choir has been involved in performances of theMozart and LloydWebber Requiems , and Orff’s Carmina Burana with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. The chamber choir, Schola Cantorum, is a fine a cappella ensemble regularly singing at community and civic functions. Collegium, a combined 18-voice chorale fromSt Margaret’s College and Christ’s College,won a Gold award at the Finals of the 2014 Big Sing Competition in Auckland and the Hutt Trophy for the best performance of a NewZealand composition. In the regional competition, the Chapel Choir was awarded the Best Stage Presence and Schola Cantorum, the Best Male Choir in the Festival. His other choirs have receivedmultiple honours.

in music composition. Nick majored in violin and composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, and also gained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the Bath College of Higher Education. He taught music for several years in Britain before joining Christ’s College as a Music and Religious Education teacher. Nick is a member of the Resonance Ensemble. He conducted the Cashmere Adult Education Orchestra, the Garden City Orchestra and the Christchurch Youth Orchestra.

NICK SUTCLIFFE Organist and Music Teacher Nick is Organist &

Co-Director of Choirs and a classroommusic teacher. He is also an Associate Director of Music at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Musical Director of the Christchurch Boys’ Choir,

Organist for the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival, and a Trustee of the Christchurch Town Hall Organ. He studied harpsichord, conducting, and the organ at the University of Auckland. He also won the New Zealand Organ Performance Competition. He has been a featured organist with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, premiering a commissioned organ concerto, as well as with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. He has previously served as Acting Director of Music of Christ Church Cathedral, as well as Acting Director of Music at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland.


HANNAH CLARKSON Director of Drama Hannah takes on the leadership of Drama in 2021 after 15 years in charge of Dance and as a Drama teacher at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School.With a Bachelor of Education

ROBYN PEERS Assistant Director of Drama Robyn is an English and Art History graduate from the University of Canterbury. She taught at primary, secondary and tertiary levels before beginning part-time at Christ’s College. While

with specialisation in Performing Arts, and a

Graduate Diploma in Counselling, she succeeds David Chambers and will work with College’s experienced Assistant Director of Drama, Robyn Peers, and Drama teacher Nikki Bleyendaal. Hannah is an experienced choreographer who grew up dancing, and later branched out intomusical theatre. She has worked onmany joint College/Rangi Ruru productions, the latest being 2020’s blockbuster, Evita . She plans to feature drama and musicals on alternate years, beginning in 2021 with a double bill of plays in early Term2 and a junior production in Term4. Amajor musical will follow in 2022. Other plans include introducing a dance group. Hannah says the natural physicality of boys lends itself perfectly to dance.

teaching Art History and Religious Education, Robyn’s interest in Drama led to assisting with the co-curricular Drama programme. Robyn has taught full-time in the Drama department since 2003. She enjoys introducing junior boys to secondary school Drama and is delighted with the increasing number taking academic Drama and proud of the work achieved through our very successful NZQA Scholarship programme for senior students. Robyn directed the junior production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2003 and has subsequently directed junior and senior school musicals and plays.

NIKKI BLEYENDAAL Drama / Theatresports Nikki Bleyendaal has relished being part of the Drama Department in a variety of roles over the past eight years. Whether she is teaching the new Year 10 option classes, coaching the Theatresports teams,

running hair and makeup for the major musicals or directing junior shows and Shakespeare Festival scenes, Nikki always enjoys the joys and challenges provided by the dynamic and collaborative world of Drama and the Performing Arts. She also works as a director at Original Scripts Theatre School and has both directed and performed with the Top Dog Theatre Company for over a decade. Nikki’s other roles at Christ’s College include teaching English and being the Deputy Housemaster for Julius House.


Speech and Drama Profiles

TOMASCITA EDGERTON Itinerant Speech and Drama Teacher Speech and Drama/ Public Speaking itinerant teacher Tomascita has a background as a professional actor, a BA in linguistics and literature, and LTCL.

TANIA MCVICAR Itinerant Speech and Drama Teacher Tania McVicar has worked at Christ’s College since 2000. Tania has an ATCL in teaching, LTCL in performing and a TESOL certificate. The Speech and Drama programme is optional.

She teaches oral communication, both practical and artistic, with students working towards Speech NZ or Trinity examinations. An experienced teacher, Tomascita has taught in several local independent schools and her students have a 100% pass rate from Initial to Diploma level. Lessons are taken individually or with one or two other students.

