20-Day Training Guide for The System University

DAY 13

__ Daily Drill Down __ Address any concerns or questions you may have from the day before __ TSU Free Video: “ Do You Have A Presentation For This? ” (System Short: Run Time 3:32) __ Role Play C.R.I.S.P. script __TSU Classroom Video : “ The Pre-Need Presentation ” __Role Play the transition from the PPO to the four-page Pre-Need Presentation. Present page one and two of the Pre-Need Presentation. At this point, your sales manager will show you how to explain the product and service offering to the prospect. At the end of page 2, you will know learn how to transition to and explain the products, services, and pricing. You will then learn how to transition back into the closing sequence of your four-page presentation, which are pages three and four. __Counselor Online Library: “Managing Objections” Your sales manager will select specific objections from the book and ask you to read and learn how to manage them properly __Role Play managing the objections you were assigned using the 4- A’s method __Role Play the prospecting script your manager will be having you use today and role play handling the two objections to setting an appointment that are the most challenging to you. __Live Prospectin g: Sales manager’s choice __LeadTrak: Enter Lead, prospects and/or appointments into LeadTrak __ Q & A: Ask any questions for clarification or a better understanding of the concepts and materials covered today, if needed Notes:_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ Initials Signifying Completion: Date _______ Trainee ____ Sales Manager ____

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