The Co-operative Funeralcare - Memorial Masonry Collection

4 Materials

Memorials are made from granite, marble or natural stone, however some local burial authorities may insist on specific requirements. We can advise you on these local regulations.

Granite Granite is extremely hard wearing and polishes to a beautiful finish. It is available in many different colours and lends itself to very intricate lettering and finely etched design work. Finishes: Polished, part polished, honed or rustic Marble Carrara is the usual marble used for memorials. Marble is generally white and has a blue grey vein. As it weathers, it turns grey and becomes sugary, due to surface erosion. Finishes: Honed, fine rubbed or rustic Limestone The material is formed under water and contains shells, such as Portland stone. The colour ranges from cream to beige. Finishes: Honed or rustic

Nabresina Nabresina is more dense and finer grained than many British stones. It is cream in colour with a small brown fleck. Finishes: Fine rubbed or rustic Sandstone Silica stones, such as York stone, can be harder and more durable than limestone. The colours vary from sandy to grey. Finishes: Fine rubbed or rustic Slate A high quality material of unique structure, ideal for intricate carving. Available in blue and black. Finishes: Honed

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