Teaching & Learning at Christ's College

The Christ’s College Diploma – Choice & Challenge

The Christ’s College Diploma is a two-year academic programme in Years 10–11, based on educational research on best practice in boys’ education. While there are compulsory subjects, boys can choose the content and context of these subjects in many learning areas.

In addition to compulsory core subjects, boys undertake preparation courses designed to deepen learning in preparation for NCEA Level 2. The Diploma also gives boys the opportunity to be recognised for excellence outside the classroom.

To graduate from the Diploma programme, boys complete a range of opportunities across six character elements that use the Round Square IDEALS to work towards the Christ’s College Graduate outcomes. Students that go above and beyond to show initiative and have an impact in these areas can be awarded Silver and Gold Diplomas to recognise their holistic educational experience.


Elements of the College Diploma • Academic Engagement

• Character and Leadership • Community and Service • Discovery and Challenge

• Global Citizenship • Sustainable Future • Taha Ma¯ori

To recognise academic excellence, the top academic students in the year group who are awarded a Gold Diploma will receive their Diploma with Academic Honours.

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