20-Day Training Guide for The System University

WEEK FOUR – Staying Brilliant at the Basics If you drift from the basic fundamentals of this proven pre-need selling system, because you think you have a better way, your sales will start to diminish. When that happens, then nothing else matters. In this fourth week of training, you are going to continue to learn, do, and review. You will get into more detail about the products, services, pricing, and financing options your company offers. You will also be giving a complete Pre-Need Presentation and you will be reviewing and re-taking many of the videos, and re-reading materials. The overriding goal this week is discovering any weaknesses in your selling process, help you improve, and insure you are clear on how the elements of this proven pre -need selling system will lead you to success. Repetition is the foundation of all learning. The importance of repetition is nothing new. In ancient Greece, Aristotle commented on the role of repetition at it relates to learning: “It is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency.” DAY 16

__ Daily Drill Down __ Address any concerns or questions you may have from the day before __Explain to your manager the 4-3-2-1 concept and the concept of 3 + 2

__Define C.R.I.S.P., give the C.R.I.S.P. presentation and explain why referrals are a great lead source __Role Play with your manager all the most common objections to the appointment, how to manage them properly and then, ask for the appointment __TSU Classroom Video: “ On-Site Marketing ” __Counselor Online Library: Read pages 6-8 of “ Prospecting – Making the Appointment” __Live Prospecting: Use one of your three favorite methods __LeadTrak: Enter Lead, prospects and/or appointments into LeadTrak __Q & A: Ask any questions for clarification or a better understanding of the concepts and materials covered today, if needed Notes:_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Initials Signifying Completion: Date _______ Trainee ____ Sales Manager ____

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