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OCT 2019

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up anymore. So much of my life was spent at my mom’s practice that once I began following this career path, I could think of no other place I’d rather work. And there’s no workplace better than Beaumont Family Dentistry. I love working here with my family and close friends who provide constant support and encouragement in what can sometimes be a stressful job. Working with them allows for easy communication regarding ideas for treating patients, running the practice, and making the best decisions for both our patients and us. Sometimes our opinions differ, but we always work things out in the best way possible. The family atmosphere of Beaumont is not solely because some of us on staff are related. I believe in treating all team members and patients as family. Part of this involves celebrating special occasions with the team, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a Thursday breakfast. Equally, caring for our patients is second nature to everyone here on the team. We strive to treat patients the same way we would treat our family members, and we sincerely care for each person who walks through our doors. We always want to help patients, no matter what kind of dental work they might need. Our goal is to make sure every patient feels comfortable and confident in their dental treatment. A lot of adult

Given that my mom has been a dentist since before I was born, her practice has always been a part of my life. When I was little, my brother and I used to be babysat right next door to her first office. I remember the many occasions we were in the office, running through the back hallways and visiting with the other dentists. Everyone was happy to help look after us, and we were often watched over by the front desk staff while my mom worked. That friendly and comfortable atmosphere led me to become a dentist. At one point, I thought I’d like to be a prosecuting attorney because a friend of my dad was one. I was also very intrigued by movies and books that always portrayed the profession as a strong and exciting career. However, seeing my mom come home happy every day and witnessing how passionate she is about changing people’s lives through dentistry made me reevaluate my career path. Watching her succeed over the years as she’s grown and built her practice is a true inspiration and made me realize that’s what I wanted, as well. I spent much of my childhood in my mom’s office, not only as a child running through the back halls but also as a teenager. In fact, during high school, Dr. Bowen and I used to team up and clean the office so we could go on trips together. And now, here we are years later, still working together — only we’re not just tidying

Dr. Katie Bowen, Dr. Ryan Golibersuch, Dr. Kyle Golibersuch and Dr. Dustin Mayrand

patients have had a traumatic dental experience in the past. So, it’s important for us to take care of these patients’ dental needs in a comfortable and caring environment so they no longer have to fear the dentist. It’s truly a rewarding experience when a patient tells me they look forward to coming in for their visits. This, to me, is the best part of being a dentist: changing patients’ lives and having a connection with them and their family. When a patient cries tears of joy over their new smile, we know we’ve done something right. Playing a part in that transformation makes all the hard work worth it.

–Dr. Kyle Golibersuch


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