The Co-operative Funeralcare - Memorial Masonry Collection

22 What to do next 1. Make an appointment with your local funeral home to discuss your ideas and choices for your memorial. 2. We will check the local rules and regulations to ensure that your preferred memorial is permitted in the churchyard or cemetery of your choice. 3. When this has been confirmed, we’ll then provide you with a no obligation itemised estimate for your chosen memorial. 4. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll then apply for the necessary permission and permits on your behalf. 5. A scaled layout of the new memorial will then be produced for you to approve. This will show the shape of the memorial, the inscription you have selected, along with the position of any flower containers, designs or photo plaques that you have decided upon. 6. Once the layout is approved, work will start on the memorial and we’ll then contact you to let you know when your memorial is completed and fitted. 7. When the memorial has been placed on the grave, we’ll send you a photograph to show the memorial in situ.


How long will my memorial order take to complete? Once the cemetery/churchyard fixing permit is returned to us along with a signed confirmation and deposit, a standard memorial takes approximately 14 weeks to complete whilst some bespoke memorials may take longer but we will advise at the time of order. Please note that fitting can sometimes be delayed due to ground conditions, cemetery and burial ground regulations or adverse weather. What is a cemetery/churchyard fixing permit? A mandatory application form, specific to the cemetery or churchyard concerned, showing the proposed work to be carried out and signed by the registered owner of the grave. Please note that fitting can sometimes be delayed due to ground conditions or adverse weather. Is my memorial guaranteed? Yes, we provide a conditional 5 year written memorial guarantee on product and craftsmanship. This excludes any letter finish over 12 months or any accessories.

How do I pay for my memorial? A 50% deposit plus the permit fee is required before an order can be processed. What happens when the memorial is completed? We photograph your completed memorial and send the picture to you with your settlement request letter. What happens if my memorial tilts in the future? The ground in cemeteries and churchyards is always being disturbed therefore ground settlement can occur. Our policy is to level up our memorials, free of charge, within one year of fixing. Can I pre-pay for my memorial in advance? Yes, we can provide a fully guaranteed memorial plan, so there will be no more money to pay when the time comes, even if prices rise.

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