Students can choose to learn in groups, pairs or as an individual, and the number of students taking part in Speech and Drama has grown substantially since it was first offered as a co-curricular activity. Tania believes the ability to communicate effectively is vital, both socially and in the workplace. She has experience teaching people with a wide range of abilities and needs, including foreign speakers or students with specific speech impediments. Students are encouraged to learn a wide range of mediums, from characterisation through to presenting a talk. Tania’s philosophy is all about encouraging students to take up the challenge, and helping thembuild confidence and develop creativity through Speech and Drama.


Instrumental Music Profiles

GREG DONALDSON Drums Greg Donaldson is a Christchurch-based session drummer and drum teacher who has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He has also toured New Zealand, Australia and Japan with

THOMAS EVES Trumpet Born in Christchurch, Thomas Eves picked up the trumpet at age six. Today, he is the Principal Trumpet of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. He has also held Acting Associate Principal Trumpet

Hayley Westenra, and toured New Zealand, Australia, China and Singapore with English singer Elaine Paige. Greg can be heard on Bic Runga’s Live in Concert and Try to Remember Everything CDs, Hayley Westenra’s Live from New Zealand DVD and Hayley Sings Japanese Songs 2 CD, Mandy Pickering’s self-titled album and The Dukes’ Lil’ Sunshine . He has performed live with Dave Dobbyn, Anika Moa, Julia Deans, Malcolm McNeill, Petula Clark and Renee Geyer. He has also performed for former American president Bill Clinton. Greg holds a Diploma of Jazz Studies from CPIT (Ara Music Arts).

contracts with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and trialled for the position of Principal Trumpet with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. A regular guest player with all of New Zealand’s professional orchestras, he has also performed as Guest Principal Trumpet with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. A graduate of the University of Canterbury (BMus Hons) and the Royal College of Music London (MPerf Distinction), Thomas has played under internationally recognised conductors Lorin Maazel and Bernard Haitink and performed solo recitals in London at Cadogan Hall and in The Elgar Room at The Royal Albert Hall. He was also runner-up in the 2012 Gisborne International Music Competition. He has appeared as a soloist with the CSO on several occasions.


JENNIE GOLDSTEIN Violin Born and educated in Christchurch, violin and viola teacher Jennie Goldstein began her musical journey at the Christchurch School of Music. Inspired to make music her career, her

SHELLEY SPANG Piano, Voice Shelley Spang has a lifelong passion for music. She graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of

Music, majoring in vocal performance, and was a member of the 1988 National Youth Choir which won the International Choral Festival in Vienna and performed at the Welsh Eisteddfod. After moving to London, Shelley completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Music Therapy at Roehampton Institute in Surrey in 1991. She returned to New Zealand the following year and established a career in music therapy, working with a diverse range of clients covering a wide range of disabilities. In 1998, she was a foundation member of the Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir. Shelley is a member of the NZ Institute of Registered Music Teachers, teaching singing and piano to students of all ages. She regularly adjudicates at competitions and events around New Zealand.

professional violin training began in Europe, where she studied with a “wonderful” Russian teacher for three years. Jennie then completed a Diploma in Music Performance at the University of Auckland and subsequently joined the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Wellington. After seven years with the NZSO, she moved to London to pursue a busy and diverse freelance career and, alongside her performing commitments, maintained a keen interest in violin pedagogy and teaching. Jennie returned to Christchurch in 2002 and joined the itinerant teaching staff at St Andrew’s College, St Margaret’s College and Christ’s College. She has a keen interest in chamber music and enjoys coaching the senior string ensembles and violins of the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra. Jennie is also a contract player with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.


Alison Hansen has played with the various Orchestras

and was also founding Principal Cellist of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Orchestra.

A Fellow of the Institute of RegisteredMusic Teachers of NewZealand and a former

National Vice-President of the Institute and STANZA, she studied with Greta Ostova inWellington and Laszlo Varga in San Francisco. She also tookmasterclasses withWilliam Pleeth and Christopher Bunting. She has organised seminars and workshops with leading international string teachers,who have had amajor influence on her teaching. Alison has considerable experience in teaching pupils with a wide range of abilities, guidingmany to highmarks in upper grades and diplomas and helping several to pursue successful careers inmusic.


