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The Best Family Gathering

of the Year

Every time the holiday season rolls around, I feel lucky that my wife and I have so much family right here in the area. It certainly turns Christmas Eve into a big operation, with my mother- and father-in-law, my wife Lori’s brother and sister and their families, and our three boys all joining us to chow down and spend some quality time laughing and catching up with one another. In that sense, it’s not too different from Thanksgiving, aside from the added bonus of exchanging gifts and watching our little nieces and nephews practically tremble with excitement and the holiday spirit that always comes with Christmas when you’re a small kid. The holiday sort of takes on a different character when your kids grow up — my youngest is 18 now — so it’s fun to see the small children get all jazzed up and fully invested in all the Christmas magic.

sure they almost always knew what they’d be getting before they unwrapped their stash on Christmas Day. Luckily, they always humored us, pretending to be surprised even if it was something they’d seen in the closet weeks before.

I’ve tried to dissuade my wife from. I’d be fine with a hassle-free artificial tree, but I’ve made no headway towards that goal so far. “I’m trying to be environmentally conscious!” I tell her, to no avail.

But, much like Thanksgiving, the real reason I look forward to Christmas isn’t a new pair of socks or the persistent smell of pine around the house. It’s the excuse to get everybody together and hang out. I’m grateful that we’re all so close and yet still manage to have a good time with one another. Well, that and the couple of days I get off from work for Christmas as business slows down at the year’s close. I can’t

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than kick back with family, open a few presents, and eat some delicious food together.”

It reminds me of when our sons were small. Back then, the main holiday tradition wasn’t baking cookies or hanging tinsel — it was trying to keep the boys from hunting down their presents before we could manage to wrap them. I don’t know whether we were bad at hiding the gifts, or if they just had a natural spy-like sixth sense for spoiling surprises, but I’m pretty

There is one ritual, however, that’s carried over from those days. My wife and I still head 20 miles away a couple weeks after Thanksgiving to pick out a tree to chop down and tie to our car. Back in the day, this was a welcome tradition, with the kids tagging along to help us choose the perfect holiday decoration and sip on hot chocolate, but these days it’s one that

think of anything I’d rather do than kick back with family, open a few presents, and eat some delicious food together.

–Keith Thompson




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