20-Day Training Guide for The System University

DAY 20

__ Daily Drill Down __ Address any concerns or questions you may have from the day before

__Give your sales manager a complete pre-need presentation from the warm-up to obtaining referrals __ Coaching: After this roleplaying session, your sales manager will coach you on the areas in which you need to make improvement and assign you the appropriate training methods to help you continue your development __Training Schedule: At this point your sales manager will create a schedule for you, week by week, that will include working on areas you may need additional improvement, additional courses you will need to take or re-take, along with materials they will want you to read or re-read in The System Library along with videos they will want you to watch or re-watch. Why? Let us not forget these powerful words from the ages: “It is frequent repetition tha t produces a natural tendency.” Aristotle __LeadTrak: Enter Lead, prospects and/or appointments into LeadTrak __Q & A: Ask any questions for clarification or a better understanding of the concepts and materials covered today, if needed Notes:_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______________ Initials Signifying Completion: Date _______ Trainee ____ Sales Manager ____ End of Week Four: The expectation is that by the end of your fourth week you are now setting two pre - need appointments every day. You should be very capable of giving a complete pre-need presentation, managing the most common objections, explaining the price and payment options, and know how to professionally lead your prospect to make the wise and loving decision to secure the protection and peace of mind that before need planning offers.

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