20-Day Training Guide for The System University

WEEK ONE - Learning Your Most Value Skill: Prospecting If you don’t have pe ople to see, then nothing else matters.

Prospecting is the key to s uccess. If you won’t or can’t prospect, you will not have people to whom you can present our products and services. In this first week of training, you will learn The System’s comprehensive prospecting program. By the end of this week, you will have learned: several prospecting methods and scripts; how to manage two or three of the most common objections to setting appointments; how to set appointments and keep track of the appointments you set, and how to calculate exactly how much money you can make from each hour of prospecting. If you will simply follow The System, The System will lead you to success. DAY 1 __ Introduction to the Company __ TSU Free Video: “ So You Are New to The Business ” (System Short: 14 Minutes) __TSU Classroom Video : “Personal Planning Organizer – Part One” __TSU Classroom Video : “Personal Planning Organizer – Part Two” __ Script: Introduction to the Personal Planning Organizer Prospecting Script(s) and Common Objections __ TSU Free Video: “Accept the Grind” (System Short: 3 minutes) __ Live Prospecting: Using a scrubbed homeowner’s list , use the Personal Planning Organizer script __ LeadTrak: Enter Lead, prospects and/or appointments into LeadTrak __ Assignment: Take a copy of the Personal Planning Organizer and complete it with your personal information. This will help give you a deeper understanding of the challenging questions families must answer and it will give you great insight as to how this will benefit families. Order the PPO here: __Q & A: Ask any questions for clarification or a better understanding of the concepts and materials covered today, if needed.

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