Nilkamal Pillar Supported Mezzanine Floor

Pillar Supported Mezzanine Floor


We Protect your product Increase your storage Improve your Labor Productivity While enhancing Safety, Hygiene, & Ergonomics

WHY USE PILLAR SUPPORTED MEZZANINE FLOOR The mezzanine system is the ideal solution for maximum utilization of building height, multiplying the effective surface area available for storage. They are standalone structures, easily assembled and adjustable to any space and customer needs. They use a variety of accessories, such as railing, staircase, pallet unloading points, etc.


Pillar supported mezzanine floor is the ideal solution to utilise the height of building multiplying the effective surface area utilising for storage of material. Mezzanine floor is a stand by structure and can be shifted at any time and need of the customer pillar supported mezzanine ground floor can be used for different operations like material storage, office area workers rest area etc.

Mezzanines provide an excellent method of utilising the available height within a facility to increase floor space and avoid the need to move to larger premises.

The flexibility of a mezzanine floor enables you to achieve different spaces on each level, depending on your requirements and as the structure is semi-permanent, it can be dismantled and relocated to another area within the same facility or a completely new building, should you decide to move in the future.

Bolted assembly of all basic components Pillar supported mezzanine - no joining plates required Stiffening beams & additional cross bracing provide for a high load capacity & give structural safety to all bays

Safe & convenient staircase secured by railing Useful equipment and accessories Galvanised surface finish (Epoxy coating upon request)






Utilization 100% Warehouse / plant height

Good solution of storage of volumetric products

Increase storage area

Easy dismantling & shifting to other places as needed

Best option of cold room , where height is 10 meters

Mix solution of small items and huge inventory products


Pillar - Nilkamal mezzanine is design with box profile of pillars, in box profile section having more strength than any other profile


Main beam - the main beam which is connected with all the pillars of systems. These beam are manufactured ISMB/ ISMC profile depends on load capacity of mezzanine floor


Intermediate beam- these beams are joint with the main beam to support floor, gap between 2 intermediate beam is depends on the capacity of mezzanine floor . These beams are manufacture ISMB/ ISMC profile depends on load capacity of mezzanine floor


Mezzanine floor- floor of mezzanine is depends on the applications, capacity of mezzanine floor Nilkamal normally offered 3 type of floors. Solid galvanised 4 bend interlocking panel Chequer plate Grating floor


Bracing- these bracing are connected in two ways Tie between main beam Tie between two pillars


Railing- Nilkamal is providing square tube as a safety railing, which is more strong and durable


Staircase- Nilkamal is providing strong staircase along with system and staircase, no of staircase will depends on size of mezzanine floor and customer need


Pillar of mezzanie floor

Main & intermediate beam

Floor of mezzanine



Cross bracing

WHY NILKAMAL AS THIS SHOWS THE DIFFERENCE COMPARED TO COMPETITOR As compare to competitor profile, major difference is in pillar & main beam Pillar- size of pillar cross section is less then Nilkamal pillar size Main beam- height of main beam is an important factor, height of main beam is always higher then competitor Cross bracing- most of the site, its observe bracing in not tie between main beam


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and many more.....

Disclaimer: Image and accessories shown may differ from the actual equipment. technical specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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