EXPLO at Wellesley | Packing List

EXPLO at Wellesley SUMMER PACKING LIST (1 of 2) All of the materials required for courses and scheduled activities will be provided by EXPLO. In regard to clothing, EXPLO is a casual place. Most students wear shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers on a daily basis. A more comprehensive suggested list is below. For All Students • Sports Equipment: EXPLO provides all the athletic equipment you’ll need during the summer, with the exception of mouthguards and soccer cleats. We strongly recommend that mouthguards be worn for a variety of sports, and it is best if you bring a pre-fitted mouthguard with you from home. Soccer cleats are highly recommended, but not required, for participation in the soccer workshop and clinic. Feel free to bring your own racquets, gloves, shin guards, etc., though EXPLO will provide these. • Closed-Toe Shoes: For all athletic activities, cooking, and some science and performing arts classes, closed-toe shoes are required. We recommend that every student come to EXPLO with a pair of sneakers. • Musical Instruments: If you enjoy playing, we encourage you to bring your instruments to share your music with students and staff. There are numerous opportunities throughout the summer to share your talents. • Costumes: A summer at EXPLO will have plenty of opportunities to dress up. Wigs, masks, full outfits – bring what you’ve got if you can. For Day Students For daily use, we recommend a backpack to carry your personal items with you. A designated unlocked space is available for day students to store their items as necessary. Please label all bags with your child’s name and day group. For overnights, a sleeping bag/bedroll, pillow, towel, and toiletries are suggested. EXPLO does not provide bed linens for day student overnights. Day students should also bring a towel and swimsuit to the registration event on the opening Sunday evening to participate in the swim test, as well as any day they would like to enjoy the pool.

For Residential Students Underwear Socks Jacket/Raincoat

Hat Bathrobe Pajamas Beach Towel Sunglasses Sneakers Shower Sandals Toiletries Alarm Clock

Wrist Watch 2 Camera Stamps, Envelopes + Stationary Quarters 3 Pre-Paid Debit Card 3 Laundry Bag Laundry Detergent Bug Repellent Sunblock

Fans (box/oscillating) Hangers Water Bottle Twin X-Long Sheets Pillowcase Swimsuit Bath Towel Blanket

EXPLO Exploration Summer Programs 932 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062 summer@explo.org 781.762.7400 explo.org If you have any questions, please contact our Admission Office directly: 781.762.7400 ?

Short Sleeve Shirts Long Sleeve Shirts Sweater/Sweatshirt Jeans/Pants Shorts Dress Clothes (semi formal) 1

Optional. For Cruise Night and some other special events. Students will not have access to their cell phones. Laundry machines take both quarters and pre-paid debit cards.

1 2 3

Linens EXPLO can provide a linen set upon request. A full set is $30, and a blanket alone is $10. At Wellesley, full linen sets include an extra-long flat/fitted sheet, pillow/pillowcase, blanket, and bath towel/washcloth. Most students prefer to bring their own bedding.


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