CLAIRE OLIVER Big Band, Saxophone Claire Oliver grew up with a passion for music, learning recorder, clarinet, saxophone, organ, electric bass and double bass. She has been teaching instrumental music since 1993, and working at Christ’s College since

NOLANHUNGERFORD Rock Band Music has been Nolan Hungerford’s lifelong passion and, as both a musician and a teacher, he has been fortunate to make it his career. He has worked all over the world, released albums, taught young musicians at school

and tertiary level through the Christchurch School of Rock and other education providers, and has experience in all aspects of the music industry, as a performer, manager, promoter and producer. Nolan runs College’s Contemporary Music (Rock) programme, giving the students he works with realistic insight into what it takes to succeed as a musician in New Zealand. He mentors students, both as individuals and in groups, helping them develop songwriting and performing skills, promote their music, perform and compete at contemporary music events. College bands Run77 and The Subs, who both reached the national finals of SmokefreeRockquest, honed their skills working with Nolan.

2010, where she is employed as the Director of Big Band, Saxophone Quartet and Jazz Combo, as well as for private tutoring on saxophone, clarinet and bass. In recent years Claire has also worked with Year 9 music classes. Claire has played double bass and clarinet in orchestras, and saxophone in symphonic bands and big bands, as well as being involved in musical theatre. It is Claire’s responsibility to prepare the groups she directs for various high school level music competitions, including the annual Chamber Music Contest, Southern JamJazz Festival, CPIT Jazz Quest, and the NZSMHigh Schools Jazz Festival. The College Big Band and Jazz Combo have repeatedly won Silver and Gold awards at these events, including – at Southern Jam – accolades such as Best Big Band in 2010, Overall Festival Winner in 2011, and Runner-up Big Band in 2015.

AASHA MALLARD Rock Band A tutor with the Christchurch School of Rock and a professional musician, AashaMallard assists with College’s Contemporary Music programme. Aasha is an up-and-coming young New Zealandmusician who has

plenty of real world experience to share. His band Nomad is gaining traction in the charts and has already had its first European tour.Nomad’s biggest hit OhMy My has been streamed over 1.7million times on Spotify, earning a nomination for breakthrough artist of the year at the 2016 Vodafone NewZealandMusic Awards.Now in his 20s, Aasha began his musical career at high school. He knows exactly what it is like to be trying tomake it, and is working hard to see how far Nomad can go.


Sport Profiles

ROB CLARKE Director of Sport Rob is a Physical Education graduate from Otago University and completed his teacher training at the Christchurch College of Education before

STEPHEN DODS Assistant to the Director of Sport / MiC Rugby/ MiC Cricket From 1987–1991 Stephen Dods was a Canterbury rugby representative. He relocated to Ireland in

embarking on his teaching career.

1992, playing for Leinster, coaching professionally and working as Director of Sport for the Royal College of Surgeons. Stephen returned to Christchurch in 2000, and established a high-performance sports consultancy. He coached the Teikyo Daigaku (university) team in Tokyo, taking them to number one in Japan, as well as the Canon Eagles, a Japanese Top League team. He joined College as Assistant to the Director of Sport andMaster in Charge of rugby in 2015.

Rob completed his secondary schooling in Singapore, where he played senior rugby, cricket, basketball and volleyball. He also went on to represent Singapore in cricket and played a few“international”matches. Rob secured his first teaching job at Shirley Boys’ High School, where he spent 10 years as a PE teacher. During part of that time, he was in charge of Outdoor Education at both junior and senior levels, and coached rugby teams fromU15A through to 1st XV. It was at SBHS where his transition from a sportsman, playing senior rugby, basketball and cricket, to a coach took place. In 2002, Rob accepted the position of Director of Sport at Christ’s College. At College, he has also been a boarding Housemaster, PE teacher and rugby and cricket coach. Currently he teaches Physical Education and coaches cricket. In winter, Rob will again be involved with Canterbury Metro age group rugby, which he has coached for a number of years. “It is an exciting time for sport at College.With the expansion of the sports department there is real scope and opportunity to push sport at College to new levels inmany areas,whilemaintaining our objective of non- specialised excellence.”

KRIS MILLER Assistant to the Director of Sport / Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Assistant to the Director of Sport and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Kris Miller believes everyone

should participate in some form of exercise

or sport, because the benefits – in terms of health, cardiovascular fitness, wellbeing, strength, energy and enjoyment – are enormous. He works with individuals and teams across all sports, teaching skills and techniques to enable the boys to perform at their best, and helping them develop and maintain good habits around health and fitness. Kris has a Physical Education degree, with a double major in Sport and Exercise Science and Exercise Prescription from the University of Otago, and a Post- Graduate Diploma in Physical Conditioning from Otago Polytechnic.


JOHN QUINN Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education John Quinn leads our wellbeing programme and is responsible for the implementation of positive education principles and practices across College,

YO-AN LIN Athletics Coach Old Boy Yo-An Lin has coached the College athletics throwing

team since 2009 and also coaches at the Papanui Toc H club. He has competed in various national athletics championships. Yo-An encourages his athletes to be confident in their events and always strive to do their best.

both inside and outside the classroom. John works across all of our sports teams – focusing on leadership, positive psychology, wellbeing and happiness, mental skills coaching and resilience. He ensures the teams he works with are following their passions and using their strengths, while also connecting with and respectful of their colleagues. John has worked with several of high-profile teams and organisations, including New Zealand and Canterbury rugby, cricket, softball, netball, golf, hockey and bowls.

BEV PETERSON Athletics Coach Representing New

Zealand at the Auckland Commonwealth Games in 1990 was a highlight of Bev Peterson’s athletics career, and records she set years ago are yet to be broken. Still passionate about athletics, Bev now coaches promising young runners. College is ready, set, go to benefit from her skills and experience.

TOM TURNER Athletics Coach TomTurner has been

coaching since 1980. He started with the Papanui Redwood club and is now with Papanui Toc H. Tom coaches pole vault and high jump, but can also coach sprints. He believes gymnastic

GRAEME CHRISTEY Athletics Coach A nationally ranked distance running coach, Graeme Christey is passionate about supporting and training young athletes to compete in track and field, road race and cross country events. He has been coaching for

training is one of the cornerstones of athletic ability and runs a winter gym, based on gymnastic principles, for College students every year. Tom’s coaching philosophy is that athletes must enjoy what they are doing, have a positive outlook, and have fun both in training and competition.

more than 20 years, both at College and for the Papanui Toc H Athletics Club, and has coached many athletes to Canterbury and national titles, as well as preparing New Zealand representative athletes for international meets. Several of Graeme’s students have been offered athletics scholarships to American universities.


JOE COOK-GREEN Basketball Senior B Head Coach Born and raised in New Zealand, playing for Otago Boys’ High School was where Joe’s passion for basketball began. He then moved to Christchurch to attend Cashmere High School and be a part of

BEN SHEAT Basketball Senior A Coach

Senior A coach Ben Sheat has coached high school, Canterbury and national youth basketball teams and was the former assistant coach for the Canterbury Rams. He has a Diploma in Sport Management and a Bachelor of Education (specialising in Physical Education). Ben’s coaching philosophy is built around investing in and making every player feel valued and part of a hard-working, dedicated team. He aims to give players opportunities to grow both on and off the court, helping them develop a growth mindset, and building a positive team culture.

the Mainland Eagles Basketball Academy led by Caleb Harrison and Mark Dickel. After completing high school, Joe stayed in Christchurch to play for the Canterbury Rams while training under the Eagles programme in preparation for US college.He returned to the Rams after finishing his college career in the States. His US college career started at Northwest Florida State College & Eastern Arizona before graduating from Junior College and joining Sam Smith at Texas Wesleyan University for his last two years.

ED BOOK Basketball Senior A Assistant Coach Ed is a former New Zealand team player and division US college

COLIN MILLER Clay Target Shooting Colin coaches clay target shooting at Christ’s College, assisted by his brother, David. He has been a certified coach with the New Zealand Clay Target Association since 2007.

basketball player at Canisius College. He

played in the New Zealand NBL for 14 years, winning a championship in 2007

with the Nelson Giants. Ed played at the 2002 World Championships where New Zealand won fourth place. He is a former Waimea College and Tasman rep coach as well as Assistant coach for the Nelson Giants. He is the current Canterbury U15 team coach and the current Senior A assistant coach at Christ’s College.

Colin has competed in clay target shooting since his teens and has represented New Zealand. He has a NZCTA Grade: AA.


WARREN LIDSTONE Colts Cricket Coach Warren has NZ Cricket Level 3 coaching qualifications and has also coached at junior and youth representative level. Highlights during his time coaching have been finishing second at the NZ Gillette Cup in 2011 and

ANDREW LEVENGER Cricket 1st XI Manager Andrew was a strike bowler in his prime, taking a best of 8 for 52 and securing a 50-wicket haul in his final year at school. He played until a back injury forced his retirement from the cut and thrust of club cricket

touring England in 2009, 2011 and 2015 with College teams. Warren previously coached the 1st XI from 2006–2018.

in 2007. He has scored one century (a lucky knock is what the locals were calling it) and has taken the wickets of two test players – although they were both a little past their prime at the time! Following a fine season coaching the 9A Blacks to silverware in 2018, Andrew has been moved up to work his wonders as 1st XI manager.

TODD ASTLE Mental Skills and Development Coach Todd Astle plays for the New Zealand national cricket team. Astle began his cricket career as an opening batsman, representing New Zealand in the 2006 U19 Cricket World Cup, but over time

KERYN AMBLER Cricket 1st XI Coach Keryn Ambler has a lifelong passion for cricket – as a player, captain and coach. In his youth,he played in representative age groups and for the Canterbury A teamand,more recently, played 14 seasons of premier cricket with the

playing first-class cricket for Canterbury he morphed into a bowling all-rounder. He made his Test cricket debut for New Zealand in 2012 in Sri Lanka, but did not play another international match until 2015. He has since represented New Zealand in all three forms of the game. He is a NZC Level 2 coach and will be working with College cricketers on some technical skills but also the mental side of the game.

Lancaster Park Cricket Club.Kerynwas fortunate to play three seasons abroad – two in the UK, and one in theNetherlands – as a player/coach.He is currently DevelopmentManager at ChristchurchMetro Cricket. Keryn has a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation Management,Graduate Diploma inTeaching and Learning (PE andHealth), and aNZCricket Level 2 coaching certificate. He believes the key to successful coaching is not only about knowing the game technically and tactically,but also about relating to each player, coaching themas individuals and drawing themtogether to create a unified team.


JOE BARTHOLOMEW Hockey 1st XI Coach Joe Bartholomew brings a wealth of experience to College hockey. He has represented New Zealand at U16, U18 and U21 levels and played 39 games, including 16 tests, for the Black Sticks between 2009 and 2015. He has

MIKE PEACOCK Coaching and player development Currently a Community Sport Advisor at Sport Canterbury, Mike loves connecting with players through coaching, building both character and confidence in their game. Mike fell in love with

also played professionally in Italy and Germany. Joe plays for the Marist premier men’s team, as well as the North Harbour NHL team.

cricket at age seven and didn’t hang up his playing boots until 2016. A left arm orthodox and lower order batsman who grew up in Christchurch and spent his last three playing seasons in the Sydney Grade Competition, Mike also spent a few seasons in the United Kingdom playing for club sides in Newcastle, Leicester and Essex. Mike will work alongside Keryn Ambler with the 1st XI, as well as focusing on technical work with all junior spin bowlers.

MATTHEW CRAKE Hockey Coach Matthew Crake has coached several Canterbury age-group representative and Rangi Ruru Girls’ School teams, as well as the Harewood Division 1 men’s team for a number of years. In 2017, he took a break

MATT CORTESI MiC Football, Manager 1st XI MiC Football and 1st XI Manager, Matt is a passionate footballer.

and headed to Paris, playing and coaching at French club Stade Français. Matt plays for the Harewood premier men’s team.

Having played and coached at a variety of levels, Matt has over 20 years coaching experience. He has taken several College football

HENRY SMITH Rowing Head Coach Physical Education teacher Henry Smith is head coach for College’s rowing programme. As a former New Zealand rower, from 2003–2008, Henry achieved a world university rowing medal. He has coached three winning

tours to both South and North America, as well as being the Canterbury Representative on the NZSSF Executive. Matt has been at Christ’s College since 2010 and has held multiple roles such as a Head of Department and is currently the Housemaster of Harper House.

Maadi crews, including an historic Springbok U18 four and a record-breaking U17 eight, at the New Zealand schools’ regatta.


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